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[ACE] abordeu  [developer] Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:15pm
Versus mode revealed!
Hi guys! Here is a preview of the new Versus mode which will debut exclusively on PC! Take control of any of the game's characters and challenge your friends in an all-out brawl!

If anyone is at Las Vegas for EVO go check it out at Atlus' stand (next to Persona 4 Arena). For the rest, here's the video link. Enjoy!:

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-[Dash]Blue Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:17pm 
[= ClayMeow =] Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:20pm 
Wow, that looks sweet!

That can be played local too, right?
[ACE] abordeu  [developer] Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:22pm 
Only local for now. We'll add online in future updates (this was squeezed-in during the final month of development).
[ACE] cbordeu  [developer] Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:25pm 
Despite being the game's "secondary" game mode, I think a lot of people will spend more time on the versus than in the campaign itself (It is super fun). The current implementation is version 1.0, and we will enhance and (hopefully) grow some sort of competitive community around it.

More characters / balancing / special attacks / etc are things that we will update this with, just like a regular fighting game.
JJJuLiO ! Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
what a surprise!
definitely that mode needs to be online in the future!
nice move ACE TEAM! <3 Chilean pride!
[= ClayMeow =] Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:32pm 
I guess I'll be inviting a friend over next weekend to try it out! :wrynhappy:

It's about time we get some SSB/PSASBR-like brawler on PC!
Minchi Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:36pm 
OMG...it doesn't look like Super mash bro but a 4 vs version of castlevania ...quite awesome XD
Messofanego Jul 10, 2014 @ 4:01pm 
I didn't even know versus mode of any kind was being done for the release of the game, congrats Bordeu bros!

My friend who's into fighting games should love this. Haven't been to his place in a while.
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Ozium Jul 11, 2014 @ 6:55am 
super bordeu brothers
[ACE] abordeu  [developer] Jul 11, 2014 @ 7:01am 
Originally posted by Ozium:
super bordeu brothers
Made me smile :)
If only all developers would make me not regret pre-ordering, even before release of said game, like ACE-Team does.
This one's a pleasant surprise. I've pre-ordered a co-op game with balls-deep fighting system but also recieved a fighting game ^_^

Just wish all game-devs were like you. Thanks ACE.
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[ACE] abordeu  [developer] Jul 11, 2014 @ 3:33pm 
Thanks for the support guys!
Majora Jul 11, 2014 @ 11:51pm 
Is it possible to play this mode against an AI opponent?
Have you guys gotten any feedback from EVO? It would be neat to read some since previews have been very slim to come by.
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