Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4


I love every Serious Sam game you have made, and I would like from you to make Serious Sam 4 the best of them all!

My suggestions are going to be simple hopefully. Previous Serious Sam games had some very customizable options for graphics, gameplay and controls. But, I feel like the first person view and weapon animations are boring because you cannot adjust weapon FOV and shake while moving intensity. Also, every weapon has almost no recoil and some no spread.

So, to make everything clear I've sorted my suggestions below:

- New Option: Adjust overall weapon field of view.
- Improve weapons animation to match character's movement speed.
- add some recoil and spread to each weapon to make it more exciting to shoot and control.
- First Person Body? hmm :D
- More dynamic view bob! with tilting!

With these suggestions in Serious Sam 4, it will never be boring again!
if you have more suggestions post them in this thread.

And that's it! thank you for spending your time reading my post.
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I'd like to know how, at the time of this writing, the store page says TBD, there are no system requirements listed, and 12 curators are listed as having reviewed the product and there are no reviews.

Once I figure that out, maybe I can come up with suggestions of my own. Personally I would disable curators entirely, but they keep showing up in store stuff and so it seems odd that 12 of them are listed as having the game and an opinion of it.
Danny [CT]  [developer] Dec 7 @ 7:21am 
This is indeed odd as nobody outside the office has played the game.
I've actually managed to read some of those currator reviews that were posted and they are all just jokes or something of the sort.

For instance:
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