Fistful of Frags
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Rebel_Y  [developer] Jan 3, 2018 @ 3:19am
Update Notes 4
April 15 - 2023
- respawn issues in fof_tortuga and fof_overtop

April 14 - 2023
- fof_tortuga: bar/cave and bridge areas redesigned

April 7 - 2023
- fof_tortuga: major layout redesign and new lighting. Cannon was removed
- bow: arrow trail starts with a slight delay

March 23 - 2023
- fof_overtop: additional layout modifications that should fix a few issues introduced in previous revision

March 17 - 2023
- fof_overtop: layout modifications
- fof_robertlee: layout modifications
- fof_winterlong: small fixes

March 13 - 2023
- reverted to old textures due popular demand

March 10 - 2023
- some textures received more detail
- fof_fistful: a few areas retextured, small issues fixed

- horse riding related exploit

March 8 - 2023
- scaling issues for some textures
- missing train cars in fof_winterlong

March 7 - 2023
- new or updated textures

- fof_impact: night lighting, a market instead random train cars, improved textures, blue crates relocated
- fof_nest: new evening lighting, slight texture changes
- fof_sv_force_weapons admits fists, weapon crates can be open when active

March 2 - 2023
- more texture updates

March 1 - 2023
- more texture updates

February 28 - 2023
- more texture updates

- wrong cubemap reflections in some maps

February 24 - 2023
- many new level textures replacing ancient ones

- small explosive barrel: +20% damage on explosion, +40% damage on impact when thrown
- fof_tortuga: some parts have been restricted to horses, +1 horse added

- fof_overtop: elevators may kill players on FFA mode

February 21 - 2023
- super explosive keg: +30% radius than previous explosive keg, same damage. Bigger in size, red. There's one per map (always same place)
- push physics: objects too big or heavy to be lifted (as some crates or wardrobes) now can be pushed by selecting fists and pressing use on them

- regular explosive keg: blast 75% less powerful than previous explosive keg, 50% less damage on impact when thrown, smaller in size
- Volcanic and Deringer: -12% damage on headshots
- fof_fistful: horses can't enter the hotel corridor, the room under bar is accesible now though. One horse was removed
- fof_depot: horses can't enter the saloon's upper floor from the bar

February 17 - 2023
- movement tutorial (+ advanced watermelon destruction tactics)

February 14 - 2023
- achievement icons by David9daplug

- fanning/right-handed deactivates while jumping except when using fanning perk

- crosshair while using fanning/right-handed skill too slow due a previous fix for crosshair's size

February 9 - 2023
- achievements 'sliding killer' (kill while sliding) and 'bouncing around' (kill by jump-wall kick)

- mobile cannon controls: easier turning, now requires to press a key
- achievement 'mobile cannon operator' reset, tutorial must be completed again
- faster player walk while reloading a coachgun and pump shotgun
- slower progression for handgun throw (single 25% slowdown, double 50%)

- incorrect accuracy/crosshair spread displayed while in fan transition
- 'kick their butts' achievement not working on fof_overtop
- no portable whiskey serving bandido voice

February 6 - 2023
- mobile cannon/Gatling gun: can be pushed around by players by standing near its wheels (back: forward, front: turn). Only a player at a time have control over the weapon, however it'll go faster if more teamates are close enough (up to 3)
- tutorial: mobile cannon operator
- achievement: certified mobile cannon operator, granted when the tutorial is completed. This is required to move a mobile cannon in multiplayer games

February 3 - 2023
- new bandido voices for the alerts/commands that used voices from other teams

- fof_robertlee minor layout changes and improvements
- more chances for FFA servers to show on custom browser

- tp_snowy exploit
- custom server browser: search by tag/word may not return all available servers

January 19 - 2023
- advanced jump challenge, originally developed by Nassic, updated by Psevdesthisi

January 16 - 2023
- barbed wire props by Paralhama (unused at this moment)

- some textures were replaced by similar but more fitting ones

- right-handed/fanning perks not working as expected
- arrows not going through glass

January 13 - 2023
- bow accuracy while moving improved

- bow: crosshair not responding to movement (walking while aiming)

January 11 - 2023
- improved gun throw animation
- notoriety rewards: gun throw (-1), knife (+1), thrown knife (+1), thrown axe (-1)
- thrown knife/axe/machete kills get bonus notoriety reward on long distance throws (up to +50% from base notoriety)
- black bow more accurate when jumping

- [Shootout/TS] rare respawn issue, players may respawn very close to each other whenever the action happened on same server tick
- hats preventing arrow headshots

January 9 - 2023
- improved glow outline effects
- bow accuracy: arrow origin now matches crosshair, shooting while jumping/falling causes way larger inaccuracy from now on
- horse dust trail not showing properly, improved dust particle effect
- walking on mud back to previous step sound
- [Shootout/TS] chest prices increased for Walker, pump shotgun, Peacemaker and Schofield

January 3 - 2023
- fofhr_coldblood: a winter themed large map for horse riding
- improved dust trail particles for horses

- dust trail particles for horses aren't emitted when fof_visual_quality is set to 0
- increased horse turning rate in free aim mode
- increased view limits (+10º at each side) in horse's free aim mode
- dedicated server updates won't override mapcycle.txt from now on

- no health gain when opening a special weapon crate
- horse tied to a player going spectator mode
- gravity not applied properly to sliding horses

December 31 - 2022
- fof_fistful: doorway obstructed from one side
- free aiming on horse makes the player model aim at incorrect position

December 29 - 2022
- horse riding: increased turning speed at low speeds when free aim mode is activated
- new horse ram killfeed icon by Paralhama
- fof_fistful: several navigation related changes to balance horse riding

- several ambidextrous related issues

December 28 - 2022
- Horse riding: full free aim mode independent from horse direction. It's activated automatically when using any weapon but melee. Use strafe (left/right) keys to drive the horse. Use melee weapons to drive horses by using your view as before
- fof_horse_freeaim cvar (in secondary options/advanced): set it to 0 to drive horses by view control always, no matter the weapon is used. Note: ain't meant to be changed on the fly, a respawn is expected

- players show damage on chest by default
- players may not heal from certain actions, as purchasing a whiskey jug
- going off-limits by using horse
- picking weapons up while using ambidextrous assigns a weapon to right hand always
- trying to control a horse right before it fades away leads to a x-file

December 27 - 2022
- free aim on riding horses: aim at a different direction than the horse is going, up to 70 degrees at each side. Only works on single revolvers (right hand or just fanning), rifles and bow. Activates on secondary attack button (aim/fanning, pull string)

- fofhr_tramonto: new building at big rocks, near fort is closer, weapon crates repositioned
- horse riding: top speed slightly affected by the amount of weapons carried
- idle horses may disappear faster on fofhr_ maps depending the total amount, not just those in its surroundings
- gaining health due mechanisms outside the game isn't possible except in Teamplay game mode
- update simplified Chinese translation

- weapons taken from the ground may go to the wrong hand depending the hand stance of the old owner

