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Cities: Skylines

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Shape the Horizon with Alienware!
Greetings, modding Chirpies!

We are hosting a contest together with Alienware to celebrate the release of the steam machine, something we are very excited about!

It's a relatively open format where you're at liberty to be creative as long as you adhere to the rules and recommendations.

Grand Prize (1st Place): Top Model Alienware Steam Machine!
2nd Place: Base Model Alienware Steam Machine!
3rd Place: $250 Steam gift card
4th & 5th Place: $100 Steam gift card

Read more about the Shape the Horizon contest here[].

Monument summer contest - win a GTX 980! #TEMPTED
The Extravagant Large-Sized Monument And Or Statue Contest
Or, for short, The Extremely Monumental Production Task Eloquently Delivered - TEMPTED.

The goal of this competition is to create a city monument that is the World's Biggest of something. These type of monuments serve as tourist attractions and bragging rights for cities. Be creative, because you certainly wouldn't want another modeller to make the same thing, but bigger, than yours!

For example...
World's Biggest Buffalo
World's Largest Shuttlecock
World's Tallest Rollercoaster

Our most gracious and sincere thanks to for supplying us with this hardware.

1st place:
ASUS GTX 980 4GB[]

2nd place:
Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset[]
Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse[]
Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard[]
Razer Firefly mousepad[] (yes that's a backlit mousepad, it's ridiculous)

3rd place:
Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse[]
Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard[]

  • Model must be under 4,000 tris, LOD under 200
  • You may advertise your model, but spamming any community or forum is not acceptable. Getting removed/disciplined for spam on a 3rd party site may lead to judges invalidating your entry.
  • No obscene or graphic models. Keep it clean!
  • You are allowed to participate with as many models as you wish (they will be judged individually).
  • Your entry MUST be tagged with #TEMPTED in the Steam Workshop TITLE to be eligible.
  • If we (Paradox) suspect vote manipulation we maintain the rights to disqualify entries.
  • Winners must be able to supply us with their home address & shipping location within a week of finishing the contest.
  • Your model MUST BE in the unique building category. It does not need to hold any particular gameplay functionality or values, nor does doing so disqualify it.
  • Models uploaded to the Workshop prior to 00:01 July 16th GMT+2 will be disqualified.
  • Your building may NOT portray or copy anything that is currently trademarked or under copyright, meaning no brands that aren't Paradox affiliated (unless you are able to display that brand owner's written permission).
  • ONLY original models, you may not submit another persons work, be it modified or as-is.

The contest will run in two stages.

Stage one: Production
This starts July 2nd and ends July 15th. We have opted to give everyone participating the same shot at producing something of great quality and not reward only the fastest asset creators.
During this time you are not allowed to upload your asset on the Steam workshop or any third party site. Users are allowed to talk about their creations, share images and discuss progress.

Stage two: Workshop voting
Running from 00:00 the night between July 15-16 GMT+2/CEST to midnight on July 22nd (so it ends as us Swedes pass into the 23rd). This is the part where your model will be judged by the public. Popularity is valued by the amount of subscriptions you have at the end date of stage two.
There will be a contest thread on Paradoxplaza where you are allowed to post your workshop entry once to spread the word.

The top three most subscribed participating assets will be crowned winners.

#TEMPTED will be moderated and managed by Jonathan/Azurespecter as I'm on vacation.

That's it! Go! Be creative! We're really looking forward to seeing your results!

The Skylines Team