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Regarding updates
First and foremost, I'm not a developer nor am I linked to the development of this game, but thought I'd shed some light on the matter since so many people are livid about the lack of updates. I do believe the devs have an obligation to update us on the state of development, but I also understand why they would refrain from saying anything seeing as how so many of us (whether you're angry about this game or have been angry about other early access titles) react to the smallest of issues (not that this is small, but I'm trying to make a point here).

So, I asked Jordizzle (artist for this game) on Twitter about Zombie Grinder. In short, development was halted because he had to get a regular job and move across the country. Since this is such a small team, it's understandable why such a problem would affect development this greatly. If you're hardly making money off some independent product you're working on, you gotta find a way to provide for yourself.

The whole thing if you wanna check it out for yourself: https://twitter.com/unnecesaurus/status/957839479879929856

Now, I like this game quite a lot and I'm not unhappy with its current state. I'm happy it has come such a long way since I first played it on Desura so many years ago. That said, I understand why so many owners are frustrated with the situation. I don't blame you one bit, but you gotta be conscious consumers. If you see a game's on early access, check the update history, check the discussions, check what the community has to say about the game. Hell, maybe even start a thread asking about the roadmap. A game that hasn't been updates since early 2016 should raise flags but if you still buy it regardless, then that's on you. Not saying we shouldn't inquire about updates, but complaining that this is a "ripoff" when you didn't do your research doesn't seem fair.

I'm not here to tell you what you should do or how you should think. If you still have hope for this game, then more power to you (and me as well, I guess). If not, then you do you. But let us remember for a moment that there isn't a big team working on this. It's common for such small teams to make mistakes (the mistake here being the lack of communication since the last update), but one of the reasons why this happens is because of how we, gamers, tend to react. It's the reason why a lot of developers don't openly discuss about development beause even when things are going well and development's going smoothly, a lot of people say things such as the ones we're seeing here.

If you really think the developers ran with your money and are living their best life in some tropical paradise, then ask for a refund on Steam. Explain that you believe that the developers have abandoned the game and that you'd like a refund. Make your case, contact support directly if you have to. You have to do something for yourself because that sends a much stronger message than making an angry post where everyone shares their anger but nothing happens. Again, if that's your wish, more power to you. I hope you manage to get a refund and that anyone on the fance about this game bothers to check the update history at the very least.

I imagine the overall reaction to this thread will be quite negative, so I'm unsubscribing from it (meaning I won't be notified of new comments). In any case, have a good day and whether you believe in the future of Zombie Grinder or not, hopefully your wish will come true.