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Gloomy Apr 14, 2014 @ 7:24am
Bundles - Steam keys
Hi all!

This question has been asked tons of times on this very forum, on our blog, on Facebook, Twitter, via email, even telepathy (!!): "Guys I bought the game on a bundle, can you please send me a Steam key for the game?"

Current answer is: we asked Steam for keys for all the bundle buyers, and for all the people who bought it on our website.

Exhaustive list of bundles:
  • Greenlight Bundle
  • Build a Greenlight Bundle
  • Indie Bundle
  • Indie Game Stand Bundle
  • Indie Royale Bundle

Some of the bundles were clearly "Greenlight oriented", if we may say it this way, so it was quite natural to thank the people who were supposed to support us on Greenlight. But we wanted to thank all the bundle buyers, because they were also part of our community, and many of them did support us on Greenlight too. As a massive "Thank You Folks", we decided to ask for Steam keys for all of them.

It's not decided yet on Steam's side - so let's not be hasty - but it's on its way, and rest assured, we want to do it so we'll do our best to make it happen.

Nota bene: Desura folks you were also included in the keys we asked for the Indie Royale Bundle as we couldn't know for sure who bought the game on Desura and who bought it with the bundle.

Nota bene 2: People who got the game on our website using the first interface linked to BMT , or the next one linked to the Humble Store will also get a key.
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Fough Apr 23, 2014 @ 8:59am 
Good news everyone! The Steam keys are currently being issued and you should receive one soon if you bought the game from any of the bundles mentioned above or from our website!


Note: please give the bundle providers some days to issue the keys to you! (some have already confirmed they sent them, some haven't yet)
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