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SamBC Jul 13 @ 1:07am
War of the Chosen price discussion
Please use this thread to discuss the price of the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen. Whether it's positive or negative comments, they go here. Other threads may be merged here or deleted at moderator discretion.

There is room here for a range of opinions without insulting one another for them. We expect mature, reasonable discussion here, not throwing around insults because you disagree with someone.

I would also remind everyone to look at the rules, both the general and forum-specific ones - the former being on a link to the right of the page, the latter a pinned thread on the forum. Note particularly that piracy is a completely off-limits topic, bypassing the language filter or URL filter is not allowed, and attempts to artificially manipulate the review system are also not allowed.
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Preorder is up! 40 bucks.
Already preordered! Excited to face off against the Chosen!
I got it preordered too, for 26 pounds. Good Lord, I expected high price, but I didn't expect it would go beyond that Dishonored 2 standalone expansion thing.
I think this is some kind of record.
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They did say this content was massive, even more so than Enemy Within. Even as far to state that this was at one point XCOM 3. Luckily it comes out sometime after I get paid.
fireborn (Banned) Jul 12 @ 1:33pm 
If its larger then EW its worth 40$
Because you think it will be the case? The achievement is explicit: 15 additional days of gameplay. Personaly I'm out. I bought 19 AAA games and DLC for this price during the Steam sales.
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macragge Jul 12 @ 1:40pm 
39.99 euro's bit much
paugus Jul 12 @ 1:48pm 
Considering I got the game (and all the current DLC) for like 20 bucks, I'm definitely not ponying up 40 for an expac.

Unfortunately after Civ VI's release, my motto for Firaxis games is now "Wait patiently for 66% off on sale, or be content without it"
Too much.
40 bucks for a few new units and a handful of new missions aint cutting it.
Waiting for a sale it is then...guess if I already have to I might as well wait for it to drop to a 10er.
Originally posted by paugus:
Unfortunately after Civ VI's release, my motto for Firaxis games is now "Wait patiently for 66% off on sale, or be content without it"
I know what you mean, I got Civ V with all DLC for incredibly cheap ;)
Fel Jul 12 @ 1:51pm 
It's not even discounted if you pre-order it, so I'll be waiting at least until it releases, because 40€ is not small change and given the sate of the game I can't be that certain if it will be working fine anyway.

Seriously though, at least make it seem like it's a good deal with a tiny 5% off or something...
paugus Jul 12 @ 1:53pm 
Originally posted by Fel:
It's not even discounted if you pre-order it

Still can't really fathom why people pre-order when they're not even incentivized to do so. Pavlovian conditioning or something?
drake_hound (Banned) Jul 12 @ 1:57pm 
I can afford it but 40$ or € .... is a bit much for a expansion.
I think a lot of people will wait for discount.

30$ or € was the correct price.
No preorder bonus? to tempt those with too much cash. to buy it?
I mean come on atleast tempt those with cash.

Now the content is probaly worth it. but somehow I didn´t realise 10$-€ somehow did hit a nerve mark. this is with somebody who doesn´t have money issue.
More the feeling of being ripped off.
40 bux? That's a roberry
Let's be honset here. Even if thay call it "It could be Xcom 3 but we made it in to DLC instand" thay shuld still gives out a discount for pre-order. 29,99 Euro is fine in my opinion in pre-order discount but 39,99 Euro? Thats a bit too much, even thoe i got Xcom: EU, EW and Xcom 2 from preorder and rest of DLC for full price. Stupid? Ye. But those games are so good in my opinioin thay are worth the price.

But ther is limit. Some fans (Like me) who keep track with money and keep eye on when thay spend too much can tell you that 39,99 Euro even if this game could be Xcom 3 alone, its still too much if thay wanna charge that much in pre-order part. If thay gona rise it to 59,99 AFTER release then i swear to god thay gona get striked down by it rather hard, as pepole have a bloody limit of how much thay can be charged for something becouse thay love it!

So. Unless thay gona give discount to 29,99 Euro or lower i wont gona bother to pre-orer it and i gona wait for discount in christmas or i gona buy it through *** for much lower price.

PS: sorry for my grammer but im not best with English grammer
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GMG have a 10% discount plus 18% with this code : 2017E318OFF
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