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Jun 18, 2014 @ 2:20am
Q&A session with the devs (LONG post)
Q: Will tanks or tracked vehicles be added?
A: Tracked vehicles more likely, not tanks.

Q: Will there be advanced settings, such as locking the front diff and changing front wheel drive to rear wheel?
A: Anything is likely, they want to keep it as realistic to what the real vehicles are like, but want to focus on fixing current issues before adding new.

Q: Option where you can customise truck, earn XP to upgrade things like suspension or paint the trucks. (XP system)
A: Internal talks about getting different length winches that you can earn, never happened. What they found was that a really long winch made game too easy. Looking to improve the winch features, but its a balancing act. Repainting - maybe, small customisations to the trucks paint but since you can mod it so easy not as important. As for the XP system, maybe,

Q: Can you hook to a tree and a truck at the same time? This would be used for winching yourself out of mud.
A: Not yet, but looking to improve that feature.

Q: What do you use crane for
A: What can't you use it for? Points out that it can be used to get them unstuck (they are stuck in mud together).

Q: Can you add larger variety of loads to deliver?
A: I'm sure it can be, possibilities are endless really. Started with logs as that was the main game play element, but as they go on in stuff like DLC, see what they come up with.

Q: Other titles based on ST engine?
A: We will see, bit far in the future for now.

Q: Will 900 degree wheel support be added?
A: Yup.

Q: Which part of ST was most difficult to make?
A: A question for the programmer, in hos eyes, trying to please everyone. Forming a balance between everything in the game.

Q: Will sounds in MP be synced?
A: yes, working on it and more MP features

Q: Can we add multiple game saves, multiple games on the go.
A: Yes for single player, may cause slight problem due to no level up system, in first update is include saves for individual each map.

Q: Winter maps? foe example, ice can crack under heavy loads.
A: Yer, possibility. Like to stay open about what they can do.

Q: No question, just commentary.
A: Looking to add a counter balance system so you can use your logs in your crane to help keep you stable.

Q: No question, just commentary.
A: Talked internally about syphoning fuel between trucks.

Q: More trucks?
A: Yep! Modders can add more but official ones will be added as well.

Q: Plans for new content regularly? DLC or for free?
A: Depends on what it is, some stuff DLC some for free, depending on how long it took to produce.

Q: How many maps do you think will be added?
A: No real answer, as many as they want and have time for.

Q: Ability to make adjustments to physics for winch tension?
A: Always room for improvement, more difficult in MP as it has to be synced.

Q: Paid DLC? Maps and vehicles?
A: Main focus is to improve what they have, DLC will be concentrated later on depending if the community wants it. No one truck DL, would be larger more valuable packs of add-ons such as multiple maps and vehicles.

Q: Will sales effect studio in a good way, larger team?
A: Personal vision to expand Oovee, more jobs is good for everyone. Hope so.

Q: Add modern vehicles, road cars and sand buggies?
A: Depends, sand buggies may be a thing in separate DLC in different environment. But want to stick to Russian environment.

Q: Rescue vehicles in ST?
A: A few already in, could add more ones.

Q: Additional upgrade options for UAZ?
A: Not too much you can add, but could be an option.

Q: Ability to unravel winch, so extend without reversing?
A: Sure.

Q: Turn off vibrations on controller?
A: Yup, but you can do it in 3rd party software, but will be added in game.

Q: On screen minimap?
A: Nope, whole point is to open map, and use compass and remember. Keep it challenging. GPS would ruin it.

Q: Terrain persistent? Will it remember the ware on the road such as tire tracks in mud?
A: Yup, in SP it does it but in MP it would only happen on a dedicated server due to syncing.

Q: Pull or winch button on PS3 and Xbox controller?
A: No problem, will add that.

Q: Weather system?
A: Wind and rain yes, don't no about snow just yet.Wind is good as it can effect physics so can add another level of challenge.

Q: Wider range of customisation on vehicles
A: Want to expand on what they have, so more attachments and stuff.

Q: Does having trunk on UAZ change performance?
A: Yup, more top heavy so will roll more. Physics system handles it.

Q: First person, on track view for scouting ahead?
A: Unfortunately not, engine is not created for first person player walking. Not possible

Q: Is E7130 getting more attachments?
A: Yup, possible.

Q: How will mods work in MP?
A: Still looking into that before an official answer. Most logical approach is Steam Workshop

Q: What time period is ST set in?
A: Not a specific period per-sey, as they are still used in Russia, despite age of vehicles. Depends on what you think it is.

Q: Merge SP and MP into one session?
A: Wanted ST to be based on MP so you can drop-in and out of a persons environment. Have discussed it.

Q: Is there a bug tracker? How do we log bugs?
A: Currently using support forums to flag bugs via a tagging system in forum. Thinking of adding separate forum for bug reporting.

Q: Any plans on steam workshop for all mods?
A: Need to explore it first and figure out if it is needed.

