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RysultSet 3 MAY 2014 a las 17:14
Ultra-Widescreen resolutions/21:9 aspect ratio & Anti-Aliasing suggestion
I just played the game for more than an hour and I would like to make two suggestions:
To my surprise I found out that a 21:9 aspect ratio works right from the start, which is nice as most games don't do that.
However just like pretty much any Unreal engine 3 game, NaissanceE also reduces the vertical field of view, instead of providing a wider field of view.

Screenshot of the main menu in 16:9 | 1920x1080 []

Screenshot of the main menu in 26:9 | 2560x1080 []

As you can see when you compare both screenshots, that the ultra-widescreen one is missing both the upper and lower part that is displayed in the 16:9 screenshot.

This is not a huge problem, but because of the smaller vertical field of view I actually fell through a few holes and missed a few ledges when jumping.

The second suggestion I have is that the developers could maybe add SMAA [] as another option for anti-aliasing.

Personally I like SMAA the most, since it doesn't blur the whole image like FXAA and MLAA do. SMAA also provides temporal supersampling, which would greatly enhance picture quality.
It is also a post-process anti-aliasing method, meaning it isn't hindered by deferred lighting (which NaissanceE probably uses).
And finally it is free for use as far as I know, since the source code is available on the website, though I'm not completely sure how the implementation would work.

Oh and since I don't want to spam the discussions board here: I've just entered a staircase after climbing under a nearly closed door and went down and then up again for a good few minutes, I did not return to my entrance. Reloading the last save point I went up 20 levels, however there wasn't an exit anywhere yet. Am I going in the wrong direction? Should I go down or up? Is the staircase endless?
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Limasse Five  [desarrollador] 4 MAY 2014 a las 7:17 
Yes for the FOV on utrawidescreen it's inherent to the engine. I unfortunately can't help on this issue.
I may be wrong but there is no SMAA in UE3 as far as I know and I really don't have the skill needed to implement it, even if so, in UDK the source code is not available for developers.

For the infinite stairs, you can avoid this path if you don't find how to get out, it's not important to keep progressing in the game, it's just a "secret place".
RysultSet 4 MAY 2014 a las 7:54 
Ah, kind of sad to hear that. Thanks for clearing that up though!
Loving the game so far!
RysultSet 6 MAY 2014 a las 8:50 
I actually managed to fix the field of view "issue".
Changing the "FOVAngle=90.000000" command line in the UDKEngine.ini file to my desired field of view changes it permanently in the game.
Lafazar 1 JUL 2014 a las 15:45 
I used GeDoSaTo to supersample the game at 3840x2160. Looks much better and also reduces the Grain.
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