December 23 - 2022
- riding horse: a horse you can use to gallop around the maps at blazing speed. Only available on some maps in two fashions: placed at fixed places (fistful -3-, depot -2-, tortuga -1-) and respawn along the player (fofhr_ maps). Main advantages gained when using a horse: speed, ram enemies (instakill) and physic objects, shooting accurately while moving and reload without speed decrease. Horses can't take any damage, they respawn when they are left in a dangerous or inaccessible place. Limitations: turning abruptly when horse is at high speed results in an uncontrollable slide/drifting, can't aim separately from horse direction, decreased lateral/backwards movement speed, crashing into solid objects at high speed decreases acceleration for a while.
- horse ram kill type: grants up to 9 notoriety max
- fofhr_monumentvalley: a classic map from pre-Steam times
- fofhr_tramonto: another large map with plenty of open spaces, not recommended for normal rotations
- redesigned main menu

- wrong votes displayed when using 'nobots' command

September 1 - 2022
- fof_tortuga: larger building at map center, some lighting changes
- bots won't pick weapons recently dropped on ground so quickly
- Right-handed perk: acquired handguns will be assigned always to right hand (unless they are duplicate of existing gun)

- melee weapons thrown at doors disappear

July 20 - 2022
- Team Elimination: teams spawn together at round start, spawn positions are swapped each new round (both spawn points are reused the whole map). Successive respawns after round start happen same as before.
- fof_sweetwater: new lighting
- fof_tortuga: cannon ball damage decreased (around 30%)

June 17 - 2022
- fof_tortuga: some respawn issues fixed, alternative route meant for Jumpmaster perk near the large bridge, misc non-gameplay related changes
- [Team Shotoout] respawn system will respawn more team mates near if waiting time gets too long
- [Teamplay/Team Elimination] can't shoot while in weapon acquisition stage

- impulse 101 crashing the game

June 10 - 2022
- walking disabled due gameplay choices and balancing reasons mainly

- Righthanded perk aiming accuracy lower than standing still
- right-click punching causes extreme slow down after dropping a weapon
- certain crosshair and viewmodel issues
- certain players may not see some animations due modded files

May 30 - 2022
- using Righthanded perk's aiming mode now changes the world player model pose (outstretched arm instead the usual hip firing)
- more fitting cannon ball's explosion particle

- joining a team may not work sometimes
- anti-stuck on trains made less prone to autokill
- black bow not contributing to long bow achievement

May 12 - 2022
- cvar fof_sv_idlekick_whitelist: add a Steam id list ( as [U:1:11111111] ) separated by commas to whitelist players from getting kicked while idling on full server

- FragMaster progression points rate increased by 50%

April 29 - 2022
- Black bow: arrows get different pass-by sound FX

- incorrect options for scoreboard badges in 'FoF Options/Advanced', this may have caused strange behaviour related to such badges. If you own any badge, recheck those options again

April 25 - 2022
- Black bow: arrows get a red trail, unique icon for kill feed, notoriety reward decreased to 14 points
- Idle kick doesn't happen on modes without teams

- Black bow: wrong slot, normal bow may get black bow skin

April 22 - 2022
- Black bow: a quicker firing and more powerful bow available in red crates

- default idle kick time increased
- players owning a dev team/contributor related badge won't be kicked due idling

April 12 - 2022
-Linux client crashes in main menu

April 11 - 2022
- bow: 20% slower to fully arm, +12% damage
- if fof_sv_votekickallowed is set to 0 then only Steam level 0 accounts will be listed

- game servers not displaying the proper game description in server browser
- idle kick on spectators getting very aggressive
- certain respawn points creating "ghost respawn" issues

April 8 - 2022
- FragMaster. support for Steam cloud and multiple accounts on same computer

- server crash when throwing handguns
- Frag Master progress not saved. Note main menu meter may not update right away sometimes, but progress is saved
- Frag Master progress may reset on map change

April 7 - 2022
- FragMaster: a rank aimed for Steam Level 0 players, can be completed by getting combat related notoriety in multiplayer games against human players. Each level unlocks certain weapons and perks.

- players whose Steam level is 0 may see certain weapons and perks locked -in multiplayer games only-
- blood footprints won't happen when picking a gun dropped voluntarily
- Jumpmaster perk: slightly higher impulse

- certain prop's collision model

April 2 - 2022
- Slide perk: quicker to activate, initial impulse slightly slower, doesn't slowdown below speed at slide start, melee weapons get a 15% damage bonus while sliding
- Jumpmaster perk: jump to wall can be activated sooner and later in descend stage, fixed impulse after second jump (player's inertial speed doesn't compute)
- Right-handed perk: costs lowered to 0 stars, decreased dual wield accuracy
- Left-handed perk: decreased dual wield accuracy
- Ambidextrous perk: costs 1 star, increased single and dual wield accuracy

March 30 - 2022
- fire sound fx for lower powered handguns are slightly less loud at long distances (doesn't propagate as much as before)
- fof_tortuga: added proper soundscapes, some fixes, extra cover and wall obstruction at certain places
- Slide perk: same accuracy while sliding than standing still
- running backwards deals a slightly higher penalty
- slightly lesser chance of guns being dropped after kill

- slide sound fx playing when slide doesn't last long or not playing at all sometimes
- players may get stuck on world objects when riding on a train
- cannon may broke when a near explosion hits it
- jump wall exploit

March 28 - 2022
- Slide perk: longer slide if surface goes downward
- blood footsteps: won't show when picking a weapon punched out previously, or if cvar fof_sv_classic_shootout is active
- fof_tortuga: light comes from right skybox side, minor adjustments and optimizations, new water, indestructible barrels removed

- Jump to wall desynchronizes movement when ping is high

March 22 - 2022
- Slide perk: sligtly less time needed to get a full speed slide, slides also can be initiated slightly sooner (resulting in mediocre slides)
- Jump master perk: slightly increased wall detection radius, a bit more time to award air-kicks with walljump bonus
- Shootout/TS: Yellowboy appears in blue crate instead Smith carbine
- fof_tortuga: improved fog and some layout changes at bridge area
- your own bloody footsteps are also visible (to you) now when picking a dropped gun
- Russian translation by berry
- Simplified Chinese translation by Ψευδαίσθηση & Bareberbear
- Czech translation by mascherone

- lateral slides going too fast
- blood steps not functioning properly
- slide sound fx playing when starting a slide upwards or other instances where the slide doesn't actually happen

March 21 - 2022
- Slide perk: maintain high speed for a while and then press crouch key to slide. Press right/left while sliding to redirect your trajectory. Handguns draw quicker while sliding.
- Jump master perk: some impulse is gained when performing a wall-jump, look into any direction before wall-jumping to redirect that impulse. A kick inflicted mid-air after wall-jumping will deal +15 damage. Fall damage is decreased noticeably
- Classic Shootout/TS: a variant featuring easier bhop, classic weapon crates and solid physic props. Slide and Jump master perks aren't available here. Use cvar fof_sv_classic_shootout 1 to enable it
- Usable cannon: similar to the Gatling gun, can be currently found in fof_depot and fof_tortuga. Thanks to Paralhama for model/textures

