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Questions for Devs, Expectations, and Ideas
I'm hyped for Serious Sam 4! I've only been a fan for about 5 years but have played on Serious difficulty exclusively for the past 3 and have already clocked in over 1000 hours into Fusion's Singleplayer alone; it's that G****** awesome. I'm basically just going to share my opinions and ideas as well as post some questions that probably won't get answered because SS4 is in pre-alpha. From this I hope to get some clarification on the direction SS4 is taking as well as some new ideas and feedback from the community!

1. Will we see the return of the Technopolip in SS4, and if so will there be new variants of it? Imagine fighting one attatched to a tank that can fire shells from a distance, or another variant attatched to a combine harvester that would try and run over Sam. Maybe Technopolip can hijack Sam's vehicles if he's not careful!

2. Will the XL2 laser gun and sniper rifle be main weapons in the campaign (i.e. not just in secret locations)?

3. I know that vehicles like the motorcycle and armored-popemobile will be in SS4, but what other vehicles will Sam be able to operate? It would be kinda cool to see Sam pilot military vehicles like Humvees, tanks and attack choppers.

4. Are there going to be levels where you have to use vehicles to progress (hopefully not)? Vehicles in every level, or restricted to certain maps? Vehicles in multiplayer deathmatch?

5. Will annoying enemies like the Witch Bride and cloned soldiers make a return? If so, please use TLH version of the Witch Bride and make it so soldiers use projectile weapons!

6. Besides the Cannon, will OP weapons from prior games like the Devastator and Serious Bomb make a return in SS4 and can we expect to see some new entries (maybe even the fabled Ghost Buster weapon!)

7. Any new weapons and enemies? Can even be just their names, no stats or functions (yet).

8. Will any inspiration be taken from SS2 or TLH in terms of enemy design? It would be cool to see the airspace dominated by Mental's ground attack craft like the bomber and fighter or by some of those mechanical dragons you got to fight on the beaches of Arcadia Minor. Would also be fun to blow apart kleer knights and SS2 inspired roller-balls on foot!

9. If SS4 will be running in the same engine as Fusion or vise versa, which I think supports up to 10 separate weapon categories, does this mean new weapon tiers will be created to fill those slots?

10. Will powerups like serious damage, invulnerability, serious speed make a return?

11. I didn't see any sprinting in any of the gameplay footage, does this mean there's no sprinting or that it just hasn't been implemented yet?

12. Will other variants of "the beheaded" return besides the kamikaze, like rocketeer, firecracker and bomber?

13. Rural France has been confirmed to be a location, but where else will SS4 take place?

Things I don't want to see:
- Underground sections
- Movement restrictions (caused by level or enemy)
- SS3 style Witch Brides
- Abundance of mini-secrets in place of true secrets
- Useable vehicles everywhere, only in secret areas or off beaten path
- Vehicles out of necessity for a tough fight or progression
- Experience points, weapon upgrade points/tokens, cosmetic skins, and pretty much all the other crap modern games are shipped with these days (even new DOOM was plagued by this... still fun though)
- Heavy attacks (unless properly telegraphed by way of audio or visual queue... heavy attacks in general feel out of place; didn't know gnaars could meteor-strike me out of existance or that big a** biomechs could stop and instantly do a 360 no scope with lasers)

Things I want to see:
- Classic jump height (jump over lasers, low flying rockets)
- Less hitscan enemies (reserved for Arachnoids)
- Double ammo on Serious difficulty
- More useful secrets, less mini-secrets (powerful weapon, serious health/armor/pack, powerups)
- Don't actually want to see vehicles in game, but because they're already confirmed, I wouldn't mind seeing things like tanks, helicopters and humvees in game just to give Sam some offensive measures while traveling (only if found in secret areas)
- Funny and fun easter eggs, like finding a tommy gun that can replace assault rifle
- Old-school version of leveling up (finding new and better guns in conjunction with honing personal skill instead of purchasing weapon/character upgrades)

1. Remember the technopolip cutscene from SS3 where it fell from the sky like a meteor onto the crashed helicopter and presumably took control over it? I had an idea that either SS2 style jets (if in game) or Alcor Class Warships could pass overhead and drop technopolips onto vehicles that would soon come to life and would have to be destroyed by Sam the only way he knows how!

2. If tanks were to make it into the game as either a secret vehicle or as a fun option for clearing out Mental's troops, I had some ideas for how it would operate. It would only have 20 shots for the primary cannon which would shoot a projectile similar to a devastator shell. It would travel in a straight line and pierce through all small targets it comes into contact with but would explode for the same damage as a cannon ball on larger targets like Khnums and Biomech Majors. It would have a secondary sabot cannon with only 300 rounds that would expend at a similar rate to the classic minigun but would do about 20-30 damage per shot. Low ammo counts ensure you cannot stay in tank forever and kamikazes would pose a threat because too many can blow off the tire-treads as well as the tank itself.

3. Seeing as SS4 will take place before SS3, which borrowed lots of military elements, I don't think it would be out of the realm of possibility for SS2 style grenades to make a return to Sam's arsenal as a passive weapon which can be thrown at any time to lighten up tougher crowds of foes. Especially useful since there will be thousands of them! If not, maybe C4 will make a return as a weapon but Sam can carry more charges.

4. Imagine if C4 charges from SS3 and and the grenade launcher from SS classic/HD had a child with an explosive temper. Basically an idea for a new weapon which would replace the standard C4; will have same charging mechanic as classic grenade launcher to launch C4 great and not so great distances and secondary fire detonates C4 charge. Not too creative but very deadly!