Q: Are the tech demo mods able to run in the full version?
A: Nope, need to be changed slightly. Mod devs can do that, it's pretty easy to do.

Q: Adding Russian tractors?
A: Would be cool, maybe yeah.

Q: What was your experience with Stream from a dev standpoint?
A: Big learning curve, had a lot of help. But was really good.

Q: Chernobyl map? Cleaning out uranium?
A: Cool idea!

Q: What engine is used for the game?
A: Custom engine.

Q: Half-track with trailer?
A: Potentially.

Q: How many hours a day did Oovee spend making ST?
A: A lot!

Q: Ability drag logs with the winch?
A: Was part of the testing for the winch, a possibility.

Q: More complex repair system? Such as replacing individual tiers
A: If enough people want, it they will look into it. Possibility of having a voting system on the forums for ideas.

Q: No question, just commentary.
A: Mentioned adding a teamspeak server for players for now, while the built-in voice chat is being developed.

Q: Different countries trucks?
A: Focus is on Russia, could focus on other countries trucks later on in special scenarios.

Q: More than two trailers? Like a road train?
A: Sure, not hard to implement as all you need to do is add a hitch point. Even mods could do it.

Q: A special 4-pack of the game so you can buy it for your friends to play.
A: They have talked about it and think it would be nice

Q: Freeroam mode with everything unlocked?
A: Yup, communities could even come up with their own challenges.

Q: How accurate are the in-game vehicles to the real ones? Was it modelled off real trucks?
A: Not 100% accurate modelled off the real trucks, but basic elements such as vehicle data, the engine generates from that and they can make tweaks to it.

Q: Cockpit views?
A: Yup, planning on adding it.

Q: More players in MP?
A: Most is 4 because of technical reasons.

Q: Will a development road-map be published?
A: Discussions this month on what they will be planning to be doing over the next few month development wise.

Q: Will different parts of truck be damaged, so instead of whole truck specific parts.
A: Need to discuss it more, if it improves the game then they want to add it.

Q: More diverse environments like steep cliffs, narrow roads and such?
A: Definitely, want to add more varied maps with stiff like that.

Q: Urban environments?
A: Possibly. Needs more assets that take more time and cost more money, so balancing act.

Q: Music or radio player, using your own music on your computer or internet radio?
A: Cool idea, likes that. Could do that. If in a cockpit, you will experience static as you go through dense trees that affect the radio 'signal'. Lots of immersion.

Q: In game voice. Such as voice chat.
A: Not sure if it will be added adjust yet, but should be in the future. Communication is very important to them in the MP.

Q: More realistic game truck sounds?
A: Would like to, already have sound they have recorded, but not all implemented yet. Will need to produce and record more first.
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Jun 18, 2014 @ 2:30am 
Q: ability for two people winch the same truck?
A: Possibility, looking to add that.

Q: Can/will you be able to regather logs that were lost due to an accident?
A: Yes, Especially if you have the crane attachment. Minimum of 3 logs manually before system loads an entire instance of logs on, will change the logs into single ones to a whole load that are deliverable. Just need to practice with the crane as it can be difficult.

Q: Racing ST?
A: An idea, but not the main focus of the game right now.

Q: More ambient sounds? Birds and such.
A: Already has quite a few, but could always add more. Not a problem. Would like to add actual wildlife, not just sounds. Nothing too big but like if you hit a tree birds fly out of it.

Q: Sharing engine to their game devs?
A: No answer

Q: Does the MP have anti-cheat?
A: Can mod stuff like speed, but will disable achievements. But when the moddable version comes out you can.

Q: AI in Spintires?
A: Not for vehicles but yes for wildlife.

Q: Bigger limit on vehicles you have out on the map?
A: Depends on map design and performance of the game. In moddable version you can place as many as you want.

Q: Snap winch cables?
A: Not right now, but could be added for higher difficulty levels.

Q: Ability to grade road, or modify it to make it easier to drive on?
A: No real answer, but it could be modded in and they will see if it works.

Q: Add-ons for adjusting tier pressures?
A: Was in the initial plan but time restricted it, engine can handle it.

Q: Favourite part in ST?
A: Sandbox element and physics of the trucks.

Q: Add horn?
A: Can be annoying in MP, but could add a horn sound when requesting a winch to get attention of other player. But as only 4 players its not so bad. Could enable/disable horns in lobby settings.

Q: Personally driven in off-road cars?
A: Driven tractors on farms, no car off-roading.

Q: When will the first update go live?
A: Hoping by the end of the month/beginning of the next month. Mostly bug fixes and a few added bits.

Q: Is there a demo available?
A: Old tech demo is out, but not a demo of the current version.

Q: Whats with the bouncing ropes on the trailers?
A: Probably a bug, should be fixed.

Q: Can trees snap if you try to winch from them (related to an earlier question about using trees as a winch point)?
A: Don't know right now.