- Shootout/TS: higher chance of weapons dropped from killed players, however players will leave a trail of blood footsteps after picking one (just for a while)
- high jump (previously crouch + jump keys while standing still) replaced by a climb-like system where pressing jump mid-air near a wall allows for a second jump
- bhop restricted in stock game modes except Classic Shootout
- Shootout/TS: cash based weapon crates re-introduced
- fof_fistful: regular version replaces winter one
- fof_sweetwater: additional path into the upper house's floor
- fof_depot: Gatling gun removed, new path to tunnel's upper area, usable cannon inside the tunnel
- fof_tortuga: cannon added, new lighting and myst

- Gatling/cannon may become unusable if its controller gets pushed by an explosion
- speed slowdown after throwing a handgun being aimed with right handed perk and single key press switch method

January 31 - 2022
- fof_sv_votekickallowed (request) a cvar that may disallow votekicks
- fof_sv_bunnyhop (request) a server cvar that decreases forward impulse after successive duck jumping when set lower than 1 (decimals)

- fof_sweetwater: improved respawns (less chance of near enemies), several layout modifications in the brown building for cleaner navigation and less crowding at certain spots. It's harder to hide behind the train engine

January 8 - 2022
- updated Simplified Chinese translation by Ψευδαίσθηση

January 3 - 2022
- player badges for December's Shootout competitive event

- fof_tortuga: large update by Omar, now it gets a more circular layout among other details
- fof_fistful switched to winter version (older layout)
- updated Simplified Chinese translation by Ψευδαίσθηση

- Derringer and whiskey jug occupy same slot
- "Find Servers" button not showing by default

November 18 - 2021
- a badge showing for all players
- Dedicated servers can't set game description properly: updated engine libraries have changed how this mechanism works, until it's fully addressed dedicated servers should set the appropriate +fof_sv_currentmode (1 for shootout, 2 for temaplay,etc) in the srcds command line so they are differentiated in server browser as stock Teamplay or Shootout

November 16 - 2021
- updated base engine libraries

- badge selector option not working as intended, badges not showing on most servers

November 2 - 2021
- new filter to display badges won in official tournaments

- Ghost Town section in Multiplayer tab removed
- Ranked Multiplayer tab removed

- weapons outlined on the ground may be seen through walls
- ranked shootout activated by mistake on some servers

October 15 - 2021
- [Ghost Town] TNT Bow: a weapon that fires explosive arrows, similar to one FoF had in its pre-Steam years. As the regular bow, requires to charge and then release, explosive arrows weight a lot more though. However, this weapon is visible at all times for other players, friends and foes, so better have your mates around. Also take in mind that, the more damage you do, the more you'll heal near teammates.
- [Ghost Town] Storm of Boom: watch out for lightings, they may not kill you but give you a TNT bow. Each team has an exclusive bow and it'll respawn again if some time passes without anyone using it.

- votekick menu displays players taking in consideration their name changes and votes casted against them
- [Ghost Town] Ghost Gun may appear in killstreak chests

October 5 - 2021
- votekick menu only displays the original name player joined server with, changing names may result in harsher penalties when votekicked

September 24 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS] blue and red crate 25% open time reduction
- gt_overtop layout updates and fixes
- Upcoming new seasonal weapon balance changes (for beta testers)

- MOtD okay button not clickable sometimes

September 6 - 2021
- [Shootout FFA] respawn queue: in case no respawn points are available, players who waited more time get preference when a respawn becomes free

- fof_depot, winterlong, nest: additional respawn room and minor layout changes that should improve waiting times in Shootout FFA
- "fof_sv_teambalance_allowed 0" now lets players to join uneven teams in listen servers

- end map stats may show incorrect frags per minute ratio for local player (as higher than top player)

August 6 - 2021
- key reminder to open loadout menu
- server_example.cfg with more/better commentary and some extra cvars. Thanks to

- [Team Shootout] teammates may respawn closer and in larger amounts, this should ease waiting times in some cases
- Yellowboy: slightly higher damage on body shots (headshots remain the same)
- Mare's Leg: slightly quicker crosshair transitions
- Sawed-off shotgun: decreased damage over distance, less pull force over ragdolls
- updated Russian translation by berry
- updated Swedish translation by VS_Voice

July 5 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS] higher respawn distances
- [3TeamShootout] all official maps except fof_fistful now support 20 players max
- [FFA Shootout] all official maps except fof_fistful now support 16 players max

- bots glitching and other strange issues on Linux dedicated servers
- text glitch in top left corner notoriety panel

July 2 - 2021
- some scoreboard badges may not show up at all

July 1 - 2021
- ranked multiplayer: season for 3rd quarter started, scoreboard badges for 2nd quarter will show for top 100 players in non ranked multiplayer

June 28 - 2021
- ranked multiplayer: top 10-100 badges won't show for current season (they are reserved for past season ranking). Top 10-100 badges will show on any mode and server as soon the season finishes. Additionally, there will be a top 1 badge.
ranked multiplayer: current season top 10 players get a badge while playing on a ranked server, additionally top 1 gets golden guns
- blood headshot particle won't show on low visual quality setting

- blood impact particles showing at wrong time/place
- no translation shown for weapon shortcuts in key selection panel
- specific font for clients using Russian language (in Steam) now should work

June 25 - 2021
- updated Russian language translation by berry

- too many blood particles emitted for pellet based weapons
- scoreboard badges not showing on some servers
- check for incorrect minimum map slot support
- several issues related to untranslated text strings

June 16 - 2021
- updated Russian language translation and font fixes by berry

- several issues related to untranslated text strings

June 4 - 2021
- end map console stats indicate how many dominations (5 consecutive kills or more) has gotten each player
- Official Shootout Competition badges for 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot made by Wolfgang V2.35

- Nemesis triggers with 5 consecutive kills instead 3.
- updated Swedish translation by VS_voice
- [Ranked Shootout] initial debt increased linearly up to 2x, shouldn't show differences except for those topping 10k

- players showing a blood stream despite healing from killstreak chests
- second Deringer's shot can be fired faster when using righthanded perk (thanks to Roni)

May 11 - 2021
- [Ranked Shootout] boiler plate 'armor' granted when red / golden crates are open. Adds extra health points up to 133/166. Players with more than 100 HP can be identified by a black bandana and sparks emitted when shot instead blood. Once their health goes below 100 HP cannot be restored back.
- fof_sv_max_ping: use this cvar to set the max latency players are allowed to play in a dedicated server. Set it to 0 to disable this check

- [Ranked Shootout] golden skull removed. Health cannot be increased past 100 except by red/golden crate
- simpler dynamite stick explosion effects when visual quality option is set to low/mid. Burning debris removed.

