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basilscord  [developer] Jan 16, 2017 @ 6:15am
Complete List of Bugs (OMG)

Little old Basil needs your help. I know we've been super scarce here. So straight into the fray!

I would really love to help as many people as possible who have been experiencing game breaking bugs and/or crashes. I just started sifting through about only a week of posts to suddenly realise I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Please post your bugs here. I will pin this post and keep a track of it for this week only. Realistically I can do this once a month and it doesn't mean fixes are on their way. Keep in mind that this is data collection - in order for me to relay to the team what the most important and dire fixes are, I need to gather a lot of info.

Please don't just write "Game crashes, please fix." That helps me about as much as red bandanna helps you shoot better... Well, maybe that's a bad analogy. I need details like:
- Are all your settings in options correct
- PC specs
- Where it crashed i.e. level, what was your character doing, online or offline, controller (type) or keyboard
- How often it happens
- Same instance crashes or randoms

If I can get a strong list of similar case bugs that are being seriously detrimental to your broness, you all have a better chance of getting that bug fix patch.

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brennfeu Jan 16, 2017 @ 9:59am 
Brolander is buggy when he revives on spikes (no gravity, no ability to jump or move, only special makes you go somewhere)
No Portal Spawn in the Editor (and lots of 'smokinggun' things are missing too)
Going to a new flag/checkpoint save you from acid
There isn't my name in the credits (YEAH THAT'S A BUG)
I don't think all guitar solos from the OST are used in the game
Some Alien Traps in the Editor are undestroyable
When you select your difficulty after selecting custom campaigns, it is always in Normal, even if you choosed "Hard" (the only way is in the option)

(Is that 'mranderbro' cheat a way to reduce loading time ? That may be used in the game)
Soup Calhoun Jan 16, 2017 @ 10:55am 
I haven't encountered any serious bugs crashing bugs, but here is a list of bugs.

- Play any WWB tabbed custom campaign.
- Drop out of deathmatch in versus mode or attempt to publish a deathmatch in level editor.
(Publishing a custom deathmatch is very inconvenient, and impossible for most people.)

User Interface:
- Loading more custom campaigns on the list resets the selector to the top of the list, so it takes a while to go lower into the list.
(That is a side effect of resetting the selector after a search is completed which was a good thing)
- Returning from the file select screen of world campaign, and then joining an online campaign and returning from that file select will open two sets of options at once.
- The difficulty selection for custom campaigns, has no influence. Only the options menu property: Force Hard Mode for Custom Campaigns has an effect.
- The Gif Maker(ctrl+shift+G) does not appear to save properly anymore.

Nitpicky stuff:
- Having many activated checkpoints, around 25, will destroy the game's sound channels. Too much flag ruffling.
- When the second Boondock bro (after the first one dies) enters a tank he gets stuck.
- Snake's glider has odd interactions with ladders and ziplines.
- Reviving things on spikes causes their "jumponableness" to retain, as well as halt their movement.
- Melee and jump at the same time allows most bros to double jump. It doesn't apply to knife melees.

Shattered Dreams:
- Online Multiplayer for custom campaigns does not work.
Pudding Jan 16, 2017 @ 12:08pm 
Pudding Jan 16, 2017 @ 12:22pm 
ok here are some ive found.


*(EDITOR)if you use a loop with two variables and have a change weather effect in there it will slow down the game and eventually crash it. This could be used with malicious intent.

*(CAMPAIGN) the first level in the alien stages has some lazy editing

YUP thats all i got for now

brennfeu Jan 16, 2017 @ 2:48pm 
Also update a custom campaign doesn't work
(And length was a good idea)

EDIT : Text isn't on the right place while the president talks to bros
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Brofessional Jan 16, 2017 @ 3:41pm 
can we get all of the final level stuff put in the level editor? some peds to high five, eagles, buildings in the background, and all of the Murica stuff on the way to the president... :murica:
Colonel Mustache Jan 16, 2017 @ 4:16pm 
I know these are both incredibly nitpicky, but I am personally responsible for one of them so I'm going to bring it up every time.

1. The sprint and flex buttons don't work in the level editor.

2. Brolander's punch deals zero damage if he has zero charges (it will send small enemies flying, but will only deal damage if you hit multiple punches in quick succession). If he has at least one charge, on the other hand, his punch deals enough damage to instantly defeat any enemy affected by electricity, including the first two forms of the final boss. Evan took my suggestion to give him an electric punch, but the way electric attacks work apparently made it act really weird, and it hasn't been changed since.
阔空晴云 Jan 16, 2017 @ 10:39pm 
I can't play custom compaign with my friends online.
I host a custom compaign,but my friends can't find my host in "Join Online".
Is there any plan to fix this issue?


