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DjArcas  [developer] Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:10am
Current Patch notes (V2.1, 30th November)
(As a quick rule of thumb, if a machine has a missing icon, it's brand new, hasn't had its graphics locked down, and it'll come, never fear!)

21 short days after leaving Early Access, I'm pleased to announce the version 2 patch.

The focus for this patch has been a lot of the feedback from the new player base, as well as taking advantage of the 3-week period to move to a much newer version of Unity, and get that tested. The newer Unity version adds a raft of fixes for Linux, as well as improved performance across the board.

What else to mention? I'm aware that multiplayer is in need of more love, sales are good... time for me to fix up all the forum posts and start on version 3. Version 3 should make charging the OET much easier, with much better power generators, another tier of weaponry, and access to the Tier-4 ores.

Major Features
  • -This is Unity 4.6.9 - about 18 months newer than the last version of Unity we were using!
  • Improved corrupted world recovery (doing what I can to overcome Windows' awful file system)
  • Fixed a bunch of achievements!
  • Major improvments to wasp route finding
    Added Organic Solar Panels!
  • Added brand new Advanced Conveyor Filters, allowing SPECIFIC filtering of items!
  • Added Tunnelling mobs - still using placeholder graphics
  • Added Threat Generators and Calmers, allowing you to control your threat better (Still using placeholder graphics)
  • Rebalanced wasp attacks
  • SpiderBot improvements
  • Added detail setting "bloom" to the console
  • Segment pop-in has been substantially improved
  • DAPPER DLC OWNERS! You can now colourise torches with the paintgun!
  • Conveyor Slopes!
  • High-tier batteries now correctly level charge between them.
  • Improved initial tutorial experience. Hopefully it's a lot less subtle now.
  • Much improved Conveyor and Storage Hopper interactions; should lead to a much more even split of resources.
  • Lots of placeholders removed!

