Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4

How about a magic box?

Will the developers answer me? Will the game have a collector's edition?

Well, a couple of others too.

1. During the game, I wondered many times where Sam got his T-shirt.

2. Will we finally be shown where all these monster crowds come from? Maybe a factory or some kind of factory? They must come from somewhere! For the three parts of the game, it was not explained at once. Okay, I understand the ships from BFE, they were just flying teleports. But how to explain the first and second encounters?

3. Why did some types of monsters change or disappear between the BFE and TFE events? The simplest example is everyone's favorite biomechanoid robots.

4. Why did Sam have forgotten how to fight hand-to-hand combat after teleportation to ancient Egypt? I understand that this is a game mechanic, and everything like that, but I would also like to get an answer.

5. Do you plan to publish chronicles once to learn more about the universe and close some plot holes?

6. Do you plan to once allow third-party developers or fans to develop a game on the very first scenario?

7. Why is Sam so unkillable? He looks like a man, but in reality, a walking terminator. He didn't even eat anything throughout the game!

8. Who is M...

Warning. Top Secret. Access denide. Security protocol is enabled.




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Solais Oct 20 @ 3:26am 
1. I don't think this was ever explained, but seeing how he got different shirts per different game, he probably got a bunch of them. Maybe he just bought a bunch of white shirts and then printed his logo on them.

2. You can learn about the enemies and their origins in their Netricsa messages. In general, they are either transported to the planet so they are already there, or teleported.

3. There are about 3000 years between TFE and BFE. Then again, as we seen from the released screens, SS4 will redesign the enemies again, so maybe we should think that simply all the new enemy designs are how they always looked, or something. Wish there were some consistency with these designs already.

4. Indeed this is just game mechanics, he didn't forget.

5. There are some efforts going into making the game lore more consistent right now indeed, though nothing like a chronicle lore book yet, more like on a game-by-game basis for now. But maybe there will be a lore book one day.

6. There have been numerous indie SS games out there already, and there's one still to come (Tormental), so I guess it's always possible to have some.

7. He's just very serious about the whole deal.

8. Mental is the last of the Hum-Tah, immortal beings, his real name is Tah-Um. (Allegedly.)
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