Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic

Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic

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64-bit Linux support?

I noticed that this game only ships with 32-bit binaries (game, bundled libraries, steamapi runtime included).

Would be great to have it working without 32-bit, with 64-bit version. You can build both and put into same package in steam, and set one or another to run in steam automatically.

Non-Unity games worth looking that supports and ship both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in the same download: Uplink, FEZ, The Escapists, Super Meat Boy, Super Hexagon, Serena, Opus Magnum, Human Resource Machine, Great Permutator, FTL Faster Than Light, EDGE, Dustforce, Darwinia, Democracy 3, About Love Hate and the other ones, Abyss The Wraiths of Eden, etc. Some of these use SDL/SDL2, but some directly interact with X / OpenGL or Vulkan and other APIs.

Take also a look at some other Unity games that ships both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in the same download, i.e. ChromaGun, AER(vulkan), Duskers, Art of Gravity, Automata Empire, Bridge Constructor Portal(vulkan), Despotism 3k(vulkan), Glitchspace, One More Line, PlagueInc, Micron, Skyward Collapse, SkyBoats(vulkan), Splice, wtl(vulkan), klocki(vulkan), oO, Train Valley, Unium, TheFall(vulkan), The39Steps, The Last Federation, TIS-100, Solar Settlers(vulkan), Spirits of Xanadu(vulkan), SiNKR(vulkan), etc.

Much appreciated!

Asking, because future of 32-bit Linux is a bit unclear in a coming decade :) Most notably Steam provided 32-bit runtime is not enough, as OpenGL drivers still need to be provided by distro for example.

PS. I see the game simply uses dosbox, and wasteland binary is essentially minorly modified dosbox binary. dosbox is available for 64-bit Linux, so it should be pretty easy task for devs to do it, and reorganize directories to share data files but provide two binaries and two SDL libraries for example.