I find this issue in "Broforce FAQ":
"When are custom online campaigns going to work? currently being worked...tba."

How is the progress going?

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^1Romanov77 Jan 17, 2017 @ 3:51am 
First of all, welcome back Basil!

I am very surprised that none has reported a couple of MAJOR technical issues reported by many people here, including myself:

V-sync turns the game loading times into a VERY LONG wait.
Actually so long that people with weak computers came here complaining about "freezes".

The bug was introduced with the new "Loading" sign patch along with Dirty Brory, Tank bro and Bro Lee.

I have the following machine:

-i5 Skylake 6600K
-a solid state drive
-8 gb of ram
-GTX 660 2gb OC
-Windows 10 64bit

And my loading times are ridiculous, I have AAA games that load in fractions of fractions of that Broforce takes. A quick search on the board should confirm that countless other people have this bug.

Funnily, some guy here found a stop-gap solution:
Alt- tabbing apparently makes loading normal again. While feasible, it is really annoying, especially in game modes like Deathmatch that requires frequent loading. Plus the workaround is ignored by most people.

Playing without v-sync makes the game stuttery, so it is mandatory to have it on.

2) Related to the V-sync issue:
After some update, the game started completely ignoring the Nvidia Panel settings, forcing you to rely on the bugged in-game v-sync and to give up Triple Buffering.

3) Stuttering
In presence of explosions effects the game tends to stutter...that shouldn't happen on my machine, with a very good CPU and an SSD.
It happened in expendabros, but not in Brofroce before some update.

Less important stuff:

-Boondocks bros "rear" bro still got the "Floating hand icon" stuck forever after high-fiving

-Sometimes the Boondocks dad can slow the game to sub 30 fps for apparently no reason.
Probably it is related to the AI.

-"DRAW" bug is still present in local coop deathmatch

-The second Deathfield run often ends up in MISSION FAILED even if you managed to board the chopper

-Some bosses still act kinda dumb when approached, like the Stealth Tank and the Terror Kannon which are totally defenceless once approached

-Too many Xenomorphs spawning on some levels, they can seriously make the framerate tank badly.
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Stoneborn Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:41am 
Multiplayer, 3 or 4 players all on Windows:
When we last played Broforce (4 players, online, two in same room, one of them host) we started Lvl. 15, spent >1h to get to fighting Satan. Had several problems when one of us was out of sync, like when the dimension portal wasn't growing on the last player's screen or the helicopter won't show for one, but everyone else could see it. This happened to three of us, but never the host. When we were in the (assumingly) last battle (after running away from the forcefield) and while fighting the satanic worm with spider legs) the video wouldn't stop running for one of us (always the same person) after several tries. This player could move his character, but not see it. So he tried to restart the game, but couldn't join back in, the game wasn't shown on the list. So after a while we all left the game and tried to start again, only to see that we had to replay the whole level and couldn't just start where we left. Gave up for that day...

Sometimes no sync:
- At the start of the game when the helicopter was visible for one player, while other players are still in count down.
- At the end of the levels especially towards boss battles for example when the dimension portal was not growing / getting activated for some players, while other players with dead characters could see the portal growing / getting activated. Or when the helicopter was showing up half a minute later for the last active character.
- Character positions are sometimes out of sync so that the screen keeps jumping back and forth or characters are running in the air.

Other things we noticed:
- Sometimes for some player videos of boss enemies don't start or won't end, so that this player can't go on.
- Sometimes if you free a character it is flickering black and white, but doesn't get activated.
- Sometimes the screen gets fixed on the boss, not the players, sometimes there's not even one player on active screen.

Feature request:
Don't show the videos of boss enemies again when the mission failed.

Pudding Jan 18, 2017 @ 1:50pm 
forgot to mention that sometimes the boss music doesnt start to play after the cutscenes and support beams for bridges dont regnerate when the level reloads
Colonel Mustache Jan 18, 2017 @ 2:30pm 
Feature request:
Don't show the videos of boss enemies again when the mission failed.

That's supposed to be the case - in fact it usually doesn't show the intros more than once when I'm playing in single player.
brennfeu Jan 18, 2017 @ 9:19pm 
Bro Lee's Special Attack one shot every physical Boss (Sandworms, Satan True Form)
In the Satan True Form Cinematic, there isn't the text (at least for me ^^)
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basilscord  [developer] Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:07pm 
Originally posted by Bronnfeu:
Bro Lee's Special Attack one shot every physical Boss (Sandworms, Satan True Form)
In the Satan True Form Cinematic, there isn't the text (at least for me ^^)
Physical as in organic (non-machine)? Does it happen with CR-666 boss too?
basilscord  [developer] Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:12pm 
Going through everything now and recording. Will consolidate next week, close this thread and let you know as soon as I do.
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