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Serious Sam 4

Release date?
I mean 2018 or 19?
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аnŌn (Banned) Apr 21 @ 1:12pm 
Probably 19.
I believe November - December 2018, like it was with SS3
Most likely 2018.
Yatox Apr 21 @ 4:17pm 
Originally posted by 6 meter kuk:
I believe November - December 2018, like it was with SS3
Not sure honestly. I'd say it may come quite a bit sooner than you think. Consider this.

SS3 launched back in November 2011. What started the development of Talos was because of some puzzle mechanics they had experimented with in SS4. Talos launched December 2014.

So they could have potentially put over 4 years of work with Serious Sam 4. So I'd definitely say sometime this year.
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Mars Apr 21 @ 4:58pm 
I'm thinking July 2018. They'll show off the game at E3 in June and then get us pumped with a "RELEASES NEXT MONTH—JULY XX" announcement.
I could see it coming towards the end of this year.
As other shave said, around Nov to Dec.

Fits with Devolver's usual theme of announcing/showing a game close to it's release window.
DIMON13$ Apr 22 @ 1:37am 
End of 2018, December most likely (according to easter egg in Serious Sam VR and The Talos Principle release date).
Croteam did say they would start showing SS4 only when it's closer to release and its final form.
Late 2018 sounds good.
McMeDDo Jul 14 @ 5:11am 
any news about release date, devs?
snow Jul 14 @ 9:04am 
Originally posted by meto83:
any news about release date, devs?
They said 2019. Most likely will be postponed though.
100% 2019 but like the worst said probably postponed, gameplay hasn't even been officialy released
snow Jul 24 @ 5:26am 
Originally posted by flabby man♥♥♥♥♥♥1710690448230091082:
100% 2019 but like the worst said probably postponed, gameplay hasn't even been officialy released
Actually here has been some gameplay videos on YouTube.

It is Pre-Alpha though and it's the first one in the software release life-cycle.
First comes Pre-Alpha (development releases and nightly builds) this means that it's most likely only the developers get hands on the build.

Then comes Alpha. It is much more common for people to get hands on Alpha versions of any game but since it's Serious Sam we're talking about, we won't be able to play the alpha version of the game. I think that right now we're in the alpha stage.

Then comes beta. Now, we might see a lot more gameplays and trailers when the game hits this stage. It might happen at the end of this year.

Then comes the RC or Release Canditate. It is a beta build but with the potential to be the final build of the game and SS4 MIGHT get released at this stage unless serious bug emerge/they change their plans. Serious Sam Fusion is at this stage.

Then comes the RTM or release to manufracturing/release to marketing.
This is the stage that SS4 will see the light of day.

Then comes the GA or General Availability and after that comes Production to live release (gold).
If I understood correctly, these two mean the post-release development of the game. (Bugfixes, new features, etc...)
You can see more information here:

You can see that SS4 still has a pretty long development ahead.
All the gameplays and trailers are from the Pre-Alpha version of the game and even though there's a high possibility for it to be on the Alpha stage, we'll just have to wait and see when it emerges :)
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Originally posted by DisableBore:

That's pretty much pessimistic...maybe 2020 or with much luck (and good hard work from Croteam guys) at end 2019.
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