Full Patch notes
  • CPH Solar energy now visible on the Holobase
  • AutoExcavator will no longer cause issues and crashes.
  • SUBSTANTIAL improvement to Wasp movement - they should do a MUCH better job at skimming along the ground towards your base.
  • Torch lights no longer show the wrong colour.
  • LPTs should no longer have random maximum power values. Hurray!
  • Agitators no longer lower threat (bugger)
  • It's no longer possible for mobs to spawn IN your base. This was a 1-in-1024 chance, and includes tunnel nukers.
  • Empty Metal Tubes need 4 iron bars - down from 16.
  • Game now copes with a world.dat with gibberish in it
  • Game now copes with a world.dat with 0 bytes of data in it
  • Game now copes with a world.dat that's gone AWOL
  • Game now backs up world.dat on each games startup
  • A touch of polish on the world select screen!
  • Reduced transfer rate on T4 and T5 batteries, to fix some of the weird issues with transferring too much power per tick.
  • T4 batteries should now correctly load balance
  • T5 batteries should now correctly load balance
  • T4 and T5 should more-or-less correctly load balance between them.
  • AutoExcavators should no longer dig up machines
  • Minecarts can no longer attempt to navigate illegal vertical tracks
  • Dropped minecarts should last a lot longer now
  • Dropped Minecarts now lerp smoothly (this potentially applies to any dropped items)
  • Ores now have a potential maximum richness of 1280, up from 900
  • Items movements are now timestepped - no more oscillating weirdness.
  • BFLs and AutoExcavators only drop 5% of garbage blocks.
  • Fixed some minor spam
  • The BFL has had a couple of minor improvements. You may find them satisfying.
  • BFL rock drops are no longer regimented and weird.
  • AutoExcavator rock drops are no longer regimented and weird.
  • AutoExcavator now digs upto 256 tall (to match upgraded lifts)
  • Use Shift-Q/Shift-E to rapidly alter the length of lifts.
  • Lifts with attached Compressors should no longer exhibit issues if the compressor link breaks.
  • Mynocks now die at 0 hp, not -1. No more non-target-able Mynocks!
  • Improvements to Turret targeting movement
  • Waves now hard clamped to 10 bosses
  • Waves now hard clamped to 50 heavies
  • If the clamp is hit, the roll goes back into the pool.
  • Reduced sub-wave gap substantially, balanced on Threat, not Power.
  • Reloading when less than 90 seconds to an attack causes the timer to increment to 90, so you won't get a really underpowered attack.
  • Rush Mode no longer allows Hard Mobs. Permadeath should be reversed for this incorrect seting.
  • Improvement to SpiderBot that may well fix the exploding legs forever!
  • Perma-death messages substantially improved
  • Suit upgrades will reset in Clumsy/Ironman mode
  • Items will no longer float just above conveyor belts
  • Turntables that face air but have a non-conveyor item diagonally down from them will no longer cease rotation.
  • Added Wasp Agitators. These will generate 10% additional threat. This is commutative, so 10 of them will double your threat, 20 of them will triple your threat, and so on. Each additional Agitator also causes an extra 5 mobs to spawn. These require power. Numbers are
    untweaked. Try not to overdo it. BWAHAHA. Who am I kidding?
  • Improvements to TD mob spawning.
  • Significant improvements to efficiency of turret targetting - they are now MUCH less likely to spend time focussing on the same mob. MK3 turrets should now be considered many times better.
  • Added Wasp Calmers. These reduce your threat. They require much less power than the Wasp Agitators, and can be used in conjunction with Trivial Mobs to pretty much remove this part of the game. These WILL not work whilst the OET has charge however, so they cannot be used to trivialise that section of the game.
  • Turrets no longer target mobs with <0 health that aren't yet marked as 'dead'
  • CPH Health and Kill Counter now disappears if you haven't killed anything for 10 seconds
  • Tunnel Nukers now have a broader range of height, meaning they should chew away at the landscape more efficiently for the TD attacks.
  • Significant changes to the way mobs spawn - you should no longer see lemming-esque suicidal oozes spawning in the air front of you.
  • Reduced the specular component of Basic Conveyors (Less affected by nearby lights - less 'glowy')
  • Slopes look marginally less knackered
  • Fixed a number of shadow distance calculation errors.
  • Shadow Min/Max distance settings in the menu should now be correct, regardless of dynamic framerate balancing setting.
  • Shadows on new installs of FC will no longer revert to 5 metres.
  • Tutorial now only progresses if you scan something you didn't already know
  • Some minor QoL improvements to the Ore Scanner
