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Lichice Apr 21, 2014 @ 3:11pm
Enough is enough - fix these balance issues.
This is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good place to start. This crud has been out of hand, anti-fun, and game-warping for too long.

A: Laser-type Breath Attacks
They're impossible to dodge or maneuver around with the new controls. Go figure. I don't know about you, but being stuck in a constant damage race on the losing end is the exact opposite of fun. There are not a lot of options, if there are even options, available when two dragons are locked, but one has a completely unavoidable, steady source of damage. Remove the new controls - these breath attacks were fine before you decided to make dragons defy physics by strafing. Failing that, you need to nerf the damage - and then they're nearly useless, so you've screwed them over, so good job on those controls.

B: Skyburst
Just nerf this thing already. It's too damn powerful and I've been reporting people who keep demanding it from other players in the dragon select screen and throwing fits when they don't get it. This leads into...

C: Disproportionate Damage-to-Accuracy
This will take some explaining.

We naturally expect that the harder an attack is to land, the better it is at what it does. Dreadnaught's Ash Burst and Deepfiend's Geyser are good examples of this - fairly hard to land, tons of damage when they do land. It's satisfying for the player when they connect, and it's satisfying for the opponent if they can dodge. This is good.

The problem here is that there are dragons and weapons that have attacks that are insanely easy to hit with, but do incredible amounts of damage. Ryujin is the chief offender here - I don't care what role you want him to be, you simply cannot have high damage on rapid-fire homing birds. There's no way to dodge, no way to mitigate the damage, and no way to avoid dying like a punk. Other offenders include Skyburst (a three shot spread should not be doing 300 damage at level 3 - it's straight-up superior to most dragons' breath attacks), Sphere of Wudeng (ever notice how radial attacks in shoot-em-up games are really weak? Dragon Blossom shows why they're supposed to be weak - too easy to hit people and do very good damage otherwise), and Quetzalcoatl (no aiming required, just charge forward and do tons of damage with both your warrior spirit and your breath weapon that flips people around). If you can have stuff that hits accurately and powerfully, it crowds out a bunch of other options. In this case, Skyburst is mandatory on every team since it just straight-up makes any dragon save Dreadnaught better.

Reduce the damage such attacks do dramatically, and for all future attacks, keep in mind that the easier it is to hit someone with, the less damage it ought to do.

D: Defending
It's a futile effort. The towers are crud, the new controls invalidate poison towers, and only the electric towers do anything useful since they hit multiple people and never miss. There's no reason to have multiple tower types anyways - just about every MOBA has the same tower type for every tower. Wholly unnecessary. Just replace the whole lot with lightning towers or skyburst towers and put two towers on each obelisk instead of one - that solo tower can't even hold off minion waves for long. Easy fix.

E: Chaos Titan
Twofold issue here. First, the pathfinding means it's pretty easy to derail and kill off the titan by charging at it and blocking its movement until it turns around. Second, summoning one drains the other team's bar. Besides being incredibly discouraging for the other team, whose gold is now wasted in that regard, there's no real reason for this to happen - the implication is that each team is summoning different titans (what else would "Our Chaos Titan is close" mean?), so why not have them both get summoned and clash in the center? Easy fixes here.

F: Team Matchmaking
I really don't see how I'm going to convince my friends to play the game if I can't even queue with more than one person at a time without hitting impossible queue times due to the matchmaking outright refusing to match my team with anyone else. Fix it, or you're doomed as a MOBA. No joke - notice how all the big MOBAs allow for premade teams of five for maximum communication? Yeah, that's not some coincidence. Take their example already.

G: Singleplayer
Every person playing singleplayer is a person not in queue providing better matchmaking. Given that you only get 10 crystals more for PvP, it's hard to fault them for taking singleplayer over trying to win with a team of people that don't even speak the same language. Give PvP a bigger incentive to be played.

H: PvP Crystal Rewards
Vorp was neat in that you got more and more money the better you did, like not dying or having the best KDR. There's no reason for that kind of stuff to be missing from this game other than to arbitrarily slow down progress so you can milk more money from players. Your starter packs are already an excellent deal - you do NOT need to go that route. Bring those rewards back.

