Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4

Player-san Dec 28, 2018 @ 9:30pm
Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter and Kamikaze Attack
Homies, and home-ettes.

A long f-ing time ago Devolver contracted or who knows what, a bunch of indie spinoffs of ole Serious Sam.

Now to be honest I only liked DD and Kamikaze Attack, the other two Greek Encounter and that RPG one (which I beat by dying at the end, nice bug!) I distinctly remember having less fun than playing (and beating) Red Faction: Guerilla where it was bugging out and every object was invisible.

Now while that indeed was an awesome experience I just find it strange that Kamikaze Attack and the Greek Encounter are not on Steam.

They both were on Desura, and as the twenty of us who used Desura know that service is quite dead, so we cannot re-download the games from there.

However Kamikaze Attack was also in a HumbleBundle, but unless Humble Bundle is throwing me a curve I do not see it on the store.

Long story a tad bit longer, why aren't these games easily available. Luckily I have Kamikaze Attack (twice actually, its one of the few games I have installed on my Desura Library from before the shutdown, and the HB copy). But I do not have Greek Encounter. No one has the Greek Encounter. The Greek Encounter has been Mumkey Jones'd.

So homies at Devolver, as in a way I hope that Croteam had little to do with the Greek Encounter. Would ya'll make it available again as I would purchase it again and back it up this time. As I think all that is left of it is, is a couple videos on Dailymotion of all places.

From my research the original developer doesn't even have much of a mention of it.

Also add Kamikaze Attack as well, as that game is actually fun.

Thanks, from a Serious Sam fan
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Sorry, but this doesn't have anything to do with SS4.
Player-san Dec 29, 2018 @ 5:07pm 
But is that a provable statement?
Fine fine, just point me to the Greek Encounter or Kamikaze Attack forum on steam and Ill go ahead and post it there
Kamikaze Attack and Greek Encounter don't have their respective Steam forums, unforunately.
Shame, looks like I'll have to find a Serious Sam forum to post this in, for relevancy sake. brb, looking for a Serious Sam related forum. Hopefully one that is more recent, given higher likelyhood of visability. I'll cut and paste once I have found such a forum.
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