  • CPH no longer invincible.
  • Downslopes available.
  • Massively reduced Chitin (Kye-Tin) requirements of Organic Solar Panels.
  • Improved initial tutorial experience. Hopefully it's a lot less subtle now.
  • Expanded the use of the CPH readout, giving much clearer hints that you're being attacked and should fight back.
  • CPH doesn't stuck in dead mode if it hits EXACTLY 0 health.
  • ARTHER's charge distance has been increased
  • Shift-E on Advanced Conveyor Filters now filters all EXCEPT that item. This means you can have 2 ACFs on a single Storage Hopper and ensure you get 100% of that type of item out of it.
  • T inverts the behaviour of ACFs
  • Added Organic Solar Panels. These are about twice as good as the T1 solar panels, and require both Light and Heavy Chitin (pronounced Kye-Tin)
  • Conveyors should now grab the oldest valid slot from a Storage Hopper - this changes them from a very badly implemented LIFO to a reasonably well implemented FIFO.
  • Quarries will respect hardness, instead of just going "hey, that's nice, it's too hard, let's collect it anyways"
  • Perpendicular conveyors now have rotation on objects that are handed off
  • Perpendicular conveyors handing off Items now respect the half-skip (Cubes did this already)
  • TunnelNukers now correctly call SafeExplode and do not affect machines (sorry!)
  • Resin tunnels now contain Organic Rock. Go explore.
  • Loads of improvements to the behaviour of the tunnel system.
  • Attempting to craft or build an item that needs the Dapper DLC now takes you to the Dapper DLC webpage.
  • Dapper DLC popup should work properly.
  • Mobs are now killable by network clients.
  • Added MobSpawner machine - uses up power, generates a Robot Wasp that your defences will kill like a normal wasp. You can use this to test your base defences out, and *I* can use it to improve the base routefinding. This is only available through altering your manufacturer
    files - do so at your own risk.
  • Wasp's raycasts now better reflect the larger CPH, and should improve their ability to horizontally find the CPH.
  • Added TunnelNuker mob - this will clear our a cave/hive between the TD spawn and your CPH.
  • TunnelNuker is visible for debug purposes! (Handy debug text)
  • TunnelNuker leaves Geiger behind. This will eventually become Hardened Resin. Feedback needed.
  • TunnelNuker should not destroy anything vital - only scenery.
  • Entering the holobase during the tutorial will no longer crash the game
  • HiveMinds should have more reliable loot if killed earlier in a game
  • Tweaked HiveMind drop table to give more glands and less obsession with giant eyes
  • Storage Hoppers and Ore Extractors no longer show 'Hello world' before they have had their first update, but instead show 'Intiialising'. This was apparently important enough for someone to point out in a review.
  • Added new console detail setting - "bloom"
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Conveyor Filters serialisation
  • Improved error handling of spawning items
  • Fixed auto-reported issue with conveyor tutorial when on harder difficulties (rly, no-one reported this?)
  • Fixed auto-reported issue with HotbarSlotItems
  • Dapper DLC Feature : Torches are now colourisable using the paintgun!
  • Potential improvement to spiderbot by adding damping to characterjoints.
  • Mobs can no longer spawn during the tutorial
  • Minor belt-and-braces to stop float-based values getting overwritten if stat download fails
  • I forgot to bump the verson number. You can cope. I believe in you.
  • Moved to latest 4.6 Unity. This is a terrifying change, and I put it off until after we left Early Access. This MAY cause all sorts of crap.
  • Once the Windows version appears not to be particularly broken in 4.6.9, then I'll make some matching Linux and OSX builds.
  • Added MoleMachine_T1. Planned to be a driveable vehicle in the far future, but you can spawn it right now and look at the re-purposed Xbox graphics. Next-Gen graphics to come!
  • INNAFACE! Achievement should work.
  • Jet Turbine fuel can no longer go negative.
  • Graphics: Optimized culling of lights in a mostly deferred scene with a few forward-rendered objects.
  • Advanced Conveyor Filter now defaults to not transporting by default.
  • Quarries no longer output incorrectly Value'd Ore. This should solve a number of issues in mining and distribution systems.
  • Segment pop-in significantly improved
  • Segment pop-in no longer consumes exorbitant amounts of CPU time at high framerate
  • Fixed INNAFACE achievement
  • Fixed MightyMK1 achievement
  • Fixed Mynock kill achievement
  • Fixed Turbines to Speed achievement
  • Added Advanced Conveyor Filters, allowing filtering of any specific item out of storage hoppers. (Coded but untested for network clients)

