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1h way too dangerous compared to 2h?
I've been using 1h swords since I started playing and just beat GUN-D4M. At fisrt I like the 1h, but it seems really dangerous to use in groups of enemies since you have to get so close to them to make contact. The skills seems to be dangerous to use as well since you will always get hit when using them. The clones are nice, but don't do very much (maybe combined with crit chance/damage?) so it's really making it hard to see a point to the 1h compared to the 2h. Am I overlooking something or am I just putting too much thought into this?
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I've beaten all the current content and never actually played 2h or used any melee skills. Been nothing but 1h spam and summons/magic. If I recall correctly, 1h has the beamsabre weapon that nearly outclasses any 2h weapon as far as attack rating...

Ive never tried 2h but I don't think it's bad. I mean 1h give you the ability to block, and I would imagine the 2h is mean more for large groups but is slower. It's really just what you want.
Oh is that it? 2h can't use the shield? Wow, shield is amazing to me so I'd for say sure that 1h+shield is just fine.
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Oh is that it? 2h can't use the shield? Wow, shield is amazing to me so I'd for say sure that 1h+shield is just fine.
Well I guess I was wrong. You can still use a shield...that's weird.
The differences you are going to get are the swing speed, the range of the swing, and the melee skills you can use.
Ah, pretty silly. Still I don't use melee skills atm so it doesn't matter much to me.
use shadow clone and spirit slash and you will have no problem.
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use shadow clone and spirit slash and you will have no problem.
I mostly use the shadow clone, the electric weapon boost, and the cloud companion.
2h seems to be lacking quite a bit compared to 1h currently in my opinion, and most melee skills don't seem to be worth getting compared to 1h or 2h spam as far as dps. = /
Just send out your cloud buddy to kill all.
I literally only use the Shadow Clone ability and the backwards jump ability.
Gotten me through everything very easily... so easy that I don't know what to use the rest of my points on!
I've tried both, I'm most definitely more partial to 2h with atk speed talents. Its almost OP
Depends on what you want.

Early game, 1-hand autoattacks with Blade Flurry mixed in does the highest single target damage. Later, Shadow Clone level 10.

For AoE, the highest dps is 2 hand Whirlslash.

Late game, the highest single target dps is a spell damage build with Frost Friend level 10 using Enrage combined with spamming Flamethrower level 5.

The "safest" late game build is a high spell damage Summon Plant level 10 using mana regen pots to spam turrets and combined with Haste level 5.

Seriously though, Frosty Friend becomes insane with Ice Crystal Pendant, Enrage, and spell damage.

It kills the Giga Slime before one second ends.

In terms of BURST though, the 2 handers win again with Heroic Slam level 10.

Heroic Slam level 10 was enough damage to ONE SHOT all the replayable bosses and had the shortest animation, compared to Blade Flurry which did not one shot. I was able to get a two-skill kill on Furious Giga Slime with this build, which broke my record for the arena in time.

Overall, probably the best casual build is probably 1-hand with Shadow Clone, literally zero button pressing auto-attack build.
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