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ComJak Mar 18, 2014 @ 1:10pm
What is RWR?

Running with Rifles is a top down tactical shooter where you take on the role of a measly soldier. No hiding behind cover to recover health, no quick scopes, only brains and strategy. Join the Greenbelts, Greycollars, or the Brownpants in all out warfare over a wide variety of maps and using tons of weapons, equipment, and vehicles.

Why should I buy RWR?

Because it's fun! But in all seriousness, people are drawn to RWR for various reasons. Read the Steam reviews for a nice taste of what's going on.

Who is developing RWR?

Overlord Pasik and Jackmayol are the 2 developers working on RWR. Pasik is based in Finland and does most of the coding, AI, and other behind the scenes work. Jackmayol focuses on map design and gameplay.

Where can I try RWR before purchase?

Lucky for you, a demo based on 0.99.9 is available on the main website found at . This demo is SP only, has limited maps, vehicles, and no campaign but will give you an idea of what the game is like before your purchase.

I originally bought RWR on Desura. Where can I find my Steam key?

You can find it here: under keys.

I originally bought RWR through BMTMicro. How can I get a Steam key?

You can email Pasik at using the email that you used to purchase RWR asking for a key. He will check your purchase and give you a key.

When will RWR be fully released?

Sorry. Don't know. RWR was put in early access in a relatively bug free and complete state. For more details on upcoming features, check out the official forums and site.

What OS do I need for RWR?

RWR runs on Windows, Linux and OSX 10.9 and newer.


Why can't my friend connect to my server?

In most cases, if you have activated a server and want your friends to connect, you will need to forward your port. Port forwarding required access to your router. The port that you forward just needs to be the same as the port you use ingame.

Why can't i connect to the public servers?

First check that the public server is the same version as your game. Also, check your firewalls and anti-virus programs. Lastly, you are going to want to make sure that the server is relatively nearby your physical location. RWR servers tend to have ping caps and if your ping is too high, you will not be able to connect.

Also note that servers may have their player capacity full, but 0.94 client will still attempt to connect in such case, failing in it.

What is the deal with the Username and Password when trying to connect online?

The username is your personal username for connecting to the server. The password is simply a protection device so that people can not connect under your name. You can input any string for the password as long as you can remember it/have the computer remember it.

How can I host my own local server?

How can I host my own dedicated server? <- Dedicated server files <- A detailed tutorial


RWR is not starting when I try to play. I hit "Play" in the Steam pop-up menu and it flashes a loading sign then nothing happens.

This error seems to be coming up for a few people. The general solution seems to be redownloading and installing the OpenAL drivers. Try getting them here:

Why is RWR crashing on my computer?

To get support for RWR, please make a forum post on the official forums here: . Please don't forget to mention the exact nature of the error/crash like when it occurs and what dialogue boxes pop up (or if none do). A little detail on your computer specs would be very helpful too.

RWR has mouse related errors including having the normal mouse curso showing up and the mouse bounds being wonky. What can I do?

There are a few problems RWR seems to have run into with 3rd party software. Below are some starters when trying to troubleshoot weird mouse movement in RWR.

1. Close and restart Steam and try again.
2. Disable the Steam Overlay on RWR.
3. Run RWR directly from the Steam folder (aka NOT through the library).
4. Reinstall RWR.
5. Disable 3rd party overlay programs such as AMD Raptr, Desktop Fusion, Teamspeak...
For AMD Raptr just press "ctrl+TAB" twice to open and close the overlay and then the mouse cursor will be gone.
6. If playing with dual monitors, try disabling one of the monitors.

If these steps do not help, feel free to post a thread in the Support section of either the official or Steam forums

I'm running Linux with proprietary AMD drivers. Why is RWR not working?

Unfortunately, RWR does not work with the proprietary AMD drivers. You will need to acquire the open source drivers to run RWR.

I just updated to Windows 10 and the game fails to run

All you need to do is rerun the configuration tool to get the game working again.


What kind of mods are out there for RWR?

RWR is a VERY mod friendly game. To take a look at all the user created content for RWR so far, head to the forums at and take a look around. Basic mod tools and help can be found there as well.

Why do I go prone/crouch when I shoot?

You have spawned with one of the heavier Light Machine Guns, either the M240, PKM, or IMI Negev. You can swap out your weapon to not be forced to go prone.

Why can't I beat XXX map of the campaign?

The campaign defaults to "HARD" difficulty. This difficulty is hard even for seasoned veterans. If you are a beginner and just getting used to the mechanics, try knocking the difficulty down to Easy or a custom difficulty that suits your own liking. You can also grind a little XP in the previous map to gain access to more strike calls and soldiers.

How do I change weapons/equipment?

Simply walk over the weapon you wish to pick up and tap "F". Or, you can hold "F" on the weapon and select the weapon you want from the inventory screen.

Why can't I pick up certain weapons?

Some of the weapons featured in RWR have XP limitations. Weapons on the ground have their names greyed out if you are unable to use them. Weapons in the armoury will give you a notification of the required XP level for their use.

I want to suggest XXXX feature!