- bots may pick melee weapons instantly
- incorrect dynamite stick number after warm-up or round restart

May 6 - 2021
- fanning handgun skill: worse accuracy while jumping (before was used 'standing still', now is 'walking')
- fof_overtop: improved respawn room, minor layout changes, access to small roof behind saloon restored
- Schofield revolver may appear in killstreak chests
- Quick draw perk now costs 2 stars instead 3
- Nemesis is disabled in Ranked Shootout

- health meter's background graphic not showing full

April 30 - 2021
- [Ranked] Supercharged feature: pick the golden skull to get +50% damage bonus from firearms at the expense of being noticed through walls (glow outline effect)
- [Ranked] health points can be increased up to 150. Bots may heal from whiskey jugs as regular players

- server may crash due prolonged use of Gatling gun

April 19 - 2021
- fof_tramonto_12: removed access to rooftop near gold crate, added details and small layout changes at tunnels to prevent confusion, fixed several texturing issues
- fof_nest_12: removed lighting light effect due performance issues, better respawn points, minor layout changes, new ladder at back chasm area
- [Ranked-Few Dollars More] leaderboard has been reset due related assist reward bug and changes into scoring. Now richer players reward less when killed

- bots may react weirdly (Linux issue) and possibly other non connected issues that may have been observed over the past week. BTW, this was really complicated to fix as the issues were a byproduct of a completely unrelated and apparently benign code change
- [Ranked-Few Dollars More] assist give an excessive reward amount
- "OKAY" button may not show after MOTD countdown
- some translation relation issues

April 13 - 2021
- 'For a Few Dollars More' global ranked play, public beta, check Ranked Multiplayer tab for details
- Swedish translation by DataGnome

April 9 - 2021
- other weapons than revolvers cannot be dropped

April 8 - 2021
- fof_tortuga_12: smaller version featuring one of the top areas removed from full version
- command "reset_user_stats" to reset weapon related personal play stats

- fof_tramonto_12: additional respawn room, small layout changes
- fof_fistful: re-added hotel room, moved red crate there, additional side door and secret door added. Store's roof accessible through ladder, can be used to jump onto Bank's roof
- overtop, tortuga and cripplecreek slot support restricted to 20 slots in 3 team shootout

March 29 - 2021
- fof_fistful: warm weather version, saloon's bottom area redone, several navigation improvements and changes, a new secret was added
- fof_impact: minor fixes and changes
- basic dynamite: will drop on holster, at any time

March 22 - 2021
(client only update)
- search function to custom server browser: filter servers by name, map, game mode or tags. Supports several filters separated by commas, partial terms, caps doesn't matter

- updated Spanish translation

March 19 - 2021
- fof_impact: new evening dust lighting, more room to respawn, support for 20 slots in FFA, added new roof area connected to gold crate's upper room and a Gatling Gun accessible through a secret mechanism
- no whistle sound when respawning

- certain issues related to player bans and scoreboard badges

March 15 - 2021
(client only update)
- improved custom server browser: more items, more categories, better visibility, still WIP as more functions will be added

- stock server browser button has been moved to the custom server browser

March 11 - 2021
(client only update)
- cvar fof_visual_quality: adjusts several visual quality features, as blood particles, fire particles, body decals, impacts, weapon smoke trails and other effects. Set 0 for low quality (some effects may not show at all), 1 to medium, 2 to high. Also note that the fire quality setting in "FoF Options" now is changed to visual quality

- updated French translation by
- updated sample_dm.vmf in mapsrc folder: added prop gallery, most common entities and prefabs used in official maps

- several UI textures showing in low quality when low quality texturing setting is selected
- mouse cursor not showing outside the team selection menu
- MOTD not showing again after scoreboard key is pressed

March 10 - 2021
- Nemesis particles less performance intensive
- flyby bullet fx a bit louder
- Ricochet fx heard from other players' shots too

- last match's life not accounted in frags per minute stat
- Nemesis: a player may inherit kills from another player who disconnected earlier
- fof_winterlong: respawn spot broken

March 9 - 2021
- flyby bullet sound fx when shots get close enough
- some surfaces may emit a ricochet sound fx when shot

- a message is displayed when you become nemesis to someone. Victim emits a special particle effect when killed
- a sound fx and a particle fx are played when killing a nemesis. Nemesis kill reward doubled
- fof_tramonto_12: major layout changes at tunnels area, new access to rooftop, improved respawns, repositioned weapon crates
- fof_tortuga: small fixes and improvements

- issue in frags per minute stat

March 2 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS] Nemesis system: when a player gets killed 3 times in a row by another player, the enemy gets highlighted by a green crosshair at their feet. Killing a nemesis grants a reward equal to the notoriety gained in the kill
- fof_sv_nemesis cvar to disable nemesis system server side
- fof_sv_motd_countdown cvar to set MOTD countdown (10 seconds max)

- fof_overtop: exploits

February 25 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS]small maps could be played on large servers, 4TS available on maps that do not support it

February 24 - 2021
- MOTD (message of the day) window now is forced to show HTML content for a few seconds when joining a server. This is a deference to server owners that may use it to show ads as a way to pay for their hosting. However MOTD won't show more than once per map as it could be before.

- [Shootout/TS]stability issues in Linux dedicated servers
- [Shootout/TS]certain respawn zones not protected well enough (still WIP)

February 19 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS] 4 team shootout on most maps only supports 20 slots (except fistful and cripplecreek), so on those maps servers will be switched to 3 team shootout automatically
- [Shootout/TS] respawn system: certain performance optimizations introduced

- [Shootout/TS] respawn system: not enough probes created in certain areas, resulting in unprotected respawns
- [Shootout/TS] a glitch occurring in loadout selection when several primary items get selected simultaneously

February 15 - 2021
- per player respawn statistics at map end (console)

- map's max slots allowed has been reworked into something more flexible but potentially a lot more confusing. The change affects FFA Shootout mainly: 24 slots maps include fistful and cripplecreek, 20 slots include desperados and nest, and the rest just supports up to 16 slots. 12 slot maps remain the same. If a server loads a map which exceeds the slot limit then next map will be loaded. Custom maps have no slot limit, all regular maps are supported in 24 slots servers hosting team shootout
- fof_overtop: added new route to bottom where red crate is
- fof_revenge: performance optimizations, additional respawn room added, respawn spot prone to miss nearby enemies fixed

- respawn system: spawning two players at same spot, not accounting first time respawn wave right, not dealing with distances properly at certain spots, a check to avoid using previous respawn points when possible
- map timer displaying wrong time on servers that try to exceed limit

February 12 - 2021
- [Shootout/TS] new respawn system created from scratch. It's meant to be less CPU intensive as basic distance calculations are done at map load. It also takes into account more factors that influence player respawn. However it still suffers from the limitation that imposes constrained map sizes, but at least it shouln't provoke lag spikes when trying to find a spawn spot 'desperately'

- Shootout FFA servers support 20 slots maximum, team shootout will be selected automatically when server capacity is higher
- fof_depot: more gloomy, thicker fog, respawn spots reorganized
- fof_revenge: additional respawn room
- fof_overtop: less places to get stuck, respawn spots reorganized
- fof_robertlee: respawn spots reorganized

February 2 - 2021
- fof_nest: new route from top to bottom cave, far side mine galleries blocked, layout changes to bottom cave "hub", new ladder to far side white building's roof
- fof_overtop: central stairs reach the level below train tracks again
- Smith carbine: +10% reload speed

