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Jerc  [developer] Mar 6, 2014 @ 7:55am
Release Notes - Latest Build: 1.7.2
Change list

•[Layers] Allow to specify default tilling for fill layers

•[Export] Sketchfab export doesn't work anymore
•[Layer] Bilinear filtering is applied even on Fill without any transformation
•[Tool] Poor performances using substance with image inputs in projection mode
•[Tool] Material picker is broken


Change list

•Crash when switching texture set
•Slow performances when painting


Change list

•[Performances] Compute layers content and their thumbnails at the same time
•[Export] Save export path as relative when next to the project
•[Layers] Added new blending mode : substract and add/sub
•[Layers] New Bilinear HQ filtering for fill layers
•[Sahder] Set a default shader for thumbnail generation in the preferences.
•[Shader] Allow to specify a shader per texture set
•[Shader] Allow to sample textures from the shelf
•[Tool] New "wrap" brush behavior for painting
•[Tool] Improved filtering and reduced alising while painting
•[Tool] Improved sub-pixels painting quality
•[Tool] Improved quality and reduced alising when painting
•[Tool] Removed "basic" display for brush settings and improved the frame open/close icon
•[Menu] Add effect icons in the right-click menu
•Template creation from Projects
•[Shelf] New templates : PBR, Dota 2
•[Shelf] New export preset : Dota 2
•[Shelf] New shaders : Dota 2, PBR Car paint, PBR Coated, PBR Velvet
•[Shelf] New material : Steel rust and wear, Stylized lighting
•[Shelf] New filters : Blur directional, Stylized lighting
•[Shelf] New brush : default soft and default hard with a new alpha for a better hardness control
•[Shelf] New generators : 3D Distance and Light
•[Shelf] Updated brushes with wrap projection and backface culling (enabled by default)
•[Shelf] Updated White noise with pixel processor version for faster computation

•[Welcome screen] Tutorials link send to old videos
•[Channels] Saying "no" to fill layer creation with AO still create the layer
•[Channels] UserX channels names do not propagate in the interface
•[Viewport] Mask entry is empty in the list of the solo channels
•[Share] Exporting an alpha to Share from SP creates an unreadable .image file
•[License] Fix activation fro usernames with non ASCII characters
•[Shader] Color parameter dialog disappear when picking a color
•[Shelf] Fixed gradient filter
•[Tool] Symmetry doesn't work with stencil/projection
•[Tool] Incorrect name when creating new brush preset
•Preserve stroke setting stays disabled even when reimporting a mesh
•Driver reset (TDR) when computing particles with a big size.


Change list

•Crash when opening project if 2D view is visible
•Crash when creating new export preset if current shelf doesn't exist
•[Tool] Material picker icon can stay displayed
•[Tool] Material picker hide mouse cursor when painting at the same time
•[Shelf] Metadatas are written on the disk after each exit


Change list

•Official support for Windows 10
•[Substance] Collapse substance parameters groups by default
•[Substance] Add new framework (Improve Pixel Processor performances)
•[Viewport] Allow to deactivate the symmetry plane display while in symmetry mode.
•[Viewport] Improve shadows rendering and performances
•[Viewport] Pause shadow computation when painting
•[Viewport] Improve wireframe rendering performances
•[Engine] Improve Vram memory management to reduce its footprint
•[Engine] Improve texture refresh on AMD GPUs for better performances
•[Engine] Disable Threaded Optimization setting on NVIDIA GPUs for better performances
•[Effect] Add a tag to request "padded" image input
•[Layer] Increase precision of UV offset/scale in fill
•[Layer] Make the scale slider exponential in fill
•[Layer] Allow to drag and drop Materials directly in the layer stack.
•[Layer] Allow to drag and drop filters directly in the layer stack
•[Layer] Adjust the mask brush color to the newly created mask color
•[Shader] Expose multiple texcoords
•[Shader] Expose gamma/tonemapping function to allow custom functions
•[Bakers] Change default Position baker settings for TriPlanar usage
•[Tool] Rename "Geometry Decal" as "Polygon Fill"
•[Shelf] Update generators to support TriPlanar : MG Metal edge wear, MG Mask builder, MG Fiber glass, MG Dirt
•[Shelf] Update materials with new settings and removed unused materials
•[Shelf] 22 New smart materials (Plastic, Iron, Fabric, Steel and more)
•[Shelf] Update Sharpen, Blur and Warp filters with padded image input to avoid seams
•[Shelf] Improve Warp settings for easier usage
•[Shelf] 2 New procedural noises : 3D Perlin noise and 3D Worley noise

