Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4

Got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday.
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Nice! Is there any new info?
Originally posted by GrandSecgend:
Nice! Is there any new info?

Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I can do a summary if you'd like. Will check it out later tonight.
would love to hear some news too
Ok here are the main snippets of it:

- The atmoshphere at the Croteam's Studio in Croatia is as serious as the SS games, basically they are a bunch of clowns.

- The game will feature biggest individual levels ever in an SS game as we already know, but it's not an open world game. Croteam cites Uncharted 4 as an example, where you have large maps to explore for sidemissions and secrets but still need to follow a linear path to proceed with the game.

-"Planet Badass" refers to the fact that only humans left at this point on earth are badasses XD

-Sam will not be a lone wolf like in older games, there will be NPCs you will encounter in levels.

- Thanks to the new tech Croteam calls "Legion System" they are hoping to have epic in game battles featuring thousands of enemies at once (example used is like a Lord of The Rings movie battle, with you being in there with a minigun).

- The game will feature more Hollywood style, bombastic cinematic music to go with the epic scale of the battles, but it will mix it up with the classic Sam style rhythmic music as well.

I think that's really all the interesting Sam stuff, the rest of the preview talks about Croteam and how they have come up with some clever homebrew tech solutions, like a HTC Vive based motion capture room. There is also a part on how Croteam uses bots to play test levels in Talos, basically they learn key points of the solution from a human player and then can do runs through levels super quick finding isues with it.

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The game will feature more Hollywood style, bombastic cinematic music... Honestly I really like where this is going I think Damjan will blast in SS4. And I think he already kinda started doing this mash up in The Last Hope
Thanks! So nothing really new, unfortunatelly.

Uncharted 4 might be a game worth checking out to see what kind of inspiration they might be drawing from.

Planet Badass does make more sence now, actually.
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