January 28 - 2021
- fof_nest: a larger and way more complicated version suitable for regular rotation. features a whole new underground area, elevator to the top, new lighting, more detail and new weapon chest placement. This came as the result of community petition for more night maps.
- fof_overtop: minor layout changes seeking better flow and less clustering. Access to outside spots denied
- attempts were made to deny arrow+jump exploit

December 28 - 2020
- [Team Elimination] cvar fof_sv_elm_norespawn: players won't respawn after getting killed

- [Shootout/TS] reward crates on player kill are a bit harder to get. They give 50hp when opened
- fof_tortuga: small fixes and more cover

- votekick may not work properly on linux servers

December 24 - 2020
- fof_desperados: left (dark) area reworked for a more thoughtful? game flow and shootout opportunities. Near red and blue crates moved to more interesting zones. Lighting improvements. Stairs inside the tower have been clipped for smoother movement.
- fof_impact: new indoors at central building, golden crate can be found there. Two routes to get in, from ground level and from the near roofs. Lighting improvements
- fof_fistful: switch to winter version

December 18 - 2020
- fof_tortuga: more texturing improvements, some windows closed, additional cover at some spots, stuck issue at stairs fixed

- votekick list: voted players may not show, incorrect votes left

December 8 - 2020
- fof_tortuga: visual overhaul (texture variation & fitting), performance improvements, smaller playable area (higher areas cut), certain navigation tweaks, more cover at key areas, red and blue weapon crates repositioned, cave spawnpoint fixed
- votekick: not limited list due a player's steam level, all players except those having dev/contributor badge can be votekicked. Amount of votes needed to get kicked may be higher depending certain factor/s. Kicked players' id will be logged
- Hammerles revolver: -2 notoriety reward

August 9 - 2020
- fof_tortuga: added abandoned new hut and pier between the shallow cave and island hut. New bridge from dockhouse to the building opposite. New door added to bar to help flank sniper nest. Removed platform under sniper nest. Lighting and texture improvements. Minor fixes and adjustments, less whiskey

- [Shootout/TS] respawning too close from enemy players. General code and specific map fixes for fof_overtop, fof_sweetwater and fof_revenge
- max player count wrong for co-op mode servers
- bots taking a big performance hit when server is full of them in Shootout mode

July 28 - 2020
- Smith carbine: new draw animation (smoother, better feedback), no big thumb finger visible
- bots are always on in dedicated servers at map start
- fof_tortuga: folded the left end of the map 90 degrees inwards to make the map smaller.
Added new docks area at the point of the fold with plenty of 'parkour' possibilities. Added new hut on an island by the gold chest to provide cover from the new areas. Removed the room underneath the sniper nest and moved its blue box into the cave. Removed access to one major sniper location and made the sniper nest in the cliffside easier to fight against. Improved navmesh for bots

- black dynamite appears twice in stats page

July 20 - 2020
- fof_tortuga: torches ignite arrows and explosive barrels. Red chest locations changed. Simplified/path removal at several areas, optimization and fixes
- fof_depot: Gatling gun added to train's back. Includes a side mission to stop the train by using a new barricade-like prop and defend it inside the tunnel's entrance

July 15 - 2020
- fof_tortuga by Omar
- Mare's Leg: fire sequence shortened so it doesn't show any idle frame at the end, play rate slowed down proportionally so fire rate stays the same.
- Mare's Leg: crosshair transition time slowed down as this weapon isn't intended for a quick movement style
- right-handed: worse accuracy on dual setup and primary default
- left-handed: better accuracy on dual setup (now it's second best after ambidextrous)

- A single Hammerless is given in Team Elimination instead dual
- attempted to fix mp_readyrestart

June 22 - 2020
- Yellowboy +20% damage, slightly less damage drop over distance
- shoguns get a fixed spread pattern instead a random one
- throwing unloaded guns makes less damage
- sawed-off shotgun and bow available in blue crates

- [Course mode] top tier weapons in every chest
- Wrong hat for vigilantes

June 10 - 2020
- Smith carbine available in Shootout FFA
- Smith carbine range increased slightly, reload speed too
- max server slots restricted to 24 across all game modes
- Yellowboy: transition time to ironsights slightly decreased
- player models have no multiple hat choice anymore
- Colt Navy +5% fire rate

- Yellowboy fire rate not actually increased

June 9 - 2020
- [Shootout/TS] "pinhata" weapon crates less likely to appear on crowded servers as its trigger is proportional to total players now. Top tier guns less likely to appear, whiskey jugs won't spawn there
- Smith carbine: draw and reload sequences are slower, slightly lower damage, distance to kill in one shot (headshot) noticeably decreased. Added to stock weapons in Shootout modes
- Yellowboy: rate of fire increased, slower draw sequence, moved as blue crate weapon only in Shootout modes
- [Shootout/TS] Dual Deringers removed, single deringer instead as secondary item
- [Shootout/TS] Dual Hammerless added as primary option, costs 5 stars. Fire rate decreased 15%
- Bow: run speed a bit slower (heavy weapons level instead mid level)

- bow slowdown while reloading

June 5 - 2020
- crosshair inaccurate while crouch walking
- exploit that allows to fire faster with revolvers
- [Team Elimination] players cannot obtain loadout after spawn countdown

June 2 - 2020 / second update
- Tracking perk gets 15% distance decrease
- quick draw malfuctioning
- Hammerless reload animations with different speed

June 2 - 2020
- [Shootout/TS/TE] Dual Deringers instead Hammerless
- Hammerless revolver fires 30% faster, reloads 20% quicker, only can be obtained from blue crate
- Mare's Leg costs +1
- Revolver accuracy increased 5-10% for ambidextrous single and dual modes, right handed single primary and secondary, lefthanded single and fanning single primary and secondary. As a downside, revolvers/pistols get a slight damage decrease over distance.
- Quick draw perk replaces pickpocket, it costs 3 stars
- Fanning handgun mode allows to fan accurately while in air
- Machete can only be obtained from golden crates
- cannot drink whiskey while reloading

- Team Elimination weapon crates broken, as they still were supposed to use cash system

June 1 - 2020
- updated base engine libraries
- [Shootout/TS] a special golden crate that spawns random weapons is created when a player who had a sizeable killstreak dies.

- [Shootout/TS] weapon crates back to no cash system, replenish times may be a little different. Time it takes to open is longer if player did loot a crate recently
- boots perk costs +1
- 5% higher player ground acceleration
- 33% higher crouch moving speed
- no slowdown after weapon reload

- exploit to throw several melee weapons almost instantly

May 7 - 2020
- Italian translation by Tavoledeilogaritmi

- instance of Linux client crashing when scoreboard is displayed

March 9 - 2020
- [Teamplay] ranked support for community map tp_dropdown. This is an optional dedicated server update.