•[Engine] Vram amount detection for dedicated GPU is incorrect on Mac
•[Engine] Textures turn to darker version in the viewport
•[Engine] Poor performances when painting below multiple layers
•[Engine] Computed layers when opening project differ from cached version
•[Substance] Wrong results in 4K on Mac
•[Substance] Parameters are in the wrong order
•[Shader] Toon and Pixelated shaders are totally black
•[Shader] Parameters disappear after changing env-map
•[Shelf] Crash when putting png files in generator folder
•[Shelf] Thumbnails are generated with low roughness
•[Tool] Crash when using a bitmap in the brush alpha on windows
•[Export] Additional map export preset now export a RGB map for Position


Change list

• [Shader] Add line number in Shader compiling error messages
• [Shelf] Improve thumbnails previews quality
• [Shelf] Automate thumbnail generation for Smart Materials
• [Tool] Shortcut to control hardness setting in the substance
• [Tool] Use grayscale widget for geometry decal when over a mask
• [Tool] Shortcut to invert paint color while painting on a grayscale map
• [Viewport] Allow to display the wireframe and change its color
• [Viewport] Blur the environment background
• [Controls] Add rotation to brush mouse shorcuts
• [Export] Export to Sketchfab
• [Export] Create export presets for renderers
• [Export] Add converted map Reflection, F0 and 1/IOR
• [UI] Add Welcome screen
• [UI] Update default layout
• [UI] Add missing tooltips and rename some menu entry
• [Layers] Export currently selected mask as bitmap
• [Layers] Add "invert mask" action in the right-click menu
• [Shelf] Export assets to Substance Share
• [Shelf] Add new sphere preview for Materials
• [Shelf] Use the env map "Glazed patio" for generating thumbnails
• [Shelf] Increase thumbnail size resolution to 512x512 pixels
• [3D View] Expose environment rotation value
• [Windows] Sign the application
• [Shelf] Improve thumbnail rendering quality (use 1K textures)

• [Project] If the meshes pivot's are different in the FBX, the meshes get exploded upon import
• [Substance] Substances used in projection tools are locked in 256*256
• [Layers] Crash when using clear mask
• [Export] Incorrect gamma conversion on very dark textures
• [Export] Position map can only be used in export presets as a grayscale map
• [Tool] Geometry decal start color is black when used on a mask
• [Tool] Rotation shortcut doesn't work if there is no hardness in the alpha
• [Bakers] Wrong results when baking maps at the same time
• [3D View] The env map is displayed when no project is open
• [Layers] Mask Generators don't work on layer content
• [Layers] You can paint on hidden layers
• [Shelf] Dirt_5 and Dirt_6 noise are identical
• [Shelf] Some mask generators are pixelated or at low quality
• [Tool] Incorrect gizmo rotation on certain angles.
• [Tool] Too many channels cause the channel buttons to be cropped out
• [Tool] Invert mask shortcut for Quick mask doesn't work
• [Export] Sketchfab: cancel button not correctly taken into account
• [Licence] Activation failed when license cannot be copied
• Framerate limiter doesn't work on the UI anymore
• [Share] Impossible to sign with another account
• [Shelf] Thumbnails are too heavy on the disk
• [Shelf] Smart materials are very slow to load
• [Windows] Fix license service install
• [Channels] Transmissive map is created as G8 by default


Change list

• [Viewport] Allow to dock panels side by side
• [Effect] Add a background and a ruler for the level effect
• [Effect] Add a Paint effect that allow to work over other effect

• [Shelf] Thumbnail generation is broken if no project is open
• [Shelf] Material preset preview fail to generate
• [Shelf] Material previews are generated on a mesh with inverted normals
• [Shelf] Thumbnails always recompute because of incorrect hash function
• [Shelf] Clicking on a substance material doesn't connect additional maps
• [Tool] Incorrect value sampled with Material picker
• [Tool] Color picker pick viewport cursor color
• [2D View] Very low framerate/performances
• [Export] Crash when opening the export window with too recent export presets.
• [Export] Height channel to Normal map is converted to the wrong space
• [Mac] BaseColor from substance effects is displayed as Linear
• [Mac] Straight lines widget is incorrectly drawn on Retina
• Straight lines can stay enabled even with the shortcut released.
• Straight lines guizmo disapear after rotating the environment map
• Ambient occlusion outputs from substances are not plugged to the AO channel automatically
• Fix license copy issue on windows with special character in username


