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OP 15 czerwca 2014 o 15:31
Open question to the devs on changing the "Three Horned Goat Jesus" card
Christians, like any group, take offense to deragatory images and/or references relating to their important persons. Would you be willing to remove the name Jesus from the description of this card? (I'm not asking to remove the card entirely since there's no need for that). A three horned goat is an artistic icon for satan, and depicting a goat named Jesus in this way is offensive to Christians and all individual who respects other's beliefs. I don't want to change the card description in a way that negatively affects your game, so feel free to talk to me privately about your concerns on that issue. Thanks for your courtesy in this matter.

Three Horned Goat Jesus
Goat Simulator Trading Card
At the dawn of goat history there was a three horned goat that liberated the flock from the oppressive sheep. Her name was Jesus.
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Keďo 2 15 czerwca 2014 o 16:35 
I agree, it's rude to call him just Jesus ... There should be his full name "Jesus Christ" .... jk

Things like these should not even bother you for christ's sake (see what I did ?)

FYI: I was born as a christian, I am baptized and I have confirmation. I just have common sense and there's no need to be offended by funny descriptions in a game that's not even trying to be serious.

The game's rating should be officialy 11/10. Buy it, play the hell out of it, so you may understand what level of simulation you can experencie in a game that's called THE ..... GOAT .... SIMULAAAATOOOOOR .... *Clap clap clap*

"Jesus loves you." A nice gesture in church. A horrific thing to hear in a Mexican prison.
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MANBEARPIG 15 czerwca 2014 o 19:24 
If the christians don't like it I don't care. They should develop harder skin.
Hurr duur a card about a game about goats is offensive, lets change it!

I don't think so. It's nice to see people like Ked'o 2 here actually still exist. You can have your beliefs, and not change everything that does not conform to them.
Uncle Sparticus 15 czerwca 2014 o 22:20 
The world does not bend to you, just because you ask it to. The sooner you learn that, the happier of a life you'll lead, I assure you.
-3xA'Lu©κy 16 czerwca 2014 o 1:12 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Your Friend and Mine:
Thanks for sharing.

The problem here is you bought and have played a game with lots of controversial icons, references and/or symbols -- the most prominent example I can immediately think of: the pentagram. So I ask you; where does the censoring stop? And if this goes forward, what else are groups willing to misconstrue as offensive to them? Sooner or later there will be no game. In addition, Goat Simulator's not the kind of game to be intentionally cruel towards different individuals, it's just meant to be random and wacky hence UFO's, the minecraft section, etc.

I'm sort of a Christian (an ex-Catholic really) but I realize just how bad religion is and in instances such as this: how much power it has, negatively, over society. No work, no matter how ofensive, should be censored as it's no longer then true to the creator's vision. Censorship is always bad, no matter the content. I personally believe games should be like art, i.e. constantly challenging/provoking people's opinions or beliefs. That's why interactivity is such a powerful tool for developers.

I'm fine with people requesting an option to toggle stuff on or off (like the profanity feature - but even then, it's hard to understand why people initially called this "a kid's game" and fought for the ability to not see swear words) but censorship altogether is something I will never support.

TL;DR - if an absurd static image offends you, you won't live a long, happy life in this world. "(I'm not asking to remove the card entirely since there's no need for that)" - By asking for a change in the card's name and its respective description... you're basically doing that.

P.S. Observing the card now --> you know I think the card's so far-removed that I wouldn't even associate it with Christianity. I mean, even the name "Jesus" was being used as far back in history before a Messiah even supposedly existed. The goat on the card is a goat and it's talking about goats. Really?! This is even less of a deal than I thought.... If you're a Christian who takes offence to this you wouldn't have bought and thus supported the game in the first place. The pentagram was discussed on day 1 and that had to have caused alarm bells ringing for you if this was the case at all.
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-3xA'Lu©κy 16 czerwca 2014 o 1:12 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Remove Kebab:
The world does not bend to you, just because you ask it to. The sooner you learn that, the happier of a life you'll lead, I assure you.

Great post.
AnaLoGMunKy 17 czerwca 2014 o 15:39 
I vote... no.
29 czerwca 2017 o 9:15 
Jesus is normal name too.
cocoayoc 29 czerwca 2017 o 9:59 
there's a guy named Jesus in The Walking Dead
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