September 29 - 2019
- fof_sv_ghost_town (Halloween mode) available again
- walking mode: increased movement acceleration while walking and quicker crosshair at the expense of slower transition to normal mode (run)
- tapping walk key causes a speed slowdown/slower reaction crosshair

- Gatling gun damage over distance decreases way more than it should
- global ranking may not save sometimes, a mechanism was introduced to retry failed save attempts

May 28 - 2019
- fof_fistful: dry climate version, added some more cover near bank and slight cosmetic changes.

- Spencer rifle reload related exploit

February 6 - 2019
- fof_ch_switch_crosshair cvar to switch primary and secondary crosshairs
- global rank info printed to console when player joins a global rank enabled server

- several visual glitches related to RioBravo's river

December 22 - 2018
- base engine files updated

December 16 - 2018
- Heavy loads perk: cost lowered to 2 credits
- slightly higher speed penalty when walking backwards
- Yellowboy: transition to ironsights 10% quicker

- punch / kick not registering hits properly

December 13 - 2018
- +5% air acceleration
- fof_overtop: removed bottom respawns

- speed penalty applied after a kick no matter what. Now it should apply only when a melee attack has been executed immediately before kicking

December 11 - 2018
- Grand Elimination's first stage redone: all players spawn as vigilantes and get stock weapons as usual. Players switch team to desperados when a tier 2 or 3 weapon is acquired from crates (or just taken from the ground). Tier 2 & 3 weapons always drop. As desperados, players must reach safe zone where they'll be immune to attacks until second stage begins.
- Boots: kick's push force decreased (33% less compared to standard kick)
- 20% less air acceleration
- +5% strafe speed
- +5 kick base damage, kicking right after another attack finishes causes a speed slowdown, except if it's a handgun

- issue with players reconnecting to a server could break best frags/minute stat

December 7 - 2018
- winter themed fof_fistful: meant only during winter season. Same as normal version plus a few additions: new stairs inside Saloon's back corridor, more cover at certain places, navigation improvements, new blue crate, two bonfires

- held props: way less prone to drop, even while jumping, however jump force is severely limited when a prop is carried, heavy loads perk lowers this penalty a bit
- very slight speed reduction when running backwards

- sawed off shotgun: model restored to normal version
- best frags/minute award may glitch sometimes

December 3 - 2018
- Hammerless: 20% slower draw, -10% headshot damage, 15% slower fire sequence
- Yellowboy: up to +15% damage drop over distance
- Schofield: +1 round per cylinder
- hatchet: 20% faster animation when a hit is missed
- sawed-off shotgun: 20% slower fire sequence
- brass knuckles: weapons held with both hands won't drop (apart from melee weapons)

- Mare's Leg: draw sequence too slow
- Tracking perk granting undesired quick-draw handgun effects
- Personal stats menu broken, no Hammerless frags tracked

November 30 - 2018
- Mare's Leg: slower draw sequence (half), +15% faster reload rate
- 32 slots can be set from local game menu, smaller maps may present respawn issues
- Team Elimination's leaderboard removed. Grand Elimination will feature a leaderboard and a weekly tournament

- footprints effect causing framerate drops when lasting long alive
- footprints effect not adapting to surface inclination

November 27 - 2018
- Grand Elimination mode revamped into two stage rounds where two teams are created dinamically. First stage: players start with no weapons/fists but kicking is still available (kick does no damage but can be used to steal weapons/delay other players). Initial objective is to scavenge from caches to rearm, then reach safezone before is too late. Those players reaching safezone with weapons (that can't be used yet) will play as outlaws, and those who didn't get any gun will play as lawmen. Second stage: lawmen respawn with stock weapons/perks and both teams clash. Every killed outlaw respawn as lawmen until only one outlaw is left alive (winner). Every lawmen respawn when killed. Outlaws can be tracked by their footprints.

- [Team Shootout/Team Elimination] yellowboy as stock rifle: damage decreased 30%, slightly less accurate while standing still, noticeably innacurate while jumping. Cost 7 credits / $50
- grabbed props: less prone to drop when player stays on ground, higher chances when jumping
- left-handed skill: slightly higher fanning accuracy
- sawed-off shotgun: -1 notoriety
- Sharps rifle: notoriety increased to 10 (it was 8 mistakenly)
- hatchet: +1 notoriety
- duck-jump a bit higher
- footprints effect optimized

November 19 - 2018
- viewmodel materials can be modded again, weapon world models and materials can't be modded

November 16 - 2018
- particle effects and weapon materials can't be modded

- no speed cap on reloading and walking
- footprints visible multiple times, causing major fps drops

November 15 - 2018
- Tracking skill: footprints from enemies are visible for a short amount of time. Costs 2 credits.

- speed penalty due damage decreased: now up to 30% full speed (before up to 50%). Secondary fire modes/ironsights don't get such penalty added on top of their decreased speed
- grabbed props prone to drop less
- Right-handed secondary fire mode: spread pattern changed to normal (random inside crosshair) instead edges
- removed Gentleman perk

- secondary attack not working after some handguns get reloaded

November 12 - 2018
- Shootout/TS competitive variant: first player reaching 500 notoriety points (default) wins the game, there's no time limit. Leader loses notoriety points when killed (same amount than their killer gets). Set fof_sv_dm_comp 1 to enable it. Set goal points by using fof_sv_dm_comp_points (500-1000 range)
- 'sharpshooter' secondary mode for righthanded skill: 5% accuracy boost over primary mode plus quicker walk speed than regular fanning

- notoriety rewards due combat overhauled, some examples: Walker gives 9 points (lowest), hatchet 12, Yellowboy 12, Navy 15, Volcanic/Hammerless 16, kick 15, bare fists 20 (highest)
- Ambidextrous handgun skill: +10% accuracy in single primary fire mode, +5% accuracy in dual wield
- Righthanded skill: -5% accuracy primary fire mode (+5% over stock)
- Lefthanded skill: -5% accuracy primary fire mode (+15% boost over stock)
- Fanning skill: +5% fire rate boost
- Deringer: costs 4 credits instead 5
- Carbine and portable whisky jug not available as stock items
- Sawed-off shotgun: slightly more accurate
- accuracy while walking decreased
- fof_overtop: general layout modifications, red crate back to original position, more physic props
- carried physic props may drop easily when touching other solids, including players or self body collisions

- crouch-jump way too high
- Hammerless stats not displayed in combat stats menu
- possible OSX crash when clicking over server browser

November 5 - 2018
- jump penalty based on player speed rather than a fixed system
- ghost town mode disabled till next year's Halloween
- sawed off shotgun: damage at shorter range decreased, and scaled for slightly less drop over distance
- updated Simplified Chinese translation

- loadout editor: some items don't fit inside editor window
- sawed off shotgun: crosshair displays a narrower spread than actually is
- ghost gun push force lower than it should be

October 29 - 2018
- Fanning handgun skill: improves handgun secondary fire mode (fanning): better accuracy than left-handed fanning (+15%, both hands get same accuracy), faster switch to fanning pose (+25%) and movement speed (+20%) than stock fanning. As a downside, primary fire mode gets worse accuracy than all other skills across single and dual wield. Costs 2 credits.