1.20 Interim Patch.

After several weeks of polishing, fixing and upgrading the game, I realised that we'd taken some quite major strides in quality, and felt it was best to get AT LEAST one more patch out before we leave Early Access.

And here it is!

New Features:
  • Added Clumsy, Iron Man, Squishcore and Hardcore death penalties
  • Full Contextual Help! Look at (almost) anything and press H for information about it!
  • Turret Range displays!
  • Tab toggles ARTHER's desired position
  • SpiderBot will now automatically defend your base - for free!
  • Torches should no longer glare-out your base during the day.
  • Search facilities work on Crafting; also press Ctrl-Craft to make 25.
  • Texture pack support!
  • Mod support!
  • Got AmpuTea? - Free Dapper ARTHER upgrades!
  • Got SteamHeroes - Free snazzy 'Harrison' skin for your SpiderBot!
  • Got]the Dapper Indie Support DLC? ? - Thank you so, so much. Please accept some Dapper items and some special VIP blocks for your world. I love you.
  • (Almost?) Everything should be serialised between runs; this include player and ARTHER power, time of day, health, etc.
  • Added a Basic Smelter - 50% less efficient than a good smelter, but only needs T1 materials.
  • T1 Conveyors in the Cold Caverns can now be thawed out manually (briefly!)

