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Where is the playable girl character? **ANSWER IN DESCRIPTION**
As a girl gamer personally I have been very much looking forward to the addition of the playable girl character since early in development when it was announced. I followed the development of the models for the girl character and everything seemed to be coming along great. It was my understanding that it was supposed to be part of the game before the full release but there still isn't an option for it anywhere to be seen. I'm actually somewhat disappointed that it hasn't been implemented yet. Playing as the guy character and hearing guy sounds and seeing the guy body when playing is very immersion breaking for me. Does anyone know when or if this will actually be implemented? Anyone know why it hasn't been yet?

Edit (Update): I'm not a troll and I haven't ever posted before because I never felt the need to. I genuinely am interested in playing as a female character for the main game. I wasn't even aware of the whole spam posting thing on the topic. Thanks for the vitriol and negativity people. It really helped answer my questions.

This is the female model:

Edit 2: Yes I do own the game. I've owned and played it for the past couple years since alpha and watched as the story and map developed. For those who complained about me being a troll, my profile is now (somewhat) public.

Edit 3: The female character was first introduce three years ago. You can't just introduce a female character and say that you can choose to play as her and then forget all about it and not even talk about it until past release and not expect at least a bit of backlash.

I'm answering my own thread in detail so that anyone else who was curious about this can see where to get info on it. There is going to be a female character in an upcoming DLC, but I'm not sure how much storytime that she'll get. Anyways, the link to the wiki pages are here.

The female character is currently unnamed but is supposedly in the works. IT WILL NOT be replacing the main character. The main character will remain male. The female character will be in her own Arctic area from what I understand. So those who are freaking out about losing the main character can calm down now. Apparently the devs are expanding the male character's backstory and will probably continue to flesh him out. I just hope they give the same relative amount of effort to the female character as well.

Here is the female character's wiki page:

Here is the expansion pack wiki page:
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I haven’t heard anything about that but it should be added. Maybe someone will make a mod or the dev team is just gonna release it later
Phoenix Feb 5 @ 9:11am 
Do you have any source for such an announcement?
Potential DLC perhaps?
brisk Feb 5 @ 9:13am 
What makes you think the main character is male? It's 2018. Biology doesn't dictate gender any more, bigot. You saw the big hands, small breasts and pelvic bulge and instantly thought it was male? Why are you so transphobic? Is your family and employer aware you have such problematic views? I've reported this thread to Steam and advise everyone else to do the same. This kind of backwards behaviour is no longer tolerated. It's 2018.
Well it's a story game not a RPG.

You're playing a specific character. Not making your own.

That explains it well enough for me. Like in Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice, I can't play as a guy and that's totally cool.
BlackD Feb 5 @ 9:14am 
OP is level 0.
private profile.
opening post the first comment ever.

troll thread / account?
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"when will they release female character?"

Welcome to the Subnautica Discussions! :steamfacepalm:
chmegma Feb 5 @ 9:19am 
trolls be trollin
I get where your coming from, though seeing that reflection is just as immersion breaking for me as a guy too, since I look nothing like that and sound nothing like that. Nor is a female character designed in a similar style likely to represent you accurately either.

So just adding a female character would seem to fall short of your desires anyway, we would need far more control over body shape, hair style and voice to make this work.
chmegma Feb 5 @ 9:22am 
check his/her profile.

private with no other posts....
Originally posted by chmegma:
check his/her profile.

private with no other posts....

Alexis The Catgirl (Banned) Feb 5 @ 9:23am 
Hope this is fake.
SJWs and women ruin games as a whole.

Leave the ♥♥♥♥ing game alone, and stop ruining it for others.

I mean who gives a ♥♥♥♥ if the character is male or not. No way a woman could survive on the planet anyway so the character being male is realistic.

Lol xD
^Annnd you wonder why these threads get locked? :steamfacepalm:
Alexis The Catgirl (Banned) Feb 5 @ 9:25am 
Originally posted by Cougarific:
^Annnd you wonder why these threads get locked? :steamfacepalm:
Men are cool
chmegma Feb 5 @ 9:25am 
Originally posted by ParadoxedHope:
Originally posted by chmegma:
check his/her profile.

private with no other posts....


Originally posted by chmegma:
trolls be trollin
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