The Red Solstice
problem with new players in this game
what wrong with these new players just want to kick you when you join their room ? even the room is public ?
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You can host and let them join\ Tell them you going to host for them to come.
Only dead reason without known of return (back to life) maybe resloved by quit option for new guys, otherwise fire at will and keep them alive.

Don't think is a "problem", is their choice to play with their friends, always nice to join and help them, they choose.

You can't force them to play the way they want.

Public Game also a result if they unknown there is "Private\ Friends Only" option.

Hope is helped, Good luck and Have fun :)
more annoying is find is high level kick you becouse your 2 rank or 1 lank lower then "they think your bad player" for X dificulty

as game has very small playerbase getting kicked can be something between "10minutes to 45minutes" it was bigest reason i stopped playing it , its fun game when you can play it but getting match sometimes is hastle and when high level kicks you for friend/whatever reason it bums out

as for low lv players i was never kicked by so
I uninstalled this game, was cool at first but then got silly hard and the community is very toxic, really bad game.
I had to make my room public for my friends to join (one of them was having connection issues when it was private), but it was just for us. We didn't want randoms.

Don't take it personally.

(I'm not saying that it was me or anything, just saying, getting kicked out of a random's game is nothing to be upset about)
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The joys of a lobby system, you can get kicked by host for any reason whatsoever.
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