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minWanabe Jun 12, 2014 @ 4:09am
Quality of life/Bugs
Random option for "Pirate Proximity". Picks between close/average/distant.

Manual having entries on what exactly the difficulty settings do. Perhaps also tool tips in the new galaxy start-up screen, IE hovering over difficulty which is currently on "hard" shows what changes in the tool tip on Hard difficulty.

New "Flee When" options to take into account component damage (I'm guessing armour isn't easily trackable and that's why it's not an option already). 80%, 50% and 20% component damage would be useful for races that heavily favour armour over shields

When fleet screen (actually most screens like colony screen do this) is open/focused no tooltips appear when I hover over buttons in the bottom left or right panel. The left side quick menu stops working. No tooltips on top middle HUD area (less of an issue for the bigger screens that go partially ontop)

Cargo screen under selected item (IE planet) cannot sort by empire. Weapons screen, cannot sort by damage (due to the variable way of damage I don't even think this is worth much of a consideration/time really)

Ship designer can sometimes refuse to allow room for a valid design. IE I've seen it design mining bases that is 3 size too high, it could easily drop some defenses or weapons to fit. Mining bases and Gas mining bases MUST be valid at all times with at least 1 of their primary mining device equipped. On that note civilian mining ships should follow the same rule.

Telling a unit to attack turns off automation. The HUD in bottom left doesn't update to reflect that the unit/fleet is no longer on automation.

No options to disable the AI from building wonders automatically under "Colony Facility Construction" policy.

Need at least 1 more harder pirate difficulty option.
Ability to specify more multiplier values in game setup like how research has the option to define the value directly.

Better interface for the troops & Characters screen. Able to select multiple at once by shift/ctrl +click like a lot of other menus. When clicking Garrison/Ungarrison perhaps that troop won't auto regarrison or ungarrison if the AI policy is controlling the garrisoning for a couple of minutes. Also when clicking garrison/ungarrison don't scroll the menu to the top when refreshing the list (does it really have to refresh the entire list when doing this?)

Colonies panel on the left side of the screen could use a button to change the sorting, it's sorted via population right now but sorting by GDP would be my preference for example.

After clicking a button in the fleet window to tell a fleet to do something, set focus back to the fleet window again so that keyboard shortcuts continue to work. Also perhaps allow us to select multiple fleets in the fleet window so it's possible to select several fleets and tell them all to load troops or retrofit etc. Perhaps for simplicity the "select fleet" option grays out or the last selected on fleet list is the one that the "select" fleet button will work on.

Construction yards and Troops & Characters interfaces under selected items (IE a planet or a space station) need a way to purchase more than one item at a time. IE I want to buy 5 scouts instead of clicking purchase five times there is maybe a number I can type in then click purchase, and/or a shift/ctrl+click shortcut to buy them in batches of 5 or some other number.

Extra button on designs screen to delete all obsolete designs that are not used by anything. If they don't do it already maybe every 5-10 years AI controlled empires delete their obsoleted designs to free up a tiny bit of memory. This could even be an option set in the policy files.

Volume setting for UI related sounds, IE sounds of clicking buttons etc.

Policy option to help change when the AI builds resupply ships.

Policy option to set preferred fuel types for reactors of the different design categories (State ships, State bases, Private ships, Private bases)

Reduce sound volume of the effect of Ion cannons, it's signifigantly louder than other game sounds

Please look at the diplomacy text when the colour of the text is set to the "mutual defense pact" colour. I find it extremely difficult to read currently. Perhaps an outline around the text could be useful? Also the same issue with the text for "Economy [x]%/[y]%" on the Empire Comparison screen.

For the Ships and Bases screen if holding down shift or ctrl when clicking "Go to Ship" go to the ship but don't close the ships and bases screen.

The "Filter by" menu for Expansion Planner needs to be able to push button on keyboard to go to that letter of resource in the list when it's open.

When a ship/base is retrofitting it'd be nice if it showed how many components it has left until the retro fit is done, like how when constructing a base tells you how many are unbuilt.

Policy option/s to define when defense bases are built around planets.

Policy option to prioritize fitting weapons with long range or raw dps.
Policy option to prioritize fitting shields with more total shield capacity or shield recharge.

War Weariness shouldn't zero out as soon as peace is achieved, it should slowly decay back to no war weariness over time.

Policy option to change how likely your fleets will try to assist allies.

When someone declares war on your ally and they ask for help, you can avoid having to make a choice by going to the diplomacy screen and having a conversation with any other race.