At the end of the day, I really don't care if these questions are answered or if any of these ideas are implemented because I know for a fact that whatever Croteam decides to cook up will be totaly worth it. I just want to thank all of the devs for your hard work and dedication to the series and for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment you've given me. Also I'm inexplicably in love with Croatia now, from the architecture and landscape through to the people and culture. I pray they win the World Cup and hope to celebrate soon with a victory over Mental's horde in Serious Sam 4!
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SS3's Witch-Bride is one of the best things in the game. Only players, bad at aiming and quick descision-making are crying about it. I never met a problem dealing with them.
Originally posted by Serious Sam(BG):
SS3's Witch-Bride is one of the best things in the game. Only players, bad at aiming and quick descision-making are crying about it. I never met a problem dealing with them.
Honestly, I think you have a good point. TLH's version is cool tho, I like the way it teleports around.

I do also agree with the higher jumping.
Solais Jun 29 @ 5:13am 
Btw, those "Heavy Attacks" in Fusion SS3 are properly telegraphed now since a few patches ago. (At least, most of them.)
Skorly Jun 29 @ 9:57am 
Originally posted by Serious Sam(BG):
SS3's Witch-Bride is one of the best things in the game. Only players, bad at aiming and quick descision-making are crying about it. I never met a problem dealing with them.

I honestly think they are just boring enemies. They take way too long to kill and do very little damage. I also have a large distaste for stun mechanics, so getting killed because you can't move isnt fun IMO.

I love the idea of heavy armed vehicles and fun secrets for SS4. Like your suggestion of the Tommygun replacing the AR, how about the 4-barreled rocket launcher replacing the single-barreled one? I can imagine this.
Originally posted by Solais:
Btw, those "Heavy Attacks" in Fusion SS3 are properly telegraphed now since a few patches ago. (At least, most of them.)

Woops, guess I should have elaborated a bit more! A few of the enemies I would say are properly telegraphed, a few are alright, and some still feel kinda RNG. Let me explain:

Properly telegraphed (announces attack beforehand with visual and/or audio queues):

- Technopolip Gunship: Makes an awesome and distinct sound when opening up its rocket pods. It is loud enough to be heard durring battle and is different from any other attack sound, making it instantly recognizable.

- Biomechanoid Minor: Barrels of laser cannons flash briefly and a distinct audio queue plays before firing, allowing players a small window of opportunity to make decisions on how to deal with it.

Decently telegraphed (has a visual or audio queue that happens durring or after the attack):

- Scrapjack: They do telegraph their attack by grunting and raising their cannons into the air, however they usually spawn into the map from far away before closing in, making it difficult to determine what attacks they are doing until either rockets or grenades land near/on the player. They're also very vocal durring combat, grunting before each attack, so maybe a way to fix this would be to give them their own special grunt before doing this attack. Grenades could also have a distinct "tube" sound when launching from cannons instead of same rocket firing sound.

- Gnaar: The only visual hint they give is after they punch, where a strange flame effect envelops their arm. They also stay curled up for longer before attacking, which does give it away. I actually think this attack is kinda funny, so I wouldn't suggest changing it, but it feels a little random thogugh (nothing a sledgehammer can't handle!)


- Biomechanoid Major: Like the Scrapjack, Majors are vocal during combat. They yell when they catch sight of Sam, they yell randomly while walking, they yell while shooting a volley of 2 rockets, and they yell while shooting a volley of 10 rockets! The yell has little to no variation, making it seem kinda pointless. To make the heavy attack stand out, maybe make it so that the Major only yells when it spots Sam or is about to perform the heavy attack (not durring!) Also, maybe make launchers spark, flame up, or do something before firing like the Minor?

- Beheaded Rocketeer: Ok, now these guys are totally RNG! They either fire normal magic missile, or lock on magic missile with the only difference being the appearance of the projectile. If wanting to make better/different, I propose one of two things:

1. Make Rocketeer do unique grunt before firing missile and also have the Rocketeer's weapon do a muzzle flash before firing lock on missile.

2. Create a brand new Rocketeer type that gets mixed in with crowds of normal Rocketeers that wears a different color shirt and that strictly fires lock on missiles.

(Personally I like 2nd one myself just because I'd love to see variation in Rocketeer types; especially if Croteam has any plans of updating Fusion SS3 with other types like Firecrackers and Bombers!)
Solais Jun 30 @ 4:15pm 
Noted. Actually the Rocketeers do have a unique prepare animation, but I noticed it too late that it can't be seen from far, and even close it can be problematic (they load a shining ball into their guns before firing).
Bad Joe Jun 30 @ 4:32pm 
to help with the ss3 rocketeer's homing shot issue, they should play a distinct reload sound when preparing it. something like a combination of a magazine insert sound and a few scifi beeps and boops, but nothing crazy enough that 5 of them doing it at once will kill your ears
Originally posted by Solais:
Noted. Actually the Rocketeers do have a unique prepare animation, but I noticed it too late that it can't be seen from far, and even close it can be problematic (they load a shining ball into their guns before firing).

First of all, thanks for responding! Second of all, didn't know Rocketeers did that. Third: be honest, what's the probability of me getting a response from CT to any of the questions originally posted? (Also, thanks for all you do with the community!)
Solais Jul 1 @ 12:51am 
Danny is the one usually replying to these threads (as you can see from my lack of a title, I'm not associated with SS4 - I work on a different, yet unannounced project), I only replied because it was Fusion related. The questions are a little "spoilerific", so it's possible that not all questions will be answered. But it all depends on Danny.
But he does read -all- threads, so even if he doesn't reply, he still reads it!

And thanks!
lauke Jul 7 @ 11:15am 
My main proposal in order to make the next Serous Sam game have much less chance to annoy people is to not spawn enemies in the neighbourhood of the players. In fact, why not (to the appearance of the players) not having any spawning at all? Why not just have the enemies there waiting for you.
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