Change list

• [Export] Add additional maps in the list of the available input maps
• [Shelf] Use sbsar materials as material presets
• [Shelf] Allow to use custom Library paths
• [Shelf] Change the minimum size
• [Shelf] New content : 20 new smart materials
• [Shelf] New content : new procedural substance (weave, mesh)
• [Shelf] Updated Blur filter
• Draw straight lines using a modifier key
• Add Ambient Occlusion channel and rework AO/Normal behavior in layer stack
• Read default color from Image Input defined in Substance user data
• Allow to export the log from the help menu

• [Baker][Mac] Crash with Normal from mesh baker
• [Baker] Crash if there is no UVs in the cage file
• [Baker] Matching by names doesn't work with OBJs exported from zBrush
• [Baker] Baking with a cage overwrites bake if using multiple texture sets and overlapping UVs
• [Baker] Specific OBJ files result in black textures
• [Shelf] Can't read resources if set to read-only
• [Shelf] Asset files are being written Painter if they have been used in the project.
• [Shelf] Reloading substances also update the layer
• [Export] Tiff exports 32 bits images that can't be read properly by Photoshop or game engines
• [Export] Default channels preset always export as RGB
• [Material] Diffuse channel override BaseColor mapping with substances
• [3D View] Incorrect Diffuse lighting with specific environement maps
• [Tool] Unable to rotate a brush to a specific angle
• Viewport gets focus when hovered on while typing in a text field
Crash with presets too recent for the current version of the shelf
Crash after replacing mesh
Crash when reloading a substance with different number of inputs
FBX meshes from Cinema4D import with incorrect material names


Change list

• [License] Activation problem when there is an already existing license file
• [Mac] Crash when loading specific FBX files
• [Mac][3D View] Incorrect reflection for integrated GPU
• [3D View] Quick Mask font is broken
• [3D View] Material picker makes the viewport totally black
• Crash after opening projects created in 1.3.3
• Material preview is empty when using shaders with alpha
• Painting stop working on specific meshes
• Performances decrease a lot with specific OBJ meshes
• User channels are not mapped when using effects
• Temporary folders are not cleaned on startup

• Computation time improvements on project extremely long to load
• Change the "GPU Troubleshooting" window to be more understandable
• [Layers] Save the status of the the ratio lock for Fill layers and make it "On" by default
• [Bakers] Matching by name now use suffix as separator


04/01/15 - 1.3.3
Change list

• Update Substance engine to v5
• Add software version and project name in the title bar
• Sanitize TextureSet names and Smart material names
• [Shelf] Add new environment maps : Bonifacio aragon strairs, Bonifacio street, Corsica beach, studio 05, Tornoco studio
• [Shelf] Update MG Mask Builder with new parameters
• [Shelf] Update and calibrate old environment maps

• Crash when opening the export window
• "Check for updates" is not working
• [Layers] Don't unselect the mask when clicking on a effect
• [Tool] Tri-planar doesn't work with Normal channel
• [3D View] Diffuse lighting from env map is incorrect
• [3D View] Exposure computation is different from Designer
• [3D View] Shadows should not be visible on 100% metallic surface
• [3D View] Mesh with mirrored UVs has flipped tangent/binomals
• [3D View] Shadows produce incorrect results on certain meshes
• [Bakers] Remove ".alg_meta" folder created by assbin files
• [Bakers] Crash when baking if Painter recompute a TextureSet at the same time
• [Mac] White Box UI Glitch when launching the application
• [Windows] Impossible to drag'n'drop in UI widget when undocked


03/06/15 - 1.3.2
Change list
  • Added : [Bakers] Added new bakers : Normal, ID, Occlusion, Curvature, Thickness, Position
  • Added : Tri-Planar projection
  • Added : support for shadows
  • Added : [Bakers][3D View] Use Mikkt tangent space computation if no tangents/binormals are found
  • Added : [Effects] new icons on the effect stack
  • Added : [Effects] blending mode between fill actions in effect stack
  • Added : "lock" file during the save process
  • Added : [Effects] Fill action in effect stack
  • Added : new ressource : Smart Materials
  • Added : Allow to reorder layer effects
  • Added : Ability to set required openGL states into custom shaders
  • Added : Support for alpha transparency via new shaders
  • Added : Shaders are now versionned and fully saved into a project
  • Added : Warn user if the shader doesn't compile anymore

