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New to this game found it browsing on steam by chance.
More people should know about this game its quite entertaining and the graphics are brilliant if setup correctly on the right machine.
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HK Jan 7 @ 8:45pm 
So, you finally found it aye? Have no hopes for it's future. The new devs are lazy and ignorant as to it's clients. I played this game before it ever hit Steam in Alpha & Beta and it's still in Beta and always will be. It's a good game but, the vets will kick your butt. If you're smart, play with the default mechs until you come up, don't waste any real money on this game, in game. Oh yeah, don't take their, "Promise" to heart.
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MEMERY Jan 8 @ 5:54am 
this is a great game but as said the devs have facked off and are putting everything towards the ps4 and xbox versions now and have just stopped doing anything with the pc version. i to have played from the way back times when hawken was a magical pc game of death and destruction,,,,,,,,,,i remember the days when you could join a server and other people where there as well.......that was before the dreaded console releases came and took the devs away. now the few of us still alive are looking around every corner for a fight that doesnt seem to come much anymore......one day maybe the devs will look in their magic ball and see us diehard fans and realize that we made the game what it is today and that if not for us pc players they wouldnt have a game to even take to console....maybe then we will see this game make a comback and it will be great again..
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if they released it on console and added those console players, the PC players would have someone to play with.
If you look at the few reviews i have given on games you will see so far this is the only game ive said something good about it needs an open roaming world maybe and some more players thats all its much better than mechawarrior online.
Lavian Jan 8 @ 11:08am 
Yeah, the PC build hasn't been touched in some two years though. The console version works on an entirely different progression system and has a number of new dual wielding units.

In theory, I guess they could merge servers once the PC version gets updated (supposedly in the coming months), but since they're grandfathering in weapon loadouts for PC vets in the new build, that would mean mixing console players with builds that are impossible to get on console. Though to be fair, any new players on PC are stuck in that situation anyway, and anyone who hasn't farmed out a full set of units and loadouts will have that issue to a lesser extent.

Also, the last time they did something major with the servers... er. Well, just look around the forums. Not sure we really want to try that again.

Furthermore, this still suffers from the idea that PC players might be able to wipe the floor with console players (or vice-versa depending on how hardcore aim assist may or may not be if they have it). There's a turn rate cap, but precision with a mouse vs stick is still a thing.

Then there's also the small issue of there being a mild concensus that the console version of the game is inferior to the PC version, and yet that's the version PC players are going to be ported to later this year. To be fair, a number of complaints seem to be about visuals and performance on console, and that may not be an issue on PC. Not really sure though, since I still have a memory leak issue on PC (it's pretty clear when your frames go from a smooth 60 to an actual slide show with some audio glitches after a few hours of play) that's existed since the game hit Steam (at least), and I've actually completely changed machines since then, so yeah. Just bad luck with that I guess though, not everyone gets this.

Whever the case, I haven't really played the game since a few hours some time mid to late 2016 I think (in which I dropped out of my last match mid-game because, I was far from being helpful trying to play a shooter as a blurry slideshow, even with graphics turned down to try to compensate). I still check the forums to see where they're headed though. Maybe they'll salvage the game with a release on Steam out of early acccess, putting them on the front page for a bit, maybe not. Hopefully things go well, but er, after years of waiting, I would have suffocated if I had held my breath the entire time.
em1o Jan 9 @ 6:12pm 
and if you have issues with your Old Account, see the main landing page for us vets, devs, and lots of help threads: community.playhawken.com
for concepts of play for different mechs, see YT "how to hawken" and scroll to SoldierHobbes' channel. for down-right awsum tutorials, the headliner LEET hawkeners' posts in the Guides tab on Steam Hawken Hub... and for practice, find me in DM TDM of usually loafing in Bots-TDMs. enjoy!
and yes, C05 (dev) reads every single post in PlayHawken.com
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Most, if not all the guides on the forums have been compiled here: https://community.playhawken.com/topic/43-your-one-stop-shop-to-all-guides-hawken/
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