- no speed slowdown while walking backwards
- Hammerless revolver: +15% damage on headshots, -15% on other body parts except chest that remains same.
- bow: +5% reload speed, +25% damage when arrow speed is slowest possible (max damage still same as before)
- sawed-off shotgun: cone spread bigger, damage tweaked so it's more reliable at close/medium distances and decreases over long distances properly. Cost increased to $35 (blue chest)
- increased speed slowdown when jumping while carrying props

- Hammerless revolver: hard to pick when standing on certain surfaces. Fire rate slowdown incorrectly set (only affected 1 animation of 3). Now all 3 get a 12% decrease instead previous 25%. Material too reflective at certain places
- player animation cycle may get out of sync (client-server). Thanks to Toni Sergi

October 23 - 2018
- Grand Elimination FFA mode, set fof_sv_battle_royale_ffa 1 (along fof_sv_battle_royale 1 and fof_sv_currentmode 4)
- mp_readyrestart supported in Shootout modes

- Hammerless revolver: fire rate decreased 25%, accuracy slightly decreased

- no damage drop for Hammerless revolver as left handed, no kill icon either
- Hammerless revolver shots can be heard across the map without volume decrease

October 22 - 2018
- "Hammerless" pocket revolver, model and textures by Nimrod Hempel. It is the first model of the Smith & Wesson safety hammerless in .32 caliber, introduced in 1887. Stats: cost 2 starts / $18, damage 33 chest / 50 head from very close, very high rate of fire, very high damage drop, no fanning
- fof_overtop: using now same layout as gt_overtop (bottom area redone), minor changes upper zones
- [Shootout/TS] blue chest : added Hammerless revolver ($25), moved Yellowboy there
- [Shootout/TS] red chest: moved coachgun there

- crash on Linux based servers while running Ghost Town
- ghost bots not dying from explosions or gravity

October 15 - 2018
- gt_overtop: this versions comes with major layout changes and different crate setup apart from Halloween decoration
- gt_nest: a larger and Halloween themed version of fof_nest_12

- Ghost Town mode available for a limited time (Halloween update). Set fof_sv_ghost_town 1 to enable it

August 23 - 2018
- fof_impact, a new level created by Resi. Layout inspired on CoD's Crash. Note this is a regular capacity map, meaning server slots must be 16-20 to make use of it

- [Team Shootout] mp_timelimit max amount is 20 minutes for dedicated servers
- [Teamplay] mp_forcecamera works as intended if server slots are 12 or less (competitive setup)

June 19 - 2018
- thrown prop deflection: a player kicking into the direction of an incoming prop will kick it back towards its thrower

- can't duck-jump while carrying props

May 25 - 2018
(client update)
- Gatling Gun as fixed weapon (can be placed by map makers). See cm_laststand.vmf in mapsrc/ folder
- Challenge course "Gatling vs undead": kill hordes of undead

May 21 - 2018
- Korean translation by kaishak7179 and SteamUser

- fof_overtop: small layout changes, bugfixes, more whiskey
- [Teamplay/Shootout] global rank scoring capped at certain limits (when killer gets up to 3x scoring bonus max points gained per kill are 25, 1.5x bonus gets up to 16 max points, below that there's no cap )

April 27 - 2018
- tp_eliminator: additional cover at middle area, bridge at end areas replaced by a new structure that changes attack and defense dynamics, misc changes and lighting improvements
- fists + brass knuckles emits a different punching sound than regular fists
- kick + boots emits a different impact sound than regular kick

April 13 - 2018
- [Grand Elimination] weapon crates more evenly spread
- [Grand Elimination] more weapon crates, some random tier 1 weapons may spawn

- [Grand Elimination] a bug that prevents players from drawing fists sometimes

April 9 - 2018
- [Grand Elimination] more low tier crates may spawn, an high tier crate won't spawn if a lone player is near enough
- [Grand Elimination] 2 new maps supported: Nest_12 and Sawmill_12
- [Grand Elimination] item rarity from crates changed: Walker, pump shotgun and coachgun chances decreased
- [Grand Elimination] weapon accumulation penalizes movement speed more, reaching slowest speed requires half the weight than before
- [Grand Elimination] disarmed player speed slightly increased

- server may crash at map end
- [Grand Elimination] disarmed players may still pick weapon inside safe zone's circle, yet they don't count for team victory
- [Grand Elimination] bots open crates yet weapons don't spawn

April 6 - 2018
- a dedicated server performing poorly (connection related hitches, skipping frames, etc) will get reported, and those may not be displayed on multiplayer highlight panel

- [Grand Elimination] teammates outlined through walls, respawn randomization, minor tweaks

- [Grand Elimination] round ends right after start

April 5 - 2018
- [Grand Elimination] disarmed players disallowed to pick weapon inside safe zone's circle

- [Grand Elimination] no team balance
- [Grand Elimination] map end not tied to mp_timelimit

April 2 - 2018
- Grand Elimination: a battle royale like mode (replaces Clockwork Elimination). Features random weapon placement (not so random sometimes), random end zones, new weapon crates (giving you trash sometimes), longer play time, unarmed players do not take damage yet they can't win the game unless they get some weapon or draw fists
Max players: 32.
Teams: 4
Bot support: yes.
Listen server setup: select Elimination mode, untick 'teamplay'
Dedicated server setup: fof_sv_currentmode 4 fof_sv_battle_royale 1. Recommended: 24 slots

March 29 - 2018
- static camera removed from spectator camera cycle
- cl_drawhud doesn't require sv_cheats on
- [Clockwork Elimination] players can't shoot while awaiting for round to start
- [Clockwork Elimination] spawn/weapon adjustments to several maps

- [Clockwork Elimination] incorrect player status (dead/alive) on top bar
- exploit that may allow teamkills by using projectile based weapons. Thanks to nbreech

March 27 - 2018
- Clockwork Elimination: a last man standing-like mode that mixes gameplay elements from battle royale and gun game.
Max players: 16.
Bot support: yes.
Customization allowed: plenty, spawn positions and weapon/perks are controlled by a server script (fof_scripts/elimination)
Listen server setup: select Elimination mode, untick 'teamplay'
Dedicated server setup: fof_sv_currentmode 4 mp_teamplay 0. 16 slots (or 16+1 STV) are supported, no more
How it's played: players spawn with a predefined loadout once per round. Rounds are short, around 1 minute, ending at a safe zone where survivors meet. Safe area shrinks progressively, causing damage to those left outside. There's a safe zone's inner circle that also heals anyone inside. Players also can heal by killing enemies if other players don't get an assist. Finally, all players move to next spawn point (in their respective queues) when next round starts (clockwise), where a new loadout is granted. Alternatively, players are required to scavenge for weapons in some maps.