  • Updated: [Effects] Effect stack is now inverted and displayed from top to bottom (like layers)
  • Updated: [Effects] Rename effects (substance effect = Filter, substance mask generator = Generator)
  • Updated: Substance engine has been updated to V5

  • Fixed: [Layers] drag and drop under a collapsed folder
  • Fixed: [Shelf] content filtering in mini-shelves
  • Fixed: [Shelf] Renamed categories and reorganize tabs


01/28/15 - 1.2
Change list
  • Added: New Normal channel allowing to paint normal map data and combine the results
  • Added: [Export] New export window with the ability to create custom packing and set custom names
  • Added: The project file format is now a single file instead of folders
  • Added: [Export] Support different Normal formats (DirectX, OpenGL)
  • Added: [Export] Create a temporary "lock" file during export
  • Added: [Layers] Shift+LeftMouse click can be used to toggle a mask
  • Added: [Parameters] Expose the color space at the bottom of an image input

  • Updated: [Shelf] Effect "MG Mask Builder" has now new settings
  • Updated: [3D View] Ambient Occlusion map now occlude the diffuse contribution, not the specular

  • Fixed: Projection material/Stencil preview doesn't show properly in the viewport
  • Fixed: [3D View] Shortcut tooltip not displayed when using "S" (stencil) shortcut
  • Fixed: [Shelf] Effect "MatFx Skin Scale" has now better performances at low resolution
  • Fixed: [Export] Textures from export are just upscaled when specifying a larger document size


12/16/14 - 1.1
Change list
  • Added: [Effect] New Material ID mask creator
  • Added: New doted white/black line for the brush gizmo
  • Added: New angle follow parameter
  • Added: New backface culling parameter
  • Added: New Lazy mouse parameter
  • Added: [Layers] Support for multiple selections and management
  • Added: [Layers] Copy and paste from one texture set to one another
  • Added: [Export] Adobe Photoshop's PSD format
  • Added: [Shelf] New tool : fur, metal stitches and zipper
  • Added: [Shelf] New brush : mold, pencil, sharp line and stitch
  • Added: [Shelf] New alpha : Gaussian noise, sharp line, mold, pen, splash, stitch, zipper

  • Updated: Painting performances improved by only updating parts of the textures needed

  • Fixed: [Shelf] Impossible to load a substance with graph having identical labels
  • Fixed: [Layers] Pass Through blending mode doesn't work with masks
  • Fixed: [Stencil] Scale is broken in 2D view
  • Fixed: Issues and crash on Mac OS Yosemite


11/09/14 - 1.0.2
Change list
  • Fixed: [3D View] Custom shader parameters are separated by a large space
  • Fixed: [Export] Missing sRGB conversion for Unity4 preset
  • Fixed: Possible Crash when loading fbx meshes
  • Fixed: Crash sometimes when loading simple obj meshes
  • Fixed: Computing bar stays blocked to 100% at loading
  • Fixed: Reloading a substance puts it in every category
  • Fixed: DirectX/OpenGL switch broken

  • Updated: Improved performances in material preview with substances
  • Updated: Improved performances with brush stroke preview when updating document
  • Updated: Improved performances in viewport with lower update rate for non working area
  • Updated: [Post Effects] Improved UI to manage settings
  • Updated: [Post Effects] Reset to default values

  • Added: Substance effects and layers operations in right-click menu
  • Added: Support for pre-multiplied Input/Output in substances


10/27/14 - 1.0.1
Change list
  • Fixed: Parameters values are limited to 2 decimals for Particles
  • Fixed: Substance loaded from cache are not displayed in the UI as outdated
  • Fixed: Crash when loading a mesh from a network url
  • Fixed: Painter is now recognized as signed on Mac OS X

  • Updated: [Tool] Improved Material parameters usage
  • Updated: Various performances improvements in the engine

  • Added: New shortcut to the uservoice website in the Help menu


10/15/14 - 1.0
Change list
  • Added: Custom Shader Support
  • Added: 4k resolution support
  • Added: Sample character projects
  • Added: Display progress bar for long computation times
  • Added: [Export] Add a dilation pass before diffusion postprocess
  • Added: Command line arguments in SP for simple operations
  • Added: New Materials and Effects

