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Serious Sam 4

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Terepin Oct 20 @ 7:03am 
If you want it more like Quake 3 Arena, go play Quake 3 Arena. Problem solved.
rad87gn Oct 20 @ 7:22am 
Croteam has one of the best musicians ever. But ok.
ost only needs to be as epic as the second encounter's final grand cathedral level soundtrack
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Umm… I don’t know about you, but Damjan is way better. One of the best composers there is. Although I still think that the music "system" in Croteam games needs to be improved.

Games are something interactive and the music should reflect that.

Peaceful/Fight music system is nice but it can to be improved. What I want is something like the Talos Principle “final level” music system; when the the situation gets dangerous, the music becomes tense, and when the situation becomes more safe, the music calms down a little. Looking into the game file, there appears to be five “levels” in that music’s gradient.

Serious Sam could use that, for example:
1. if you HP is low, the music tenses up
2. if there are more/bigger/tougher enemies, the music tenses up, at a certain threshold the music changes altogether (“War” music started playing etc.)
3. even pulling up a certain weapon changes the music, like pulling a Tommy gun or Minigun adds a fast beat or something, and the cannon adds some intense music or something

Keep Damjan, don’t you dare replace him, but work on the games sound system.
Yeah Damjan is cool lol. Just taking the ♥♥♥♥.

I'd love some more Industrial METAL. not EBM but actual Metal. more Quake 2-style than Quake 3 style sounds. Also joking about the gameplay part, but i still feel it sucks Q3 didn't have a proper singleplayer campaign, instead of just bots.

Serious Sam is Serious Sam, but any change we can get a powerup that turns our movement physics like Sarge's? ) Sometimes Sam feels too slow, maybe buff the Sprinting to make it more faster (We're in larger maps in SS4 anyway...)

Unfortunately, SS4 soundtrack will be different from Classic and SS3, because it will be looking for the Hollywood orchestral music style... You can hear some samples in the leaked footage from Developer Blue. Also Damjan said it. I've hoped for more classic FE/SE driven soundtrack.

Raw metal is not suitable for SS games and SS3 proved it. Techno with samples of metal or metal, strongly mixed with electronic elements - yes, but raw metal - nope, nope and nope! :)
Also - daily reminder: SS2 sucks and fortunately is not canon anymore. :)
Honestly, you can change Serious Sam’s music style as much as you want as long as you keep Damjan at the helm. That guy is a genius. From TFE to TSE to BFE and even The Talos Principle. That music is AAA. So different yet so good, and most importantly it “fits” well.
Bad Joe Oct 21 @ 9:37pm 
soundtrack for TLH is likely pretty similar to what can be expected from SS4. it should be noted that one of damjan mravunac's biggest inspirations is hans zimmer. every SS game has had good orchestra-style music, so i don't think there's much to worry about.

as for the metal, i don't think the Q2 or Q3 styles would fit the game. most of the tracks are too slow and/or grungy when compared to the ones used in SS in my opinion
Anything but Hans Zimmer please! Even the Trancey-Metal stuff we've heard during the marsh hoper encounters in TFE is better than Hans Zimmer! Orchestral music is so generic

I'm hoping SS4's OST won't be very generic, too.

Even though there is a John Prime song also called "Sam Stone," I'm not sure it would legitimately be included in there as well. Uh-oh, I think I've summoned Salzinga Robofico.
lol. That song should be the main theme on the menu.
north Nov 2 @ 1:44pm 
Soundtrack should be cool epic dubstep maybe get Skrillex on board
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