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Nextek Jul 25, 2014 @ 6:19pm
Full Screen + Resolution Selection + Launch Args
July 25th's patch added fullscreen support for Mac and Linux OS's. Fullscreen uses the native desktop resolution, so it is possible to have resolutions far below or above what the resolution selector suggests. Fullscreen is borderless window.

Windowed resolution selection was added for all desktop OS's. Allthough windowed resolution will support as low as 720p, this is below the minimum resolution requirement of 1280x800. The game will be playable at 720p, but some UI elements may be closer together or squished. We will look into alleviating this where possible.

Finally, the patch added 2 launch args for all platforms
-w forces the game into windowed mode regardless of in-game settings (res is 1280x800)
-f forces the game into fullscreen mode regardless of in-game settings

-f may be usefull for those who's monitors have a resolution that causes the main menu to become inaccessable.
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Sleeper Service Jul 26, 2014 @ 5:20am 
Yep fullscreen works now. Although for me the game window does not move to the foreground correctly. GNOME pannels are still visible, which is actually more obnoxious now that the window covers the whole scrreen. Gonna have to stick with non-fullscreen for now.

I also had several freezes upon starting or loading a game. One of which resulted in another profile-wipe. :(
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