  • Updated: Tool preview (separated real time material preview and stroke testing area)
  • Updated: Do not create a default document when Painter starts
  • Updated: [Tool] Add the possibility to manually edit a grayscale value
  • Updated: Various improvements for the Stencils (Snap, Reset)
  • Updated: Particles are now subtools of the Painting brush, Eraser and Projection tols
  • Updated: [3D View] Use baked AO in the viewport render
  • Updated: Split the stencils controls between the 2D & 3D view
  • Updated: Small thumb size tweaking in the library
  • Updated: Search fields are specific to each window
  • Updated: UI tweaking

  • Fixed: [Susbtance] Switch does not work
  • Fixed: [Color Dialog] Hue gradient not refreshed
  • Fixed: Impossible to update a mesh if the filename is identical
  • Fixed: Tool is not visible in views when too small
  • Fixed: Decal tool on Retina display doesn't work properly
  • Fixed: [Substance] Int1 are displayed as float1
  • Fixed: [Substance] basecolor input/output are not recognized
  • Fixed: [Substance] filters can't be reloaded
  • Fixed: [Tool] grayscale widget is always collapsed


09/18/14 - Beta 12.1
Change list
  • Added: Unity 5 Export Preset

  • Fixed: PBR Shader, rendering quality should improve a lot
  • Fixed: Focus function is broken and meshes are cropped by default


09/17/14 - Beta 12
Change list
  • Added: Eye dropper
  • Added: "Preserve stroke position" option added to mesh reimport for when the bounding box changes.

  • Updated: Normal map for Cymourai default mesh
  • Updated: Improve tool view interface (colors are wip)
  • Updated: Move the menu "Help->Settings" to "Edit->Settings"
  • Updated: Save the export path in the "Export all channels" window
  • Updated: New levels GUI with histogram display
  • Updated: Better asset management (Drag & Drop of resources in the Library & Shelf, Reload resources, Delete unused resources)
  • Updated: Switch from "diffuse" to "basecolor"
  • Updated: Sliders editing adjustments - Allow dots in addition to commas and improve Levels values edition
  • Updated: Fill layer: increase maximum tiling value
  • Updated: Default environment map

  • Fixed: Broken specular/gloss export
  • Fixed: Links in the "about" window of painter don't work
  • Fixed: Crash with OSX Yosemite
  • Fixed: Mesh are saved triangulated
  • Fixed: The color shortcut of the Tool window send to emitter instead of grayscale
  • Fixed: Color picker stays open when switching from layer to mask
  • Fixed: Can't save material from a fill layer
  • Fixed: Enable resizing of the three regions of the shelf


09/04/14 - Beta 11
Change list
  • Added: Add a splitter between the 3D and 2D views
  • Added: Use a gradient background in the 2D/3D views
  • Added: Interface for the Levels histogram
  • Added: Merge shelf and library
  • Added: No save action required when creating or updating a preset
  • Added: Import assets in the shelf through Drag and Drop

  • Fixed: The name of buttons is displayed over in the main toolbar


08/28/14 - Beta 10.2
Change list
  • Fixed: Shader give black result with low roughness
  • Fixed: GPU check: handle 'Quadro' cards, detect all devices and adapt user message accordingly
  • Fixed: Most substance materials are capped at 256 in Beta 9
  • Fixed: height is clamped when exported as bitmap
  • Fixed: The brush preview is different from the projection overlay on Mac
  • Fixed: Using Geometry tool to create mask doesn't show in viewports
  • Fixed: Quick mask is broken
  • Fixed: Fix blending issue on old mac pro
  • Fixed: Export Channel is broken


08/07/14 - Beta 10
Change list
  • Added: Stencil masks - A new Stencil slot appeared in the Tool window when using standard or particle brushes. It allows you to use a greycale stencil mask.

