The Red Solstice
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Syrus  [developer] Apr 24 @ 4:38pm
What would you like in The Red Solstice 2?
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yeah i like.
I play solstice chronicles mia with gamepad with x360.ce. Because the game didn't see my gamepad. But ı try to play the red solstice with gamepad with x360.ce I can't play. Please do gamepad choice. I can't play this game with keyboard. I want to play this game and I bought two dlc this morning for this game but I can't play with gamepad. Can I play gamepad in the future?
Dragoler Jul 17 @ 4:58pm 
Only needs better accessibility... but the possibility of complex of tactics in this game (Not on MIA) is awesome.
Azriel Jul 19 @ 12:12am 
Sweet, i just purchased TRS+DLC a few days ago i cant believe i never knew about this game i love it. now a possible TRS2... h3ll yeah Devs.
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