The Whispered World Special Edition

The Whispered World Special Edition

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The Whispered World Special Edition – Changelog Version 3.2.0418
Hello everyone!

This update file size is quite large. There are many fixed audio files that had the snapping at start removed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Visionaire engine upgrade older save games will no longer be useable. You can download new saves at our support site here[].

This update contains the following changes and fixes:

  • Engine Update to Visionaire 4.2.5

  • Added: Native Linux version on platforms like Steam or
  • Added: Missing hotspot marking on some objects and characters
  • Added: GOG Galaxy Achievements
  • Added: Launch option to open the bonus content folder on Steam
  • Added: Missing subtitles and speech files in some languages
  • Added: Missing developer comment speech files in some languages
  • Added: Main menu and save menu button to the inventory
  • Added: Daedalic ad banner in the main menu replacing the more games link

  • Fixed: Mouse click input not being registered correctly on some systems
  • Fixed: Steam Achievements not unlocking on Windows and Mac OS
  • Fixed: Cracking sound files on some soundcard / headset combinations
  • Fixed: Missing texts in the in-game achievement boxes
  • Fixed: Odd behaviour of the main menu when holding the ESC key
  • Fixed: Some developer comment texts displayed outside the slip of paper
  • Fixed: Minor localization issues
  • Fixed: Several walkmap errors in some scenes
  • Fixed: Clipping errors in some scenes
  • Fixed: Last entry in the extras menu showing the wrong content
  • Fixed: Minor graphical errors in some backgrounds
  • Fixed: Sadwick appearing black / too dark in some scenes
  • Fixed: Sadwick being invisible for a short time during some animations
  • Fixed: Sadwick and Spot being invisible after loading a savegame
  • Fixed: Flickering minor character animations while talking
  • Fixed: It's not possible anymore to open the inventory during a dialog using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Timetable notes not hidden when changing a room
  • Fixed: Grandpa disappearing after returning from the woods
  • Fixed: Looping Yaki sound in the menus
  • Fixed: Disappearing Yaki animations when using savegames
  • Fixed: Cogwheel sound effects disappearing when returning from a menu
  • Fixed: Skull riddle levers not reacting
  • Fixed: Continue button in the save menu when using Russian language
  • Fixed: Continue button in the main menu when using Italian language
  • Fixed: Wrong subtitles in the Pipe minigame
  • Fixed: Wrong sound effects when using the note in Shana's room
  • Fixed: Gourney being invisible after loading a savegame
  • Fixed: Mulachai not disappearing when using the autosave from the beginning of chapter 2
  • Fixed: Spot being invisible when solving the elevator puzzle at the end of chapter 3
  • Fixed: Missing stone hotspot during the skull puzzle on some systems
  • Fixed: Animation errors when skipping the cage animations in the prison cell in chapter 4
  • Fixed: Minigame skip button still available after solving the pipe minigame
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Segoaban_Daedalic Mar 21, 2017 @ 10:18am 
The Update will be applied tomorrow (March 22nd 2017) at 3 pm CET.
Last edited by Segoaban_Daedalic; Mar 21, 2017 @ 10:25am
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