  • Fixed: Quadro cradds support
  • Fixed: Shader give black result with low roughness
  • Fixed: Substance materials are capped at 256 in Beta 9
  • Fixed: Normal map export deletes the green channel


07/17/14 - Beta 9
Change list
  • Added: Yebis 2 post Processing!
  • Added: Scale control over Materials applied to Fill Layers

  • Updated: New project wizard allows you to import input maps (AO, Curvature, etc.)
  • Updated: Automatically plug input maps (AO, Curvature,etc.) to Substance Effects


07/11/14 - Beta 8.2
Change list
  • Updated: All blending modes are now available

  • Fixed: Multiple GPU crashes
  • Fixed: Project reset if Material name contains special characters
  • Fixed: UVs are messed up after saving project and reopen with multiple UVs


06/28/14 - Beta 8
Change list
  • Added: Multi-Material - You can now paint on multi materials :)
  • Added: Symmetry painting


06/18/14 - Build 369

Testing focus
  • Effect Layers
  • Substance Stencils
Change list
  • Added: Layer Effects - Use substances to drive masks or layers for an unparalleled power of expression and creation speed.
  • Added: New Substance Stencil materials
  • Added: Clear mask
  • Added: Copy/Paste layer/mask
  • Added: Duplicate Layer

  • Updated: Change tool when editing layer mask
  • Updated: Substances are noew GPU powered

  • Fixed: Height map painting does not paint negative values.
  • Fixed: Material Picker display should not take the sampled normal map into account
  • Fixed: Popcorn determinism broken
  • Fixed: Stencil matrix in 2D view
  • Fixed: Ngons in obj files
  • Fixed: Various crashes


06/04/14 - Build 352

Testing focus
  • ...
Change list
  • Added: New export option to export a Specular map from a composite of the roughness and metallic channels

  • Fixed: Windows Vista compatibility
  • Fixed: Height map won't paint negative values


05/07/14 - Build 333

Testing focus
  • Stencils
  • Performances
  • Stability
Change list
  • Added: 3D/2D view switches
  • Added: UV chunk selection tool

  • Updated: Tool changes automatically when painting on masks.
  • Updated: Substances resolution depends on the document's

  • Fixed: Crash at launch
  • Fixed: Crash with ASCII meshes
  • Fixed: Fixed Stencil matrix in 2D view
  • Fixed: Crash with Eraser


04/17/14 - Build 319

Testing focus
  • 2D View
Change list
  • Added: Seamless 2D View!
  • Added: Bitmap layer masks
  • Added: Environment exposure control

  • Updated: Fill Layers now use the Tools windows to set their properties
  • Updated: Materials can be applied to Fill Layers
  • Updated: Added more stencils in the stencil library
  • Updated: Particles presets updated for faster computation
  • Updated: PBR shader optimization and quality improvement for lower quality settings

  • Fixed: Layers thumbnails are linked to the currently selected channel
  • Fixed: Lots of crashes


04/04/14 - Build 303

Testing focus
  • --
Change list
  • Added: Allow negative values in the color selector for height map painting
  • Added: Show preview of the picked material/color
  • Added: Add shortcuts for the Tools in the Toolbar (1,2,3,4)
  • Added: Switch Normal format (OpenGL vs DirectX) globally on a project
  • Added: New Project wizard

  • Updated: Spacing slider is no longer clamped
  • Updated: Sliders Style
  • Updated: Make Color picker non modal
  • Updated: Selecting a material into the library set the tool type accordingly

  • Fixed: Import mesh path is not preserved
  • Fixed: Wrong textures generation
  • Fixed: Crash on startup


03/17/14 - Build 285

Testing focus
  • Tool Window
  • Eyedropper tool
Change list
  • Added: Material Eyedropper (P shortcut)
  • Added: Thumbnails under the 3d tool preview
  • Added: Licensing system for standalone versions
  • Added: [ and ] shortcuts for Brush Size
  • Added: Padding on exported maps

  • Updated: Tool Window Style
  • Updated: Sliders Style
  • Updated: Default HDR environment

  • Fixed: Stencil: change flow value in the 3D View stops at 52
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in engine when adding 0-pressure keys to stroke is fixed
  • Fixed: Tool: angle jitter does not return values above +/- 90∞
  • Fixed: 3D View display change when a layer mask is selected
  • Fixed: Inverted zoom


03/02/14 - Build 273

Testing focus
  • Tool Window
  • 3D Brush Preview
  • Performances
  • Library Window
Change list
  • Added: New Library management
  • Added: New Brushes and Particles content
  • Added: 3D Brush Preview

  • Updated: Tool Window Style
  • Updated: Sliders Style
  • Updated: Cache Performances

  • Fixed: Camera Controls
  • Fixed: Brush Rotation

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