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Which Subnautica do you prefer?
Which one? This or Below Zero?
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Ask me again the BZ gets out of EA.
It'd be a bit unfair to compare the finished game to the early access one. A lot of what is in below zero is built off of what exists or happened in Subnautica so far, but it is very clearly adding a lot of new ideas to the base game design.

If I had to pick one this early on I probably would lean towards Subnautica, but not solely because it already is finished. I'd lean towards Subnautica because of what is currently known of the story progression, which is a factor that probably will change in development anyway. I kind of liked the feeling of isolation, relative helplessness, and achievement when you made progress in Subnautica. You were all by yourself, every time you thought you had help it turned out everyone you heard was already gone, or was about to be (Rip Sunbeam). Again, below zero is likely to change as it progresses and we can only guess where it is heading so far, but it does seem like you won't ever be truly alone during the journey (trying to be vague to avoid any spoilers).
unknown Aug 13 @ 6:46am 
The normal one
The one with more freedom, less talking, and the Cyclops.
Midnight Aug 13 @ 12:17pm 
Originally posted by PrimeSonic:
The one with more freedom, less talking, and the Cyclops.
This! The SeaTrash SUCKS!
This one I like cyclops
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Actimel Aug 14 @ 6:58am 
of course the first one
Well the new one has no VR so I (like so many others) would not buy it.
Unless they implement it.
antred Aug 14 @ 11:56am 
Personally, I by far prefer the setting of the original Subnautica (although I would love to have the various engine refinements added since then in the base game as well). That feeling of being utterly alone in a strange, unknown, hostile world just isn't quite replicated by BZ.

P.S. And also, I like the tropical environment more appealing than the freezing cold. 🤪

P.S. #2: And I would miss my Cyclops. That sea truck thingy is just stupid. Nothing that is supposed to travel through water a lot should be shaped like that.
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Classic by far. BZ is nice but no way near as chill as the Original.
miklkit Aug 14 @ 1:31pm 
BZ will probably be the better game but I like Subnautica's warm climate much better than the arctic cold of BZ.
You may as well ask people to state their preference between a completed cake and raw ingredients that are still in the mixing bowl. Wait for BZ to be finished before comparing to the original game. :P
Originally posted by LaddytheOutcast:
You may as well ask people to state their preference between a completed cake and raw ingredients that are still in the mixing bowl. Wait for BZ to be finished before comparing to the original game. :P
Sorry, but no.
There's enough in BZ to start making comparisons already.

More on land exploration (clunky)
Seatruck and Prawn are your only water vehicles (no Cyclops, no Seamoth)
Your character won't be alone and silent this time
Less open waters, more cramped caves

You can see the obvious differences, particularly those differences that were made to intentionally make Below Zero play differently than its predecessor.
It is on those core elements and ideas that we can compare the two games and decide on a preference.

Unless UWE decide to drastically change course with Below Zero, you can clearly tell where it's going and what kind of experience you'll be getting.
And for many, when they look at where the game is going to be, they aren't that happy about it.
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Unknown worlds is probably too busy to fight ♥♥♥ right now to care about Below Zero ! XD

Joke aside, I really can't get into BZ... They're still updating and adding stuff but removing the cyclops was the worst idea they ever had !

The sea truck isn't anything special... Should have been called the sea train and you can't really move in it as you used to move in the cyclops. And I believe other tools are missing.

BZ has very nice biomes, I won't deny it... I like them... I like the new toys and the story seems interesting enough (though you're still going on with the Kharaa and it doesn't really make sense) but it's too cramped up... the world is way too small and too dangerous.
(all the magic of the first game gone !)

The biomes are very small and in a realistic world, that could not happen !
It was sometimes a bit weird in the original game but with a smaller world? Doesn't work !

BZ creature design is sometimes cool sometimes meh... I really hate some creatures as their design seem a bit lacking of originality. We don't even see the creatures of the first game anymore. (maybe a few)

BZ lacks the discovery of the first game... It doesn't make much sense either story wise... The character from the first game comes back home (tells about everything he saw on the planet) and 10 years later (is that it?) alterra comes back? That's a freaking long time and knowing all the danger of the planet, sending a skelleton crew is probably the worst idea they ever had !
The team is there since a while and it seems they know absolutely nothing about the planet.

Oh ya, story wise another team probably built stuff and died there or left without leaving much notes and alterra did not say anything to our team? The story is just plagued with plotholes that will stay plotholes even if they try to explain them.

BZ has too much landmass and it doesn't feel like subnautica anymore !
Especially with the size of the world, too much landmass... Would they have created as intended BZ has an addon, it would have been just fine but here?

BZ is not as deep as main game... Deeper I went was about 300m? Seems it will be the bottom and won't go further down right now.

Music des not strike me either... yet !

Where are the cool stuff from the artworks? Base you can build against the ice underwater, sub used to drill the ice, ... ? +Some artwork biomes scrapped out !

Finally, that's it... BZ is not addon and is not a standalone (standalones are playable without the base game but if you own the base game, they add to it)
It's another game, smaller and not very well thought IMO.


There you have it, they made a huge mistake with BZ because they wanted to add all that story with more voice acting, smaller with more danger and more action and landmass, it ruins the experience of being alone and stranded on a water planet, trying to survive.

They did it to appeal to ppl who did not own the previous game... Big fat mistake again !

We finally have a multiplayer mod and we can't use the BZ content because of that supposedely standalone...

All that make it so I do not enjoy BZ as much as I would like to !
Once it will be done, I'll play it, I'll probably enjoy it but it's going to be quickly forgotten unlike the first game. (what would not have happened if they would have make it as an addon which would have expanded the world !)
doggz1999 Aug 16 @ 12:28am 
When was this game finished? Still finding tons of broken stuff.
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