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Tiggs  [developer] Aug 19, 2016 @ 4:17pm
Dev Update August 19th
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Some updates on development:

For Hawken on console we have the first content update going through certification testing. Right now we just have a few more bugs to fix, and then we’ll be ready to push that update out to the world! This content update will include more holo taunts, controller vibration support, controller button mapping changes, some frame-rate improvements, and some other performance improvements. We’ve moved all game-server hosting over to physical servers, and once this update goes live, you should see some even smoother game-play overall, since we’ve got some server improvements there as well.

For the PC community we are still working on the build pipeline to publish up to Steam, but the testing so far is promising. We want to port over some of the performance improvements we’ve found during console development, and we want to get some of the cosmetics moved over as well. Generally speaking, we still want to keep the PC build the same for the time being and take our time with any migration work. We’ve been gathering more technical details related to things like anti-cheat, hosting performance improvements, and what it would take to create things like leader boards and clan-related systems.
HAWKEN > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2016 @ 4:17pm
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