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Hello Sat Reign Community! Verdict?
Somehow I *just* stumbled on this game. I haven't purchased it yet. I'm starting to look through YouTube videos, reviews, posts. From the small amount I've seen so far...I'm starting to get some nice Syndicate vibes (I'm talking about the original Syndicate game by Bullfrog...way back before it turned into a more action based PS2 game).

Since Satellite Reign has been out a while, I'm hoping the community here could weigh in on the state of the game...and how much fun you have with it.

Do you consider the game as stable, finished?

Is the game fun? you feel you got your money's worth?

Thanks all.
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Twilight Aug 1 @ 11:33pm 
Yes, yes and yes. It's the closest thing to the original Syndicate we'll ever get.
Not perfect (whatever this means to everyone individually), but it is a well done game. If you like the old Syndicate, this should be for you.
Do you consider the game as stable, finished?
Yes. Very much a finished product, and very much stable and mostly bug-free in single player. The game was not originally designed for multiplayer, so the devs had to implement a couple of hacky workarounds since the engine was not set up to handle it. I played a campaign with friends across the globe, around 220ms ping. Usually around the 40-60 minute mark the game would desync and we'd have to remake the room. Depending on luck, it might hit within 10 minutes, but 40-60mins was the typical time before it appeared.

That's about the limit of bugs that I've seen though, and you can easily fit two or three missions into that time, so it's not too bad.

Is the game fun? you feel you got your money's worth?
Undoubtedly fun, but it is somewhat repetitive towards the end. Each of the four main districts has the same missions in different installations, and while you're technically free to do all the missions in any order, you'll generally want to do the same sequence of hacking the bank and lowering local security before powering up for the next district.
wboson Aug 2 @ 6:41am 
Just starting to get hang of it but still managed to get 2 game braking bugs already- while in combat zone got stuck in CLONE menu even if I only tried to look for loadout and maybe set some earned skill points.
Autosave got corrupted...
But it´s on sale often, so for five bucks its worth a try I think
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Mhm, i played it quite intensively and never had anything you just described. Maybe you've been just unlucky. Anyway, as in every software the occasional bug might exist.
Thank you for the responses. Good point about a sale. It is now up high on my wish list. I'll see if a sale pops up soon-ish...

But I'm probably going to grab it either way.
Originally posted by TrollerCon:
It is now up high on my wish list.
You can sort your wishlist view by Discount. I don't even bother sorting my list anymore..
Water Aug 3 @ 1:18pm 
I just finished the game after around 24 hours of play. The only bug that made the game unplayable at some points was one of your characters getting stuck inside an enemy base. You can't teleport them out so you have to restart the game. This happened about 5 times.

The game was fun. I had no run issues despite hearing some problems with some people's graphics. The world itself is absolutely beautiful, it's just a shame the camera angles had to be so extreme as you miss out on a ton of detail.

Favorite character: Infiltrator

Least favorite: Support/Team Lead

Standing next to the satellite beacons and massacring hordes of enemies trying to rush you was fun.

Standing literally anywhere else and having hordes of enemies trying to rush you was not. Thank God for grenades.
What I missed was the driving, loved that in syndicate 1
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Thanks for the link Bobcat. I have not seen this website before. Appreciate it!

Also, yeah...Syndicate 1 was something I used to love when I was younger. I miss that game. Losing the battle?...that's okay! Just amp your people up for a few seconds!
Caldor Aug 5 @ 10:22am 
I love it and have put hundreds of hours into this game. There is a lot of playstyle options since you have 4 agents and a lot of ways you can equip them and use them, a lot of different tactics to use and every complex has several ways you can enter and leave them.

Combination of items and equipment is where it gets really powerful, like mixing an ammo box and different types of grenades.

You can get stuck with your characters sometimes, I am usually able to wriggle the character out but in some cases you might have to reload the game to get free. But it seems pretty rare. It has happened maybe 3-4 times for me playing hundreds of hours, but I guess I have figured out how to avoid getting stuck. A good idea is to not rely too much on the pathfinding.
Cyrus Aug 13 @ 5:17pm 
10/10 if you don't think about Syndicate too much, it's really fun game with lots of playstyles and it's really rewarding mixing all of them.
my only gripe is a lack of new game+ or a way to reset maps,banks,etc to rob everything all over again with an OP crew. :D
mazrados Aug 13 @ 9:50pm 
If you like Syndicate you'll love this game too.

There are some issues but it's not bad in comparison to most "stable" games.
Sometimes agents don't respond to orders, like not attacking when ordered to attak. Sometimes agent stuck and can't move but this issue is solved by unstuck mod.

A bit annoying but I can live with that.
MongVas Aug 27 @ 9:58pm 
This game is dead. Run.
I love this game. Too bad there is sequel or anything like this. I wished indie devs would makes games like this.
Caldor Sep 11 @ 10:05am 
Originally posted by WhiteKnight:
I love this game. Too bad there is sequel or anything like this. I wished indie devs would makes games like this.
The devs has said they might make a sequel once they release the game they are currently working on.
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