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Not fit for purpose
When you buy something, consumer law says the item must be fit for purpose.

For example, a toaster must be able to make toast and a washing machine must be able to wash clothes.

This game is so bad its unplayable, so not fit for purpose, we should be entitled to our money back.

I have now ask steam support for my money back so just waiting for the reply.
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I did last Friday, still nothing :(
Hopefully if enough people ask for their money back something must come of it..............
I have also asked. Got a standard - refund is not our policy - answer. I am now bringing consumer law into this...I will not pay for such a disgrace of a game on principle and nobody is going to make me. Unfortunately I bought it before reviews were available on grounds of the advertising. The advertising turned out to be false. Also told them that buying from reasonable companies is my policy so they should not expect further support if they are not prepared to assist loyal customers.

I love cricket and video games. This is neither.
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Just had an email from steam and this is what they said,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

We cannot offer a refund for this transaction.

As with most software products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for purchases made on our website or through the Steam Client. This includes, but is not limited to, games, Early Access Games, software, gifted or traded purchases, downloadable content, subscriptions, and in-game items/currency.

We will make an exception and refund titles that are still listed as available for Pre-Purchase on our website. The refund request must be received prior to the official release date for the item. You can see when a pre-purchased title is scheduled to officially unlock by viewing the green information bar on its store page.

This only applies to preorders purchased from your account; preordered titles received or sent through the Steam Trading system cannot be refunded. We do not offer refunds for Early Access Games.


The draft Consumer Rights Bill sets out what rights and remedies you would have when you pay for digital content. It clarifies that digital content would have to be:

of satisfactory quality,

fit for purpose,

and meet any description.

If the digital content didn’t meet these quality rights, you would be entitled to a repair or a replacement of the digital content where practical, or failing that (that is, if the repair or replacement would take an unreasonable amount of time or cannot be done without significantly inconveniencing you), you would be entitled to some money back. You would only be entitled to return the faulty digital content for an immediate refund if the digital content was in a physical item (eg it is on a disk or embedded in goods such as a digital camera).

Other digital content rights would allow the trader to update the digital content within the terms of the contract, entitle you to a refund if the trader sold you the digital content without having the right to do so, and clarify that you could claim for limited damages if the trader fails to use reasonable care and skill to prevent the digital content (whether free or paid for) from damaging your device or other digital content.


It looks like we maybe intitled to some money back if it is not patched to a satisfactury quality within a reasonable ammount of time (God Knows how long unreasonable amount of time is).
They are just trying to prevent setting a precedent. No court will actually allow this. Just keep pushing. They will give you steam wallet credit...I am accepting that since I will use it towards a worthy game.
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