Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4

- Can i play this game? - Nope! - answered video driver
Now seriously.

I'll write here, since this is the official game forum.

I am grateful to the developers for all their efforts and new versions of the game. It does you the honor. True, I have a small request.

Why every time when a new video driver appears, does the game ask for an update?
Of course it's great, but damn it, I just want to go into the game and start playing.
Why does a game that is more than five years old need constant updating?
In order for the game to work stably on new video cards and systems, I suppose.
All this is wonderful, but I'm not interested, every time I update the video driver to run this game. Why do other games work fine without new updates? Why is only Sam constantly asking for a new driver?
Why don't the game just say, for example, dude, your video driver seems to be outdated, the game may not work stably, do you really want to start the game? I say, not a question, I will update when I need it. But gosh, just let me run for old buddy Sam.

For example today. BFE refused to start, demanding to update the video driver. I say, ok, here's a new driver for you. The game said no, I don't like him, let's have another one. True, after some time, it still started. TFE does not start at all. Although the Fusion version is stable. Everything works fine there. But I do not like that part of the text is not translated into my language.

Is it possible that after some time, the game will generally stop running, only because your video card, and the whole system did not like the game itself?

How does the fourth part of Sam show himself? Will it work normally, or constantly be naughty on the system she didn’t like?

That's all I wanted to say. Thanks for attention.
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margalus Oct 23 @ 9:35am 
What are your PC specs? If this is happening you need to figure what is wrong with your computer to keep causing this.
Yes, of course, the computer is to blame.

You know, if you have several identical games on one engine, the difference is only in new levels, and three of them are launched, and one is not, then this is the problem of the software of the game itself, and not of my computer.

And yes, the game is still running. Apparently it takes time to adapt the new driver.
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Azerate Nov 11 @ 6:18pm 
The problem is at your end. All SS games work fine and this never happens to anyone else.
Terepin Nov 12 @ 1:41am 
Originally posted by Black Penguin:
Yes, of course, the computer is to blame.
The fact that you posted this to forum of a game that wasn't even released yet makes me doubt you're intelligent enough to operate your PC properly.
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It's a bug in Windows 10 with AMD drivers.

Press Win + CTRL + Shift + B right before launching the game. The bug itself is related to Windows 10's "Fast startup" feature that performs a hybrid shutdown of the system. This causes AMD drivers to behave incorrectly when turning your system on.

This only happens with DX9 ones (Serious Sam HD and BFE, NOT Fusion).
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