Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps

Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps

why change the engine?
hi new here :) I did a quick search and I did not find a question related. Can I ask why change the engine? and why you not contribute to torque3d, I see is opensource and I see vulkan is on the way with some other improvements like PBR that I already tested.

I mean redo the all game from scratch it seems more work than contribute to the game engine that you already are using.

I know a few games published on steam using this game engine, that contributed to torque3d game engine, and I see that went well for them. Not sure if I can post the link or the names of this games.
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I'm sure a team member will answer soon enough, but for now I can say the team has years of experience with Torque and did contribute a lot over the years.
Ok thank DeMyztikX :) I have nothing against any game engine, just curious....
Surprised you didn't get a more detailed response yet.
The original game (Dark Horizons Lore) came out in 2005/2006 and used the Torque engine. So 12 ish years of using Torque. I believe the switch was due to having the new engine ready to go with a lot of features that T3D was just years behind on still. I'm not sure of all the details, but The switch really upgraded the game IMO.
I've been hanging out and playing games since the Beta of DHL, so I'm a bit of a fan. Even played the RPG a bit.
oh! ok they was looking for more features I get it, I dig a bit more and I found other game unpublished, that seems to have fallen into oblivion, they was using torque3d but they changed and the end to Unity, and never finished the change :( that exactly was my reason to open the discussion.

How is the change going?
mutexer (MGT)  [developer] Feb 9 @ 5:59pm 
Sorry I missed this thread, we have been very busy with contract work to pay the bills so we can spend our weekends working on this game. :) I will try and address all of your questions, if I missed something feel free to ask.

As for the switch to unity we had several reasons. One was multi platform support. Torque still only works well on windows. Also when we switched there was no PBR or anything and the engine was still on DX9. We wanted to get the upgraded PBR graphics but also there were other things like physics etc that we wanted as well. Another reason was I was the only torque user and wrote majority of the game that was in torque. By switching to unity it was easier to find more programmers to help on it cause a lot more people know unity over torque. Unity also opens us up to future endevours like VR and consoles without having to port everything ourselves.

Bottom line is we wanted to do game development, not engine development. The rewrite in unity also helped us tighten up things like the collision detection, weapon systems ,camera, etc. and also allowed us to rewrite complete systems we were not happy with in the torque version.

We did contribute quite a bit to torque and even committing some things from DHMC like ribbon rendering since we were leaving the platform. I still hang out and run IRC for torque engine, but we have stopped doing any work on it after switching DHMC to unity.

As for our current status, we have released two betas so far to the beta channel using the new engine. The next major release will replace what is up in the torque version on the main store branch. We are releasing minor updates in the meantime. Our current minor update we are working on is upgrading the AI, decal system, and some other things. The plan is to tighten up the core of the game then from there we can add more content easier plus the game will be more playable while we work on extra content.
Good to see the beta is going well... I'm interested in the game, but I saw different comments than back me off, now I can buy the game with confident. thank you mutexer. oh btw torque3d have more improvement like dx11, pbr and other stuff like entity component... maybe you can check it out. thx
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