Fixes and improvements:
  • Minecarts no longer disappear
  • Multiplayer : Research now syncronised across the world
  • Multiplayer : Fixed issue with invisible machines
  • Multiplayer : Massively improved response time and lag of clients
  • Multiplayer : Mob syncing 938% better
  • Multiplayer : External IP address shown when hosting a server
  • HiveMinds now grow more intelligently, based on the resources they steal from your conveyor lines.
  • Missile Launchers now 8 times more deadly!
  • AutoBuilders now support all conveyor types, and have a range of 256 metres
  • BioMass veins are much richer
  • Loads and loads of missing icons added!
  • Changes to un-upgraded OEs and CPH to reduce the amount of donkey-work the player needs to do before automation is available.
  • Fluid crash fixed.
  • SpiderBot has been improved substantially, but will still want the player to provide it with nice terrain, so it can go a-huntin'
  • Tutorial has been further improved.
  • Fixed bump and normal mapping via tangent calculations. Mmm. Lighting.

Full patch notes:

  • Ore Extractor exploit fixed.
  • Fix for point-filtered particles (?!?!?)
  • Fix for ARTHER leaving dock prematurely
  • ARTHER charge effect should disable if the dock is out of power
  • minor override to ensure that T2 conveyors and assembly machines don't slow down when frozen
  • peak base threat also capped at 20,000%
  • Texture packs no longer resize to incorrect size
  • Network server won't crash when there are 0 mobs
  • ARTHER can't be overcharged
  • Missile launchers now no longer target mobs with <25,000 health
  • Placing Basic conveyors in the toxic cavern layers no longer causes a crash
  • UI Fixes and Icons
  • Geological Surveyor much less placeholder
  • Doubled the power output of Jet Turbines, to make PTGs less desirable at end-game.
  • Dead players can no longer collect items.
  • AutoUpgrader should now give better errors when not facing a conveyor.
  • CamoBots have gotten braver, and now spawn over a larger range.
  • Missile Launchers have received a bunch of improvements.
  • Fixed a major issue where missile launchers would stop firing for several minutes at a time.
  • Minor improvements to your first delivery of coal during the tutorial.
  • Absolutely tons of memory-saving improvements. 32 bit, hoooooo!
  • Burntimes are now the same across all difficulties.
  • Looking at a turret whilst standing within its range will no longer set it's range to DistToPlayer-2 (!!!)
  • Basic Missile damage increased from 5000 to 20000. (1332 DPS, compared to MK3 laser damage of 360dps)
  • Missile Turrets have final graphics (missing animations)
  • Basic Missiles have final graphics
  • Missile Assemblers have final graphics (animations not working correctly)
  • V2 buildgun has been reinstated
  • Bosses have a much better hitbox; the SpiderBot should be able to shoot at them now.
  • Added Gems Filter to Filters; Crystal Filter now only deals with Crystal Deposits, not Diamonds, etc
  • Fixed issue where only the FIRST TD_State was being output. Thank you Shadow!
  • Fixed issue where mobs would just go upwards. Forever. Oops.
  • Added support for Resizeable Window
  • Got AmpuTea? - Free Dapper ARTHER upgrades!
  • Got SteamHeroes - Free snazzy 'Harrison' skin for your SpiderBot!
  • SpiderBot has had another half-day of improvements, and is better at movement, fighting and searching.
  • MK1 Solar Panels no longer work below -64m
  • Fixes to AB readout
  • T1 conveyors in the Cold Cavern can now be manually thawed out, briefly. This should allow you to automate your T2 lines, with some manual input work, but will become a pain in the backside before long, encouraging you to upgrade to the T2 pipes.
  • Basic Conveyors cannot be un-frozen in this fashion.
  • Mynocks no longer die when they spawn on Basic Conveyors. How did no-one notice this!
  • Turret's range display is now correct; it was exactly 50% too small.
  • Fix for irregular 'Fluid crash'
  • CPH now repairs on Iron Man difficulty
  • CPH does not repair on Hardcore difficulty
  • Further improvements to SpiderBot movement - it will now hang around your base if you're underground; it will follow you if there is no attack happening.
  • SpiderBot now capable of traversing null space
  • SpiderBot doesn't drop from the sky at the game start
  • Turrets no longer fire synced to a 300ms pulse - this should make heavy fights feel less robotic and more chaotic.
  • CPH no longer invincible, sorry, sorry.
  • Manufacturing Plants in a poor state no longer cause a permanent crash
  • Catch for power calcs towards 1.12 Gigawatt achievement
  • Can now switch or cancel manufacturing plant automation immediately when it is searching for materials, or waiting on a full output hopper.
  • Manufacturing plant UI now updates immediately when hopper removes automation output.
  • Clients send player location updates more often to server.
  • HJC is learned correctly
  • Fix for when TD waves get stuck on active
  • Quantised player movement data
  • Fixed 'network clients running on the spot' issue
  • Tightened up the lerp on network clients
  • Added support for DLC blocks; added DLC block building permissions, DLC crafting permissions, DLC ownership checking and just loads of stuff needed for this. We'll test it once the DLC goes live!
  • MK1 Solar Panels no longer collect power when placed sideways
  • MK1 Solar Panels no longer collect solar energy through other entities (right now they can get sunlight with PSBs above them!)
  • Substantially boosted the number of low-level research pods needed for high-tier items.
  • Server browser no longer shows enumeration for game mode
  • Location Markers are all Consumable.
  • Fixed texture offset glitch.
  • Fixed Holobase Minecart
  • Smelters no longer make distant noises
  • Smelters should no longer go BANG BANG BANG if they are full
  • AutoExcavators that destroy high value objects will no longer drop base versions
  • Significant performance improvements to bases with many turrets
  • Fixed Tangent Solver calculations, so bump maps are now correct.
  • Time between attacks is now saved correctly. (Race conditions had broken it)
  • Fast Wasps are slower; on really REALLY big bases, they were moving at a peak speed of 268 mph.
  • TD Mob spawn location is only changed when you win a wave - players can now build defences towards the (invisible) hive that spawns mobs.
  • SpiderBot will now move as close as it can to the spawn location during an attack. At other points, it'll still follow the player.
  • SpiderBot Eye now shows if it's attacking or defending.
  • Time of Day now saved and loaded correctly
  • Fix for clients joining network games