Please browse through the official forums before posting your idea. Over the years, plenty of great and not-so-great ideas have been suggested. Some commonly suggested features include:
  • Destructable environments - Not realistically possible with the engine
  • Planes/helicopters - Pilotable versions of these vehicles are probably not going to happen. Strike calls using them as fire support may be possible.
  • Soldier classes - Not going to happen. RWR tries not to limit the soldier on the battlefield in terms of what it can and can not do.
  • Weapon attachments - Unlikely. RWR strives for greater weapon variety rather than small changes via attachments.
  • Binoculars - Could be a possibility but the effect is limited by the "active area" around the local player
  • Pistols - The lack of a secondary firearm adds tension to the combat and forces players to choose to reload wisely.
  • Flame throwers - Flame throwers are not really used in modern combat and probably won't make the standard lineup of weapons.
  • Realistic line of sight - The devs experimented with this previously and if this were implemented, it would be in a "hardcore" mode for RWR rather than the standard.
  • Health bar - Also not going to happen. RWR is a game where every bullet could be lethal. Your health bar of 1 health isn't going to change much. If you find you are dying too quickly, spend some RP on a vest or play more conservatively.
  • Reload indicator/auto-reload/grenade indicator - War is about paying attention to your surroundings, your enemies, and your weapons. Besides the occasional bot yelling "GRENADE!", there is no magical HUD that just says "oh grenades over there!". These freatures will not be implemented.
  • Zombies - Well there is a mod currently on the official forums that shows the capability of zombifying soldiers. Take a look! But please don't open your own thread with generic zombie suggestions.
  • First Person Mode - There are quite a few limitations that prevent RWR from being played in first person. One of many is the "active" distance which is the distance around the player that is actually being portrayed. All other parts of the map are simulated. In first person, this zone would be obvious. The second major one is that the voxel structure used to make the char models and weapons and stuff don't scale properly when zoomed in. In the end, first person mode would look like this:

I have more specific questions/opinions/suggestions, where do I post them?

Well you can post them on the steam forums but there are plenty of other places to chat about RWR. Other than the official forums linked above, you can find us (and the devs) on the quakenet IRC channel #rwr.
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ComJak Apr 3, 2014 @ 7:46am 
Hrm. I'm fairly sure that someone had played RWR with controllers using some program or another. If you browse through the official forums, you might find the thread and the program for it. From what I gathered, it was a bit clunky and hard to be very precise with.
Bingus Apr 5, 2014 @ 5:10pm 
I hope they make creating a server easier. Or make LAN games. Man, everytime I write a comment I feel like someone will say "OMG HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT!?" Yeah, I have a feeling LAN games are already there.
ComJak Apr 5, 2014 @ 7:04pm 
:) OMG HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW LAN IS ALREADY IN!?!?! lol but really, setting up a server is easy as hell. The official forums have resources for that. LAN is possible as well. just plug in your LAN IP when connecting.
Bingus Apr 5, 2014 @ 9:31pm 
Originally posted by ComJak:
:) OMG HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW LAN IS ALREADY IN!?!?! lol but really, setting up a server is easy as hell. The official forums have resources for that. LAN is possible as well. just plug in your LAN IP when connecting.
You see, you're talking to an idiot. I watched that video on setting up a server. I still don't knw how to do it. Like, forwarding a port? What the heck is that? Yeah, I'm stupid.
ComJak Apr 5, 2014 @ 11:29pm 
hrmmm. I made that video for idiots :P Forwarding a port is definitely harder and requires you to google that for your specific router. So just google something like "port forward XXyourrouterbrandXX". It should give you directions. Everything else should be simple.

LAN you can just start your sp game like normal, activate the server, then find your local IP by typing "ipconfig" into your command prompt. Then scroll up and find your "IPv4 Address" and give that to your LAN buddy. That person just puts that in to the Direct Connect option in RWR.
Bingus Apr 6, 2014 @ 8:40am 
Well, the main thing I did want to know was how to make LAN games so, letme rewrite the steps here.
1. Go Singleplayer
2.Activate server
3.Give Ip adress to friend
4.friend connects
Did I get that right?
ComJak Apr 6, 2014 @ 9:11am 
yes and the IP address is the one from the ipconfig thing i mentioned above. Let me know if it works.
Gopats Apr 19, 2014 @ 7:48pm 
Is a MAC port still in the works?
ComJak Apr 20, 2014 @ 7:47am 
Yup, still should be.
✠Jacko✠ Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:43pm 
there r some mods that i want to get but dont know how to install, im also trying to use Sproxel to modify my soldiers, can someone plz help? anyone? Comjak? Jesus? Oprah?
Last edited by ✠Jacko✠; Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:44pm
ComJak Apr 23, 2014 @ 9:29am 
If you go to my youtube channel you can find out how to install mods.
where can i see my RP?

oh found it im a giant idiot
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Sergeant Burden Jun 18, 2014 @ 10:26pm 
i would still play an FPS mod even if it looked like that.

Someone get on it.
harrified Aug 5, 2014 @ 3:58am 
Sup Variant :^) did you ever apologize to the devs for spreading lies and calling them lazy or does your mom foot that bill too?

Originally posted by TheLoneWolf606 ( ° 3 °):
Ok so, I click play on RWR and it wont start the game. Can you help or explan why the game wont start.
Did you try this from the OP?

RWR is not starting when I try to play. I hit "Play" in the Steam pop-up menu and it flashes a loading sign then nothing happens.

This error seems to be coming up for a few people. The general solution seems to be redownloading and installing the OpenAL drivers. Try getting them here:

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bloodraven43 Aug 10, 2014 @ 4:36am 
Originally posted by allinone:
Is it possiblle making RWR in the future with full contoller support?

wondering too...alot easier for me to layback and chill rather then hover over a keyboard...i hope its in your plans to bring this to us.
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