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Cities Skylines NOT launching
I need help. I am unable to get this game to work. I have tried all the methods for removing the paradox launcher, unistalling steam and the game, using the .bat thing (my computer does not like this), removing all mods and " saved files. If I get this game to work again.... big emphasis on if... I have to start EVEYTHING over. I need help and there is no one to call.
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I'm afraid we'll need to see the output_log.txt (called player.log on Mac and Linux) to be able to help. As you can't attach it here and it is much too long to post here, I recommend you make a report on our support forum here:

The log can be found here:

<Epic Games>\CitiesSkylines\Cities_Data\output_log.txt

Mac OS X

~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log
I completed the log on the link on paradox plaza
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