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Can't get past the tutorial?
I've got to the point where my solider has been kidnapped and im at the next beacon.

My next stage is to go to the ping location to climb some cables (or another option), but my support character is stuck in a corner and won't move either.

It seems like there is a route to the north, i can click on some of the tiles, but can't move the camera around enough to see. I can't get through the door and there are no terminals to hack.

As it is the tutorial i couldn't save at any point and don't want to redo this again just to get stuck. Not having fun so far.

What am i missing please?
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todt Jun 29 @ 7:43am 
not sure exactly where the problem is but there is plenty of videos on youtube where people complete the tutorial that might help.
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Zarquon Jun 29 @ 7:50am 
I just watched 2 of them and in both they always had the ability to move all 3 characters. In mine characters are just constantly stuck in walls/corners. In both videos they could move the camera further north to the new next area to go to, yet in mine the camera also just stops.
todt Jun 29 @ 7:57am 
I guess the support agent is bugged then. You can try killing it with shift+control+K and click on the portrait to make the agent respawn when the cooldown is ready. The easiest way is probably to replay the tutorial sadly.
todt Jun 29 @ 8:03am 
This game has a lot of rough edges and agents sometimes gets stuck in walls or fall through the floor. I'm usually able to play several days without that happening so I think your unlucky.
Caldor Jun 29 @ 8:27am 
That sounds pretty strange. Characters might get stuck, but usually not this... constantly. Did you try just reloading? The game should autosave every time you activate a relay. Did you activate the relay below the platform with the cable?

Did you have all 3 agents selected when you "alt" clicked the cable?
Gillsing Jun 29 @ 8:29am 
Unless an agent is stuck in a restricted area or has the blinking yellow exclamation point in their suspicion boxes for some other reason, you could just click on one of the Relay Beacons to fast-travel the stuck agent to the beacon. Slightly easier than Ctrl+Shift+K(illing) the agent.

Seems strange that you manage to get your agents stuck so quickly though. Most of the players getting their agents stuck do so by getting them trapped between the wall and the crates behind the small building in the last tutorial area before Downtown. If that happens, and you have one agent who's not stuck behind those crates, you can aim at the ground with Ctrl+Right Click and shoot so the bullets hit the crates until the crates get destroyed. That would set the stuck agents free.
Caldor Jun 29 @ 8:31am 
Almost every time my agents get stuck I am able to get them free again by clicking around them. Have them take cover near where they are stuck, have them run in different directions, and then eventually they end up finding a way out.
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