I'm dead serious here. Fix this stuff and you'll have yourself a much better game. Blow every last one of these things off, and good luck making it to next year.
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ChangelingRain Apr 21, 2014 @ 4:53pm 
Okay, personal feedback list;

A: The biggest offenders here are gemtalon and quetzal, gemtalon due to the lower damage falloff(which I'll be pushing to revert), and quetzal, due to the spin effect. Quetzal would be perfectly deadly even with 100/150/200 damage per second, so that's a possibility.

B: Skyburst has been a thorny thing for a while, and I mostly agree with you here. Possibly the easiest way to nerf it would be to increase the spread and drop the damage.

C: This is entirely correct.

D: Defending is really hard, there's no way to speed up tower regen, and the towers regen slowly, enemy attackers can rush in and do more damage than you can wait out, and the towers are mostly useless, especially the fireball tower. The skyburst tower isn't nearly threatening enough as-is to be viable for replacements, though.

E: This is also something I've wanted, and if the chaos titan's first target was always the other titan it could produce some interesting fights. It'd also be nice if the healing/damage aura it had did more, the titan is only really dangerous from the front.

F: This is the hardest thing to change, because teams of five are often much more coordinated than a team of all solo players. They tried allowing it but it produced more complaints than it fixed. That's in part due to people not making teams of five, though.

G: Singleplayer includes adventure, but singleplayer should be mostly for testing things out, not crystal/XP gains. Agree there.

H: They changed it and I still don't know why, it should probably be changed back or modified so that the harder to get achievements give crystals in addition, such as Combat Heals or that kill 10 enemy dragons one.
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Darth Sirov Apr 21, 2014 @ 10:53pm 
I would also like to see the CT actually uses it's giant eye beam against dragons. CT isn't really that dangerous if it's not using it (which only happens against structures).

Skyburst... I think around 225 to 250 might suffice. Other weapons of damage to accuracy ratio could use another looking into. This is the main reason why some weapons are favored way too much over others.

I do believe that towers became far more irrelevant due to the strafing. But, even before that, runes and forged made it easier to burst down towers. I could try suggesting to buff them up slightly, to make them stable enough for powered players, yet still make it not too difficult against new players with limited resources.

The team system... yeah, quite a lot of issues there. Hopefully a clan system will come out and that should solve some issues. Still, as it stands, most of the competitive players win via duos, something that solo players will have little chance in competing.

I think the reduced crystals was set up because it was extremely easy to farm them before to get the dragons/weapons (when it was not random). But since we have a "random pack" system. I think we need to boost those back.
Mighty Joe Apr 22, 2014 @ 3:27am 
I'd be happy if they just went back to before the last big patch. The controls no longer work for me no matter what I do.
Rad Ryan Apr 22, 2014 @ 6:34pm 
Skyburst was already nerfed in a recent balance update and had its mana cost substantially reduced to a point where most players don't even raise it above level 1 anymore in early game, and where weapons such as Sparrowthorn and Fracture Barrel beging to out-damage sky for less mana.

There is really no point talking about balance in PvP anymore anyway. The 01/04/2014 update with the new controls made this game such a shambles it is now beyond anyone's capability to bring DnT back into balanced play.

