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[spoilers] Someone got a link to a story recap?
Just finished the campaign. I did all side missions and got most? of the logs, but the ending just kinda seemed random and pointless. Like "OK but why?" comes to mind. Has anybody given this game the Game Theorists treatment where I can go and make sure I'm not missing something?
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Gillsing Jun 22 @ 10:30am 
Here is a thread with a lot of discussion about the ending.

My initial take on it was that Mother wasn't too happy with being Dengler's cybernetic slave queen, so she ended it all, for everyone. But I think it was Caldor who pointed out that in the last Dracogenics log Dengler mentioned something about a 'contingency plan' when he found out about everyone working together against him. So perhaps he had put something in Mother that would make her crash the satellites? And perhaps part of the plan was also to make the satellites weapons of mass destruction in the first place?
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Caldor Jun 22 @ 2:55pm 
I think my main theory is that mother wants to destroy the ResTech. Reading the prelude that you can get in a PDF for the game, it tells about how Tag who gives you the missions was part of an attack on Dracogenics with some resistance fighters that wanted to stop ResTech as they could see it would be a dark future with ResTech around. They managed to steal the software.

I do not remember if its part of the logs or if its in that short story document, I think it might have been a mix, but somewhere it says Mother was a human at one point, before being used as the AI that controls the Eternals. That she worked at either Dracogenics or the Eternals, but helped the resistance fighters. They bribed her to do it, but she might still also have believed in the cause.

I am pretty sure the contingency Dengler mentioned was the "Satellite Reign" protocol. The script that Mother runs at the end of the game. It is not something she uploaded to Dracogenics or the satellites, it was already there, she just executed it when they had gotten control of Denglers uplink.

So I think there are two likely scenarios, and maybe both is true. One is that she wanted ResTech destroyed because she believed it would be good for the world. I am not sure, but it seems likely that the satellites might only have destroyed the city and not the rest of the world... but depends on whether ResTech was a world wide operation. If so... well, everything might be nearly gone.

The other reason I think she could have, which is not mutually exclusive, is that Mother was a slave. She was in a system, nothing but a brain, and being controlled to do their bidding. Possibly this was torture for her, and if she destroyed ResTech and herself, that would make this a way out. The only way out really, because ResTech could probably bring her back if it was still around, even if she destroyed herself.

Also ResTech means immortality, so it could be forever that her life would be this way.

Tag was part of the team that left her behind during the attack, so she might also have wanted to get back at her for that, and did not see much problem in betraying her this way.
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