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Anhedonia Sep 17, 2017 @ 2:14am
Dream projection from older character is affecting new characters.
I recently played through the main campaign with the following character:

Wosha was a ghoul bulwark (lol), wore the Fearfire Mantle cape for a long time, and at one point was the victim of the Dreamscape spell. I play the game with a lot of addons installed, as you’ll note.

After winning the game I discovered that every new character I make is now running into Wosha’s dream projections in an odd manner. The new characters are running into and being damaged by Wosha’s fire aura from the cape. The dream projection appears in the combat log but cannot be seen on the map. Other than taking damage from the projection the characters cannot interact with the projection (no targeting or area of effect abilities). Here is a screenshot of a character receiving damage from the dream projection. Wosha’s level seems about right for the Dreamscape incident, but her equipment is slightly wrong, I never equipped anything into the ammo slot. The character Frankie the Haunted has placed his warhound in the center of the fire aura.

In the normal campaign almost every level the projection can be encountered in the upper left corner of the map. In the arena campaign the projection appears in the middle. If you impose the arena map onto a level map the projections seem to be spawning on the same square. Note, the projection spawns ALMOST all of the time, but sometimes will not appear. I couldn’t detect any pattern.

Older characters do not appear to be affected, only new ones.

I have tried turning off all of my addons and the Wosha projections continue to spawn. After that I killed Wosha but she just won’t stop haunting me.
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Anhedonia Sep 20, 2017 @ 1:17pm 
After more experiments I have found that the bug is affecting all new characters, but if I save and exit the program then restart it the dream projection will be gone for that character. Exiting to menu isn't enough, even reloading the projection will still be there, I have to completely shut down TOME.

I have also tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling. The bug is still there.

I just uninstalled a second time and have noticed that all of the save files and such are not deleted. Is there something I might be able to delete to stop Wosha's reign of fire and death?
Bozobub Sep 21, 2017 @ 4:29am 
You can easily delete the save files yourself, although if using the Steam version while online, it'll reestablish any deleted saves =p.
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Anhedonia Sep 21, 2017 @ 7:14pm 
Deleting the Wosha file didn't stop her horrible dream projections.

Was able to solve this by deleting the world.teaw file found in save folder.

I'm thinking that the game must maintain some permanent Dreamscape zone that uses the same grid as the rest of the game. The dream projection was even able to damage my characters on the world map. This Dreamscape area seems to save the last character that enters it.
Bozobub Sep 21, 2017 @ 7:56pm 
Good to know how you fixed it, thanks.
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