March 23 - 2018
- all global rank scoring displayed in chat and dumped to server's console log

- crouch-jump
- bot navigation issues on fof_fistful

March 19 - 2018
- global rank points are displayed near killed enemies (gain) and chat window (loss)
- cvar fof_hide_vote_menu: hides stock vote menu. Can be set to 1 (always) or 2 (only when player is alive)
- cvar zoom_sensitivity_ratio_sharps: mouse sensitivity scale factor applied when Sharps is zoomed in. Other rifles still use stock zoom_sensitivity_ratio. Also check this in FoF Options/Advanced

- pressing jump key while in air at high speeds adds a small delay for next jump

- some explosion effects creating particles at world origin
- forced first person camera when player is in spectator team

March 12 - 2018
- portable whiskey jug: a thrown jug (handgun throw) adds some drunkenness on enemy when hit. Price increased to $30
- ensured physics props always get destroyed when falling out of the map
- Gentleman perk: 2 notoriety points are awarded instead 1 if victim also uses Gentleman and shouted at killer
- [Shootout/TS] scoreboard won't tell if a player is alive or not (still works for other modes)
- [Shootout/TS] mp_forcecamera restricted to 0 (no limit to spect other players)

- soundscapes not playing on Linux dedicated servers. Thanks to Miikka Ylätalo
- spectator's target label always shows same HP

March 5 - 2018
- [Shootout/TS] spectator mode changes automatically to killer's in-eye camera if player doesn't respawn in less than 5 seconds
- Gentleman perk: easier to find targets when fistfight taunt is used, 4 notoriety points awarded instead 3, a top hat is acquired when 3 gentleman-like kills are reached during same life
- simplified taunt selection when Gentleman perk is active (1 = draw, 2 = fistfight)
- Help pop-up in equipment selection made larger

- attempted to fix a rare recursive player respawn issue

February 26 - 2018
- Gentleman perk: +1 notoriety reward when you warn enemies about your presence by using 'draw!' taunt before attacking. +3 notoriety reward when enemies are warned by using 'fistfight' taunt and they are finished by fists. If a different weapon is used then a notoriety penalty is set. Note that enemies must be near your crosshair and not too far away for warning taunt to take effect. An icon at enemy's feet confirms warning worked. Only pistols, revolvers, rifles and fists count towards these bonuses

- teammates do not block kicks (when there's only 1 of them in between)
- [Teamplay] Spencer carbine cost increased $10 (total: $80)
- Colt Navy: slightly quicker at reaching fanning position
- higher skilled bots when using 'excellent' setting

- several issues related to arrows not sticking into players properly
- client crash related to weapon animations

February 21 - 2018
- Heavy Loads perk (3 stars): enemies getting knocked by thrown objects get pushed back and disarmed, held objects don't drop if hit by enemy fire

- Quick draw perk removed
- updated Russian translation by TrayHard

- exploit to crash servers via client command. Thanks to Zero and Mal0 Mod0

February 15 - 2018
- kicking is possible while getting kicked (again)
- melee harassment course tweaked due insane difficulty (accidentally after kick+boots damage was changed)
- pickpocket: variable cash income based on player's cash (faster the lower amount is, up to 70% of normal rate)

January 24 - 2018
- slightly higher penalty when walking backwards

- server side crash related to pickpocket perk (another fix)

January 13 - 2018
- possible server side crash related to pickpocket perk

January 3 - 2018
- jump-kick: smaller hull for hit detection (means more accuracy is required when kicking in mid-air)
- duck-jump: decreased forward impulse when using anything but melee weapons
- players receiving a kick get less view drift
- portable whiskey jug grants 50hp when purchased from red crate
- Pickpocket: cash and weapons are stolen at same time when available (instead one after another). Target gets a chat message letting them know what was stolen

- [2 Team Shootout] players may respawn very close from enemies
- blood decals on players coming from friendly arrows

Update notes 3
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Kemorg Jan 3, 2018 @ 3:28am 
first :))

edit: looking forward to seeing jump changes
Last edited by Kemorg; Jan 3, 2018 @ 3:28am
:( NOT FIRST -sad-:steamsad:
B Dawg Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:10am 
Good whiskey and pickpocket changes. I hated getting a knife first instead of cash lol.
Myia Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:11am 
Originally posted by Rebel_Y:
- jump-kick: smaller hull for hit detection (means more accuracy is required when kicking in mid-air)
thats how you can nerf kicks, make them harder to use instead of just slapping a damage nerf on them
riZn Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:13am 
- duck-jump: decreased forward impulse when using anything but melee weapons
Does this include fists? Or fists get duck-jump penalty too?
Aimnot Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:15am 
New year, new update notes :)
riZn Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:16am 
Originally posted by KTY loucast Ⓢ:
Originally posted by Rebel_Y:
- jump-kick: smaller hull for hit detection (means more accuracy is required when kicking in mid-air)
thats how you can nerf kicks, make them harder to use instead of just slapping a damage nerf on them
I actually liked the damage reduction, 35 dmg was too much for a kick. It meant that 3 boot kicks were able to kill a person, the same amount of axe hits.
Myia Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:17am 
Originally posted by riZ|n:
I actually liked the damage reduction, 35 dmg was too much for a kick. It meant that 3 boot kicks were able to kill a person, the same amount of axe hits.
knockback is still the same, if you had the time before to corner kick somebody to death with three kicks youll have it for 4 too (as it didnt happen often and 3 also take quite some time one more isnt that much of a change)
New list of update notes? Oh man
Punchmaster Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:34am 
Originally posted by KTY loucast Ⓢ:
Originally posted by riZ|n:
I actually liked the damage reduction, 35 dmg was too much for a kick. It meant that 3 boot kicks were able to kill a person, the same amount of axe hits.
knockback is still the same, if you had the time before to corner kick somebody to death with three kicks youll have it for 4 too (as it didnt happen often and 3 also take quite some time one more isnt that much of a change)
Real problem is that it is to spammable. You can keep on kicking, no delay or nothing. Even punching has delay.
Myia Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:37am 
Originally posted by Punchmaster:
Real problem is that it is to spammable. You can keep on kicking, no delay or nothing. Even punching has delay.
thats what i mean, if you want to change anything about that the changes should be much more considerate, like changing hitboxes or speed of the kick instead of just slapping a damage nerf on it that rarely has a effect

(it should be considered though that kicking is avaliable to everybody, its not like this one abillity is OP, its a basic mechanic thats why everybody can kick without needing a perk)
Last edited by Myia; Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:37am
Punchmaster Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:40am 
Originally posted by KTY loucast Ⓢ:
Originally posted by Punchmaster:
Real problem is that it is to spammable. You can keep on kicking, no delay or nothing. Even punching has delay.
thats what i mean, if you want to change anything about that the changes should be much more considerate, like changing hitboxes or speed of the kick instead of just slapping a damage nerf on it that rarely has a effect

(it should be considered though that kicking is avaliable to everybody, its not like this one abillity is OP, its a basic mechanic thats why everybody can kick without needing a perk)
Yeah, hitreg is real bad sometimes. I have been kicked by a person who was completely turned away from me. But that's just source engine I guess.
Last edited by Punchmaster; Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:41am
Chivalry Feet Queen (Banned) Jan 3, 2018 @ 5:52am 
Punchmaster Jan 3, 2018 @ 6:27am 
Yeah, the jump-kick adjustment was a good thing.
Dune Jumper Jan 3, 2018 @ 7:06am 
Looking forward to a year of fun changes :)
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