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Mitch  [dezvoltator] 11 dec., 2014 @ 7:47
Early Access FAQ
Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for supporting us at 5 Lives Studios. After you’ve spent some time with the game, you may have questions you want to ask us. We’ve preempted a few of the questions and comments we expect to hear, but if you have others, let us know. We will add other questions to this post which we hear frequently.

I backed this game on Kickstarter or on the Satellite Reign website. How do I find my Steam key?

Everyone who backed us for a copy of the game can claim a key through the Humble Store. Go to to use the Humble Key Resender tool. Type in the email address you used to pledge, and an email will be sent to you with a unique URL you can use to claim your key. Please note that the Humble Store may list your tier as one lower than you actually pledged for. Don’t worry, your pledge information is still in-tact. This is purely because the Humble Store are only managing the digital side of things. Higher pledge rewards are being handled on our end.

The version on the Humble Store is older than the Steam version.
Steam has an automated process for updating builds, but the Humble version needs to be manually updated by staff at Humble. Since they're on the other side of the world, our time-zones don't quite match up, so there's often a delay in getting the new builds up there.

Is this district all you’ve managed to make so far?

Not at all, we’ve got all of the city districts designed and laid out, which the designers are continuing to tweak before they get an art-pass. The Downtown district was one of the first we started work on, and is the first area players will see in the game, so it seemed most suitable for an introduction, and to act as a test-bed for our basic mechanics.

It’s too easy/hard!

There’s still a whole lot of balancing to do, and the AI behaviour is incomplete and occasionally buggy. It’s tricky to get the same gameplay environment to provide an equal challenge regardless of what methods you use to approach it. It’s something which will be focused on heavily from this point until launch. Hearing what people have to say once they get their hands on it will help us a lot too.

I'm seeing a lot of bugs!

Yep! This is generally what games are like before the public gets their hands on them. While we’re very aware of many of the bugs you’ll likely come across, some of you will almost certainly come across bizarre things we haven’t seen. But you can help! There’s a button on the top-right of the game screen which will take you to a special bug-submission page ( ) on our site. There, you can give us a detailed description of what happened, and even attach screenshots.

Where are all of the people?

There’s a limit to how many NPCs we can have wandering through the city. We have systems to dynamically move them around to keep them near the player, in order to give a sense that the city is full of people, but we currently don’t have anything in place to keep them from wandering away again, so there will be a lot of times where the city feels empty. This will improve as things move forward.

How can I clone civilians? Sway them with propaganda? Or some other cool system you’ve talked about?

There are a lot of systems in the game which are still being developed, and so we’ve disabled them until they’re more mature. Remember, this is actually a pre-alpha build of the game, and so many features are still unfinished. Including them in their current states would just cause issues, so they’re being held back until they’re ready.

We have a short list of a few of the included and upcoming features on the Steam Store page, so we'll keep that up to date as we release new versions.

I have a 23-core, 1.21 gigawatt, 7-way-SLI beast with 12 terabytes of RAM, why isn’t the frame-rate higher?

There are still a lot of optimisations to be done. Some of it is done while we go, but a lot of it is left until later in development. We’ve included an options menu to enable and disable various visual effects to help get things running better, but don’t fret, the final game will perform much better.

Am I allowed to post pictures and videos of the game online?

Yes, but we ask that you please make it clear on your posts that this is a pre-alpha build of the game, and absolutely nothing is final.

When I try to attach a screenshot to the provided bug submission tool, I get this error: “JIRA could not attach the file as there was a missing token”

The error is due to not allowing third party cookies in your browser’s privacy settings. Make sure you allow third party cookies to attach files.

Where does the game save screenshots?
When you use the button on the right to take a screenshot the file path will be displayed for a short period of time in the top left corner. If you click the file path it will open the location for you.
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Hunter 11 dec., 2014 @ 11:47 
Just redeemed my KS tier through my Humble Bundle account! Works great.
matthew 11 dec., 2014 @ 11:50 
yeah, I can confirm I redeemed my key also, just waiting until tomorrow to play it.
I'm in game testing away just now
I hope for a persuadertron.
Stoibs 11 dec., 2014 @ 22:59 
No Steam key from Humble yet, bunch of us on the latest KS update are reporting the same, perhaps it's our specific $90 tier?
Mitch  [dezvoltator] 11 dec., 2014 @ 23:15 
Sorry about the holdup with the keys, we're trying to figure out what's happening.

It doesn't seem to be related to any particular tier. For whatever reason, Steam keys seem to be appearing later on some people's Humble pages. We don't know why, but we've already contacted Humble about it. We've had a number of people who've emailed us about the issue say that it's simply appeared after refreshing the page shortly later.

We'll keep you updated when things change, but in the meantime, just re-check the page every few minutes.
Stoibs 11 dec., 2014 @ 23:33 
I'll check back and refresh periodically.
How likely can we expect the ability to make our own levels, missions, workshop, etc?
I wish the devs luck. New Syndicate, or spiritual successor, is what I have been waiting for years. This looks very promissing, and you have the right people doing it.
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Stoibs 12 dec., 2014 @ 12:36 
Still no steam key on my humble page 12+hrs hours on..
Kind of annoying to have the general populace enjoying this while us KS backers are still twiddling our thumbs I have to say.
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Tomcat 13 dec., 2014 @ 9:50 
Still no key on the humble page ... I'm on the 90 USD tier as well.
disky  [dezvoltator] 13 dec., 2014 @ 23:04 
After a bit of research it seems like in order to get your steam keys you have to have chosen digital or boxed copy for your second copy, Were not quite sure why humble have set it up like this but that should at least get you onto steam. (Obviously only affecting people who pledged at a tier that has a second copy choice of boxed or digital)
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Tomcat 14 dec., 2014 @ 1:40 
Worked! Thanks very much
Knuspar 14 dec., 2014 @ 1:42 
Postat inițial de disky:
After a bit of research it seems like in order to get your steam keys you have to have chosen digital or boxed copy for your second copy, Were not quite sure why humble have set it up like this but that should at least get you onto steam. (Obviously only affecting people who pledged at a tier that has a second copy choice of boxed or digital)
Thank you, thus worked for me :-)
Satek 15 dec., 2014 @ 13:22 
Great game so far. I did get stuck in the police station initially and unable to attack them, but I love the open world and advertisement designs!
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