Q: Oil tankers?
A: Sure, just another liquid to transport.

Q: Add a logging skidder?
A: Not sure, needs to look it up first.

Q: Will the trucks ever be able to go faster than they can now?
A: Probably not, modelled on real life speeds and ST is about logistics not speed. Faster trucks will be added, but not much faster.

Q: Will you be adding road maps? Less mud?
A: Probably, main part IS the mud, but they will add a map with more roads.

Q: Did you expect the game to become as popular as it has, in such a short time?
A: No, expected a large following (due to it being funded by backers), but grew above their expectations. They are very proud of it!

Q: Would you ever add parking break sound? The pneumatic sound?
A: Depends if the actual vehicle has that sound.

Q: Ferries to transport trucks over small rivers?
A: Good idea! Never thought of it. Something to look at.

Q: Any limitations on what they can mod?
A: No map modding, but can create a brand new vehicles.

Q: Popping tires?
A: Not yet.

Q: Removing the burning effect when vehicle breaks?
A: Want to change it a bit, so flames come out of the exhaust and smoke out of the radiator as an example.

Q: Scavenger hunt mode?
A: Possible
evoVII Jun 18, 2014 @ 2:47am 
summary: possible, not sure, depends, maybe
aliengmr Jun 18, 2014 @ 8:49am 
"Q: Paid DLC? Maps and vehicles?
A: Main focus is to improve what they have, DLC will be concentrated later on depending if the community wants it. No one truck DL, would be larger more valuable packs of add-ons such as multiple maps and vehicles."

This made me very happy. Like the "trucks and maps" approach instead of just a truck.

Overall, pretty good direction I think.
Last edited by aliengmr; Jun 18, 2014 @ 8:50am
MG Jun 18, 2014 @ 11:26am 
I think the future of ST sounds bloody marvelous !
Nish Jun 18, 2014 @ 12:38pm 
I agree with above, it makes me want the game even more. Hopefully they dive into the racing part as this engine would be amazing for dirt track/mud pit racing/ mud and sand drag races.
Cpt Banzai Jun 18, 2014 @ 2:27pm 
Originally posted by evoVII:
summary: possible, not sure, depends, maybe
That's allot of possible, not sure, depends, maybe. It's great that they are supporting it after it's release.

But multiple saves how can this be overlooked?
Rosso Jun 18, 2014 @ 7:15pm 
Are there any plans to expand on multiplayer? the Lobby system as it is is rather inadequate.
Munch517 Jun 18, 2014 @ 9:06pm 
Please use Steam Workshop for mods, it makes things so easy.

There's a lot of great ideas amongst those questions, but I'd really like a larger map, something at least 10x the size of the current maps. It'd be nice to truly be able to get lost. Dirt bikes would be nice too.
pleclair Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:18am 
Q: Can trees snap if you try to winch from them (related to an earlier question about using trees as a winch point)?
A: Don't know right now.

The real answer is yes, it is possible at the moment. Only not when winching only.

I was once in a very steep cliff, trying to climb with the 537 (hill map, behind the garage, straight to the left), and made it, but at some point my truck slipped and the pine tree it was tied to broke. But prior to slipping I was trying to climb as much as I can without using the hitch for personal challenge, so II had a loose in the cable, the impact was rather brutal on the tree. They might be tougher than they need to be... dunno... but anyway its possible.

Try it out and see for yourself. Tie yourself to a tree at max distance or so, and climb up to it without using the winch and go in reverse... the tree should break.

pleclair Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:21am 
At least with D and E trucks, not sure about the others... haven't tried on purpose after it happened.
DarkEnergyJ Jun 19, 2014 @ 6:55am 
Thanks for this sim Oovee team i am wondering if we can push the draw distance of all things up to stop the texture popping and rocks and other stuff spawning too close to vehicles
Last edited by DarkEnergyJ; Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:18pm
Comsystec Jun 19, 2014 @ 1:36pm 
Love the game, can't wait to see how you continue to improve it!
largeskinhead Jun 19, 2014 @ 9:34pm 
can u please make it to were u can hear the other players trucks and fix there lights so u can see them othen then seeing a light ring around there vehical
Sandmaster Jun 20, 2014 @ 1:12am 
"can u please make it to were u can hear the other players trucks and fix there lights so u can see them othen then seeing a light ring around there vehical"

i second this statement and would like to see steam workshop mods very much, as long as it works good for the modders as well. also snow/ice road maps would be awesome change from mud all the time, russia is very cold in parts!! Maybe russia has sand dunes as well, would love that!

How do vehicle mods work for MP? does it work, but only i can see the mod or not all?
Last edited by Sandmaster; Jun 20, 2014 @ 1:14am
Albert Wittmann Jun 20, 2014 @ 2:45am 
Want see the vehicles and logs of the another players as ghostcars maybe, so i dont destroy their cars.
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