Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4

what i think this needs
it needs online
it needs lan
it needs splitscreen
it needs splitscreen + lan or online or both at the same time

it needs to be fun
it needs to run well

it needs a VR version.
ideally you own the vr version if you own the base game. it is a feature not a standalone game. but if you have to sell it seperately, fine. just dont overcharge us and ill be happy, as long as you make the vr version.

ideally it also needs the vr version to be compatable with online/ local co op. not competittive multiplayer. just co op.

imagine playing in vr co op with someone playing on your monitior. and you take turns. that would be cool. and i mean, if you lower the graphics etc. on modern hardware we should easily be able to run even 2 player splitscreen at the same time as vr. but thats asking a bit much i know. but it would be cool if you gave us an option to run in, say 'classic serious sam' graphics so we could either run the game on really low end hardware or do more with it. i.e more splitscreen players or splitscreen and vr at the same time.

isnt all that half the point of this whole 'fusion' thing..? so they all run on the same engine etc etc.

cheers. looking forward to it anyway! :)
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Fallout 76 is GOTY
Private Ryan appears to be beyond saving, if he is posting to a Serious Sam forum about another developer's products.

Perhaps he needs to use the steam cloud. but that may corrupt his saves.

Otherwise, I agree that that SSIV needs to local lan support, needs to be fun, and needs to run well.
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