The Red Solstice
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Creed Jul 13, 2015 @ 12:44am
How long is the singleplayer campaign in TRS? 

    Singleplayer campaign contains 10 Missions and will take 7 to 30 hours of gameplay depending on your playstyle.

Can I play Solo in this game besides campaign?

    There is an survival mode where you get all the content of the multiplayer, guiding a group of controllable marines.

How do i move my marine?

    Movement and control of the character is done with the mouse (like in MOBA games) and W,A,S,D keys are used for camera movement.

Does TRS have controller support?

    TRS was not developed with controller support in mind. However it is possible through the use of specific programs.

How do I solve the "missing exe file"issue?

    There is a possibility that the antivirus program on your computer is causing these issues. You can try solving this by adding the exe file to the AV exception list or by turning off the AV completely.

Where are my Kickstarter rewards?

    You already should have recived your reward. If not please contact us.

What are the plans for the future?

    Please watch the Roadmap-threat for up-to-date plans.

Will there be any other languages?

    This depends on several factors we have no controll over. We are hoping that we can do that. Please be patient.
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