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Satellite Reign

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Grey mess(SPOILERS)
Hi, just started the game and the game doesn´t make any sense to me. Ofc I´m not a RTS player, I like more Turn Based Shooters. But the game visuals and mechanics doesn´t help neither.

Graphically when the fighting starts, everything blends to a greyish mess, can´t make out enemies from allies, cover from walls. There´s no indicator of LOS- if I finally am able to set my units to shoot some and they don´t run out of cover- they start shooting at walls.

Also whats the point of respawn mechanics and on those FEAR satellite drops when enemy is respawning 2x faster, with stronger units?

So only option is to go for save scumming but every time I load the game the enemy is again 2x stronger with twice the number of units.

Somehow I managed to get into the Wayvern HeadQuarters(I´m in the beginning 1st area still) and again, from every direction 5+ enemies spawned, I ran like crazy but ofc I was mowed down in 2 secs.

And those "easy side doors" are useless also, in the end all ways lead up to the main building\street where tens of enemies are patrolling.