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Mike 2014年6月26日上午2:00
Flockers Update 5 - Bug Fixes & Twitch Streaming! Build #385
Hello Flockers,

Update 5 was published today which includes several fixes to reported bugs (thank you!), improvements and a few tweaks - from slowing down some Super-Sonic-Super-Sheep through to localisation, user interface and logic fixes. Check out the full changelog below.

More excitingly, Flockers now supports Twitch streaming - meaning you can broadcast your gameplay to your Twitch followers and chat with them whilst playing. We've created this guide to show you how to use Twitch in Flockers.

On to the change log!

New Stuff!
  • Twitch integration added

Changes, fixes and tweaks:
  • Improved localisation throughout the game
  • Fixed an issue causing custom sheep to become distorted in the rewards menu
  • Fixed an issue causing Lambo to be unlocked on the wrong level
  • Fixed several minor graphical issues
  • Fixed an issue causing Super Sheep to misbehave when flying from a formation against a wall
  • Added the levels from Update 4 to the campaign level select screen
  • Fixed an issue in level 35 which caused an incorrect value to be shown for the maximum rescue-able sheep
  • Fixed an issue where close groups of sheep could get through a 2-step formation
  • Fixed an issue with pathing on level 35
  • Fixed an issue causing players to receive 3 stars, despite only saving a single sheep
  • Fixed an issue which caused sheep to fail to fill a formation when there is a Mine above it
  • Fixed an incorrect message on the results screen
  • Fixed an issue with sheep clipping through ramps on level 18
  • Fixed an issue causing formations placed too close to moving angled ledges to release halted sheep
  • Fixed an issue causing Super Sheep to get stuck under 2-block stair formations when anti-gravity is applied
  • Fixed an issue causing sheep to get stuck on 2 block formations in level 26
  • Fixed an issue causing Super Sheep flying into the underside of stair formations to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue with desync between lighting animations and sound FX
  • Fixed an issue causing sleeping sheep to appear awake at the start of the level
  • Fixed an issue causing lights to persist after the level is restarted
  • Added keyboard/controller support for the level select screen
  • Fixed an issue causing Super Sheep to fly way, way too fast
  • Fixed an audio issue causing level 1 to ignore the user's audio settings
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to the user getting permanently stuck in the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue causing Super Sheep to repeatedly jump at the underside of stair formations
  • Fixed issues causing sheep to turn around when approaching formations
  • Fixed an issue causing Giblets to push each other around whilst at rest
  • Fixed a trap in level 18
  • Removed an invisible wall in level 1
  • Fixed an issue causing sheep to go over a vertical 2-block formation
  • Fixed an issue with mines causing sheep to stack
  • Fixed an issue causing sheep to turn around if a stair formation is removed from underneath them
  • Fixed an issue causing game focus to be lost when the user minimises the game whilst streaming with Twitch
  • Tweaked the Twitch user interface to make it more user friendly
  • Fixed an issue causing the Twitch chat window to be stuck at the default size
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Twitch user interface on the level select screen
  • Fixed an issue causing the Twitch chat text field focus to be removed if the cursor if moved off of the chat window
  • Fixed a crash which ocurred when restarting the game after a failed Twitch broadcast
We're always keen to get your feedback on the latest updates, so go and have a play! Let us know what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to see more of in this thread. 

Be sure to check out the Known Issues thread for a list of problems that we're working to resolve. As ever, keep those eyes peeled for pesky bugs - you can report them to us in the Bugs & Support forum.

Have fun!

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Diao Bombsky 2014年6月26日上午7:17 
Thank you all so much for constantly striving to improve the game :)
I just played a bit and it is running so much better.

I did find a new bug, wich came with the new update I think, seeing I didn't have it before.
I'm getting audio stuttering/cut-off during the sheep cutscenes/videos

For the rest, it runs like silk.. or sheep wool :)
Mike 2014年6月26日上午7:51 
Thanks TNT!

I'll mention the audio skipping to the developers, though it's not something I've seen myself today. If they feed anything back to me I'll let you know :)

BenTeam17 2014年6月27日上午1:40 

I've taken a look at this with the QA team and we're not seeing the issue internally.

Could you please confirm the version of Flockers that you have installed by following the steps below:

  • Launch Steam
  • Navigate to your Library tab
  • Right-click on Flockers
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab
  • Choose to Browse Local Files...
  • Open the file SteamBuildVersion.txt

If you're already on the most up-to-date version of the game, it might be an issue with some of the video files locally stored on your computer.
To fix issues like this, we recommend using Steam integrity cache check:

  • Launch Steam
  • Navigate to your Library tab
  • Right-click on Flockers
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab
  • Choose to Verify Integrity of Game Cache

If updating or verifying the game hasn't resolved the matter, try and grab a video for us and we'll look into this further.

Thank you,
Ben Team17
Diao Bombsky 2014年6月27日上午7:04 
Hello, Ben!
Thanks for chekcing into the issue.
I have found that the problem was related to my anti-virus program doing a sneaky silent-scan in the background while I was playing, wich slowed the machine a little down (thus causing the lamb.. i mean.. sound-chop). No problem related to the game whatsoever. Running as smooth as a meat-maker's conveyor system :) Thanks!
BenTeam17 2014年6月30日上午4:02 

That's great news.
Good to hear that it was nothing wrong with the game itself.
If you have any other problems, feel free to post them up.

Ben Team17
Maximo 2014年7月3日上午8:49 
Five new achievements. Can we already expect another update? :Sheep:
West  [开发者] 2014年7月4日上午1:08 
We've got one in the works Maximo, but at this stage there won't be anything this side of the weekend I'm afraid.
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