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DWF tournament: Seeker of Engineers
Hello fellow constructors, builders, engineers, creators. I am the Master Tech-General of the United Terran Factory Complex, in short UTFC, and I am here to tell you, that the Dark World Federation, in short DWF, a partner of ours, is seeking you, yes you to compete against each other in a big tournament. The tournament stretches over two diciplines: Water and Air, almost everything is allowed, as long as the material cost stays under 250.000 and the volume under 25.000. The participants will fight in a best of 5 style, so 5 fights and the one with the most wins, also wins the round.
Spin block clipping is forbidden, except if it is purely for looks, the max flying altitude must be 900m, the max range must be 5km, no BP mods, and you, of course, get infinite centralized resources.

The winner will recieve the recognition of the DWF and any 1 thing from the DWF. You can participate, by commenting under this thread with #engineer and you will be contaced. You have 3 weeks of preparation time, starting now and the tournament will start at the 29.07.2018 at 11:00AM COT and will be streamed on Youtube. The deadline for participating ends on the 27.07.2018. The max number of participants is 32. The tournament mod will be used.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below.

Added participants (28/32):


- RandomNOOBY

- TheSaltySeaMan.

- Zyme

- Arte


- An Ning

- DahWoogs

- trueno

- nyannokonekko

- dinotoc1

- Eprovan

- Mattyboy0066

- MizarLuke

- Lennox

- animai

- NutterChap

- Skullsploder

- Bullbul

- Gaming 19

- The Lyon king

- SS-310

- Anxiety

- Karl V

- Davv

- ECH0

- nobsniper

- Shouty Boi
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Well played
Oh yes
Originally posted by ROBOCOPLAYS_KFC_EDITION:

Originally posted by RandomNOOBY:

Originally posted by Admiral Ryan D:
Added all of you.
you bet its on. better prepare those smoke dispencers.
smoke em if u got em
Zyme Jul 9 @ 1:25pm 
ill consider joining, might make a PAC cram recoil lightspeed spaceship
In that case I will be hidding behind all the other warriors so at least I dont die first
I dont get it, who is DWF and UTFC?
Originally posted by Yuu (U-511):
I dont get it, who is DWF and UTFC?
The DWF is the host of this tournament, we want to give an opportunity for everyone to test their mettle against each other and the DWF personally, as we have 1 confirmed representative in the fight, and 1 more that could also enter :D
who cares lets fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr
yes but who is DWF? that didnt quite answer my question
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