Policy option to build specific chosen star base on a conquered planet if no enemies are presant (works like the "When establish new colony, immediately build this base"). Alternatively and more preferred, set a starbase to be automatically built at all colonies without a starbase or starport (useful for entertainment/medical) and the AI will try to build these when it decides it's a good time to do so.

A ship or base that is being borded should not have any options to give to trade to another empire or scrap

Space Ports/ Construction Yards tab on left quick interface doesn't show a wrench icon next to the starbases if they are retrofitting


Please at least double the amount of Wonders/Facilities that can be added.
Please increase the numeric limit for research projects. If the number goes too high the game crashes currently.
Allow modders to make/alter new/old weapon groups and what special properties each group of weapons has. (IE accuracy bonus/negative, bypass shield/armour etc)
A little more to the maximum cap of ship .pngs for races.
Another 2 tech emphasis slots for policy could be useful in some cases.

Ship templates:
For the ship templates, how about:
add the following line at the start:
ShipSize ;300;500;900
and modify a regular line this way:
AssaultPod ;2;3;4
These are just an example, you should be able to put up to maybe 5-7 ship sizes... "

Alternatively, allow a "priority value" to be defined for each part. IE:
Engine ;1,1
After the comma the number represents the priority. Basically it's used in deciding what should go on the design when it can't quite fit everything in the design file.


AI could perhaps not construct any troops on planets until it encounters its first empire.
Ship designer for mining bases should try to max out mining potential (depending on AI intelligence?) and automatically remove any redundant miners that go over maximum mining ability. Also must always have a valid mining base and mining ship designs for both gas and regular mining.
Just saw a full shield carrier try to retreat, in the process pulling back its fighters. It could not retreat due to hyper deny and it died without having its fighters dealing out the damage, they shouldn't pull back the fighters so eagerly while retreating.

AI currently overvalues trade sanctions and it can be quite abusable for tech/money etc. I believe it also overvalues "Disputed bases" by a large margin, these bases are usually worth millions to the AI and they're not neccessarily on any particularly super awesome resource. Disputed Base value should lower signifigantly if its shields isn't at 100% or it has damaged components (prevents trading bases about to be destroyed being traded for quick cash)

I've noticed the AI try to build space ports/defenses on planets that are completely surrounded by their enemy, most factions shouldn't do this as it's a waste of money.

If you offer the same amount of money from both sides in the diplo screen (IE I give you 100K, you give me 100K) and click accept you can gain reputation for it. (Our past dealings have been good)

When AI sends a diplomatic request saying they want something from you for nothing the only options are to accept or not to accept. If they're asking for a single item (which in my experience seems to be all they ask for) it should have another option to go to the item in question they are requesting

If a faction is nearing victory (within 5-10% of the victory condition percentages) AI factions get a negative relations bonus to that winning race. Also, if the winning race condition is to keep their leader alive, have the AI much much more likely to send missions to kill the leader even if the chance is very very low to assassinate succesfully. If one of their win conditions is to have a certain wonder, increase the chance/weight towards attacking the colony with the wonder on it. Similar line of thoughts for other victory types could be cool.

When changing an order for a fleet, if the destination is the same don't cancel warp just to start it again to go to the exact same place
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minWanabe Dec 2, 2014 @ 3:11am 
Little bit of a bump. Some of these issues or suggestions have been addressed. Most have not. I'll also add a couple that come to mind (though I'm sure there's so much more that can be done within the scope of a patch):

On galaxy startup, I'd be interested in the ability to alter how resources and such spawn in the galaxy. At the very least some sort of modifier for the average value of resources.

Please optimize various aspects of the UI both in terms of performance and usability as Universe comes up short in both. There seems to be a massive amount of redundant redrawing/recalculating entire parts of a window even if only a small amount of that part of the UI needs updating. This causes massive slow downs in the game when actually trying to play and do stuff. Quite a few important game windows are missing keyboard short-cuts aswell and suffer due to the redundant redrawing of the entire menu during small changes which can be extremely frustrating.

In running a recent game on 4X speed on rule in absence (which I activated once I dominated the galaxy) I've noticed that AI controlled fleets choose very poorly on what to attack. They mostly choose to attack mining areas or enemy fleets even if each of the fleets have an overwhelming amount of ground troops and should instead focus on taking ground. Perhaps adding a new policy option to change how much of a priority the AI has towards directly attacking planets versus attacking other things. This could be useful in adding some extra small personality to some AI races aswell.

