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World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

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Achievment did not pop up - Please help
I am playing free-to-play WOG only, so I have completed 54% of the game on my very own - I have collected all the weapons of the following categories:

- Pocket
- Shotguns
- Sporting
- Revolvers
- Launchers

And for all of these I have got the achievements.

Now, I have collected all the 68 pistols - I have checked twice, there's no more pistols left in the game that I have to buy. The very last model i have unlocked was Hi-Point C9, that I Have unlocked for 45,000p and 1(or 2?)cr, so I did to the others too! But the achievement did not pop up. Why?

And only four models remain uncompleted, yet, they are unlocked, so the achievement should pop up.

HK VP70m is not just unlocked - all the achievements for it are completed.
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You know what? F*** you. Why is, Glock 17 Airsoft has it's own category of only one this model for Airsoft, but it doesn't appear in the list of the Pistols, so it's no 68, but 69. And this one is count for obtaining the achievement, despite the fact it is NOT in the Pistols category. Fix it, that's frustrating.
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