Is anyone else amused by how proudly WyrmByte announced AMAZING 60+ balance changes with the 01/04/2014 update (to be fair, mostly by adding or substracting 5% damage here and there)... while at the same time they put in auto-aim and strafing that threw the fragile balance into complete chaos. Such a re-tard-ed move, really.
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Ariako Apr 29, 2014 @ 7:26pm 
It's exactly like he says on ALL of these issues. I hope you're listening Developers, because this game could benefit greatly from these opinions. As for surviving into the next year, I agree. Your playerbase after the control change decreased signifigantly, and is dropping at about a rate of 20-50 players per day based on the previous week.
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Lichice Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:56pm 
I've been monitoring these forums for quite some time. My own playtime's dropped off substantially as a result of non-activity in these regards from the devs. I'd get back into it if the devs showed they actually took and considered this kind of feedback - and not just "We hear you and are totally working on a solution, promise", either.
ChangelingRain Apr 30, 2014 @ 8:48am 
The worst part is that I linked it to them, twice, and there was basically a null response.
It's really disheartening.
Maxum333 May 4, 2014 @ 1:17am 
I'm sure that if you included a link to a micro transaction you'd get an immediate response. Then again, they may be busy with new and improved ways ti ruin the game.
New Weapon: Winter Floe is just so strong. So many spining shuriken being set out at an alarming rate dealing tons of damage each one. Nerf!!!
Annoy Fungi May 4, 2014 @ 11:27pm 
Maybe a game want old player just shut their mouth and get out, bec old player dominate the world.
Old players are so annoy and can't bring more money. So they design new control to kill them like a noob be killed, than make powerful weapon to make old weapon weakness.
Why ? I guess some old owner leave can bring more newbie stay.newbie will buy their item that old players are owned.
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You cannot ignore the original post, devs. Since the new controls came out, things got VERY nasty. When using old controls ("legacy") ppl do not stand a chance to laserbeam type of dragons which are on new controls (especially Gemtalon) and strafing dragons unless using AoE type of weapons where the only one packing a serious punch is the Razor.
That way you force people to choose the same combo over and over and over to a narrow range of possibilities.

About the Cash Shop system: I am one of the people who DID spend some cash on the game and in return it's nothing more than reasonable there will be a balanced game for ALL players .. CS in DnT is only for the time you want to buy new stuff/cosmetics or up things faster when you don't have 24/7 to play this game but want to have some neat stuffs and not to overpower themselves.

Let us be honest about the crystal distribution, in comparison to a average other MMO games where you can collect "golds" to buy stuff, DnT takes ages to get even some mere beginning of interesting amounts of it on Steam version. Active play, assisting and healing idd need to be rewarded with crystals instead of rather only points (in achievements it's very easy to change that technically) this results in less AFKing and feeding.

The only 3 reasons ppl gather crystals atm is dragons, runes and weps. Why not make it possible to purchase potions and specific forge needs or even preselected skins by crystals? Would boost the gameplay and the urge to gather crystals too. Also maybe an idea to introduce a SINGLE random egg "pack" for like 2k crystals if the reward system stays the same. 5k takes too frikking long, even when questing and diceing and PvPing like a madman (around 80 matches 15-20 mins each or 40 quests and 40 matches at the least, not included the daily dice throw which has (for me) a average income of 40 crystals)) and coming to the conclusion when opening the pack mostly results in "useless" dragons or T1 ones for 99% of the time. No complaints about the fact there IS a possibility to purchase (random) dragon pack for crystals though!

Another idea is to bring an in-game auction house with crystal currency only to life. People can sell their stuffs for more interesting amounts instead of the 25% of NPCing. One man's trash is other's treasure, if ya know what i mean.
Rad Ryan May 17, 2014 @ 5:32pm 
Originally posted by Jace Beleren:
New Weapon: Winter Floe is just so strong. So many spining shuriken being set out at an alarming rate dealing tons of damage each one. Nerf!!!

Anyone who played DnT more than a month will have already known that
A) DnT are completely incapable of properly playtesting their new game content
B) The new dragon/weapons are ALWAYS over-powered as WyrmByte sees this as an opportunity to entice more players to spend Dragonbucks (=real world CASH). At which point balanced gameplay are a secondary consideration to them.

PS. And yes, I agree completely, IceFloe is another in a DnT's long tradition of weapons that require no aiming and can kill everything on screen through spamming it blindly.
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azhag3 May 28, 2014 @ 8:48pm 
you keep deleting, ill keep posting. untill the game is fixed or taken off steam. people keep giving them money for crap. fix the game, make it playable, keep on deleting comments you dont like. it will never get there.
keynup May 29, 2014 @ 5:25am 
Originally posted by azhag3:
you keep deleting, ill keep posting. untill the game is fixed or taken off steam. people keep giving them money for crap. fix the game, make it playable, keep on deleting comments you dont like. it will never get there.

Stop being rude and offensive and they won't be deleted.

Rad Ryan May 29, 2014 @ 10:08am 
Winter Floe was released almost a month ago, and the devs have yet to fix the bug where it splits into a thousand shards and obliterates everything on screen. Again, I can see their rationale in leaving this horrendous bug in the game because it invited players to pay cash and exploit it for easy wins!
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