Below is just me going through most of my old list and commenting from a newer perspective.

Troops and Characters aspect of the UI is still extremely unusable when viewing from the "Colony View" window. It still scrolls to the top of the menu whenever doing anything (it's redrawing the whole list isn't it?). There's no short-cuts for selecting multiple units at once.

The colour or font used for "Mutual Defence Pact" still hasn't been looked at in the Diplomacy screen. Anything using that colour against the dark background is unreadable.

Telling an automated fleet to attack still doesn't update the Selection Panel UI section to indicate their automation mode has been disabled until you reselect the fleet.

Cargo screen section under "Colonies" window still cannot sort by empire.

Tool tips for the Selection Panel still disappear when another window is open (IE fleet window).

Clicking any of the action buttons in the fleet menu "Repair and Refuel","Retrofit","Load Troops" does not update the Selection Panel if that fleet is selected (it should update to show their new mission/order). Fleet window needs optimizations. Issuing commands via the fleet window is extremely slow as each command forces an update of the fleet list or so it seems. Fleet window needs ability to select multiple fleets simultaneously including keyboard short-cuts to reduce the amount of redundant key presses/time wasted.

The construction yard menu still needs a way to order more than 1 ship per click of "purchase" when the player wants direct control of where they are building. ALso perhaps the ability to change how much of the UI the "Ships waiting to be constructed" takes which can reduce the space of the list that shows what's currently being constructed.

The ships and Bases screen still closes when you click "Goto ship". Sometimes I just want to see exactly where a ship is and considering how slow it is to open that menu again it can be a real time waster.

I still want to see:
Ability to change the sorting for the colony list using the left panel area.
Seperated volume setting for the UI to turn down the interface confirmation sounds to a better volume without effecting the games volume.
Policy option to disable wonder building or set a minimum population to build wonders on. When wanting to strategically place wonders but not wanting to deal with the details of regular structures this can be a real nuisance.
Policy option to change how important resupply ships are.
Policy option to specify what fuel type of engines you want State ships/Bases and private ships/bases. If possible I"m sure someone would find a use for it to be for every single type of ship but I think for the main classes would be very very useful.
What exactly tells the AI it should build defence bases around planets or how much of a priority it is? I'd like this exposed to Policy settings.
War Weariness should slowly fade back to a default position instead of instantly zeroing out once peace is achieved.
Policy option to have all planets build a specific star-base if that base type isn't present in orbit yet as long as no enemies are around. (Useful for star-bases that increase happiness. While they can be set to be built at each new colonized planet each planet that was taken over or bases that have been destroyed must be replaced manually which could be done away with). Could be quite useful to introduce the concept of building bases that increase happiness to unhappy worlds and worlds that are of a minimum quality (Size and Quality %, development also)
Bases that are being viewed by the various tabs on the left side quick panel show no icon indicator or otherwise that they are currently undergoing a retrofit.
"Pirate Proximity" in galaxy creation lacks a random option. For that matter so does other options such as Expansion level etc. Some people find it interesting to go full random settings in games and see how they cope with potentially crazy settings.

Bugs that still are around:

When someone declares war on your ally and they ask for help, you can avoid having to make a choice by going to the diplomacy screen and having a conversation with any other race.
Offering someone in trade the same amount of money to and from them can still occur. This actually increases the "Our past Dealings with you have been good" modifier and should be fixed. The AI doesn't always allow it to occur though so how much they value the trade must change slightly due to relations but this shouldn't be possible. Although due to how slow the UI is at drawing on the screen at least that strongly discourages min-maxers from abusing.
Telling a fleet that's in warp to do the same order they're currently doing drops them out of warp, just to start warping to a slightly updated position. This probably shouldn't happen but technically it isn't exactly a bug.

Have not confirmed if this is still the case but I supsect it still is:

"When AI sends a diplomatic request saying they want something from you for nothing the only options are to accept or not to accept. If they're asking for a single item (which in my experience seems to be all they ask for) it should have another option to go to the item in question they are requesting" I'd add that it could be vitally important to know what exactly you're giving up to the AI and where it is.

Overall though my issues with the game are primarily to do with the interface in general, mainly the very slow speed of the UI when trying to do stuff with it. The lack of short-cuts and usability consistency in a lot of menus is unfortunate but not as bad to me as the performance issues.

I'd also be interested to know if the developers actually read these kinds of posts or if I'm just wasting my time. Thanks.
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