  • Increased clienttimeout to 2 minutes.
  • Mynocks now steal much less resources on Easy (MUCH less)
  • HiveMinds max out at 2500 stored resources
  • Network clients should now see built entities 100% of the time
  • Fixed issue where network clients would freeze if the user has a fast PC. Given that Turbo Buttons are no longer standard on modern PC cases, we decided to fix the bug instead. If you get this joke, you are old.
  • LAN Mode now extremely fast, and uses up ~8mbit per client at peak.
  • Basic Ore Smelters now have lower Hardness and can be moved by the V1 gun
  • Textured missile Assembler!
  • Normal Resources now has 4x less resources than Easy (it was 16x less!) - this primarily affects Ore Smelters and Drill Motors.
  • Free Coal offer has now expired.
  • Fixed issue where build2me was hardcoded to left mouse button
  • Hardness of blocks can now be specified per-value.
  • Basic ore smelter hardness is now 100 (can be removed with basic build gun)
  • Hotbar controls work again in block picker
  • Fixed various paging issues in the handbook
  • New help entries for:
    • Laboratory research (guide & component)
    • Experimental pods (guide and individual entries)
    • Ore smelter & basic ore smelter
    • Central Power Hub
    • Storage Hopper (and mini & logistics)
    • Manufacturing plant
    • Laser energy transmitter MK2 & 3
    • Power storage block 1, 2, 3 & organic
    • Research station
  • Renamed all difficulty modes to be positive/negative; this should leave the player in no doubt as to how they are intended!
  • Added Basic Smelter. This cannot be upgraded, and is 50% less efficient on power, resources and time. This is a stop-gap machine until you can hit T2 smelters.
  • Slightly improved Smelter readout.
  • ARTHER's Top Hat is now craftable
  • Further improvements to CamoBots.
  • Reduced T1 LPTs to 10 pps from 16 pps, to reflect the reduced costs, and to push them further apart from the...
  • T2 LPT has had its crafting costs halved. T3 LPTs should now be much better priced and attractive.
  • Survival Temperature calculations are no longer affected by framerate.
  • Torches no longer keep you warm in the cold caverns; their colour changes to reflect this.
  • Slight tweak on CPH readout.
  • Coal available faster in Tutorial
  • Coal now automatically researched, so you're not feeding 'unknown' into the CPH IF you have a coal vein; otherwise you get given wood and wood research.
  • Player is now given wood on non-easy, so as not to confuse the research system.
  • Increased disk memory buffer -hopefully this should solve the "Cannot expand this MemoryStream" issues. On the down side, yes, we're having to use a bit more ram. Please do not put more than 2,800 Mass Storage blocks or 720 Storage Hoppers in a single segment. Thank you.
  • CPH is no longer invincible
  • Large veins are listed to more than 2 decimal places
  • ARTHER and Player Power now serialised. This was a very boring task that took all morning.
  • Conveyors now obey Value calcs when dropping their carried cargo.
  • ARTHER Dapper items available if you already own AmpuTea.
  • Fixed Snow texture in diffuse map.
  • Supplied example height map - this needs to be converted to a normal map and CANNOT be used as-is.
  • Slight tweak to Spider Bot foot positioning should fix it jiggling on steep cliffs so much.
  • CamoBots are now ruthless PSB-seeking machines, and will attach and drain power.
  • CamoBots attacking the player or harvesting power are now vulnerable to attacks
  • Disturbing a sleeping CamoBot will now ♥♥♥♥ it off.
  • Torches now smoothly lerp from surface to underground. Note : They still give warmth!
  • Resolved some issues around turrets loading with 0 power
  • Rewrote some of the Wasp movement code; they should now cope much better with overhangs of your base. Just to repeat myself; boxing in your CPH is NOT the best defensive strategy. This took nearly the entire day :|
  • Wasps will prefer to attack along near-flat cardinal directions, and will only attack from 'above' if the player has left them with no choice.
  • Fixed a bug where an Ore Extractor next to a Storage Hopper would break your world
  • Creative should work again
  • Game no longer crashes when you attach the battery to ARTHER
  • Moustache now craftable
  • Segment request bug fixed
  • Broken blocks have texture again
  • Fixed a number of code holes in which suit upgrades weren't verified
  • Ore Scanner no longer has an out of order issue before the power suitupgrade is manfuactured.
  • Fixed code hole that allowed illegally placed MK2 panels to offload power at 1/9th the correct rate.
  • MK2 solar panels also have correct graphics now. Hurray!
  • A reason is now shown for each item in the contextual help tab.
  • New guide - "Controls", contains all controls. Welcome guide now links to this.
  • New guide - "Unknown Materials", included in contextual help whenever appropriate, explains how to process them, links to research station.
  • Updated material category icons.
  • Selected Machine now shown in contextual help when UI open for: LPT, Ore Extractor, Lab, Crate, Teleporter & research station
  • Additionally following items included in help when appropriate window open.
    • Ore extractor ore type
    • Lab selected project
    • Hover item in storage crate
    • Selected recipe or project in research station
  • Current block label (above hotbar) is now also set when hovering over item in storage crate
  • Current block label shifts with inventory, to avoid it being partially covered.
  • Torches now dim themselves automatically when on the surface and it's daytime.
  • Added texture pack support - check your log file and have a look in : AppData\LocalLow\ProjectorGames\FortressCraft\Mods\Textures - you'll need a terrain-diffuse.png and terrain-normal.png of size 4096x2048 in there.
  • Added basic mod support; place a ManufacturerRecipes.xml or Research.xml in Mods\XML and the game will use those instead of the inbuilt ones.
  • Added ARTHER Upgrade Pack - convert all the ARTHER upgrades into one, and save room in your inventory!
  • Added Dapper Indie Supporter DLC code, including some rather dapper ARTHER upgrades.
  • This has also allowed me to implement the ARTHER Upgrade Pack - combine Solar Panel, Battery and Core together to give the effect of all 3.
  • These work :
  • Failing to perform a ping due to low power will not cause crystals to resonate
  • Arther purrs more quietly.
  • Increased range (but not intensity) of Torches to compensate for recent change in world shader ambience.
  • Illegally-placed MK2 solar panels will no longer incorrectly generate energy.
  • Coal now burns twice as long and gives twice as much energy in a CPH
  • Un-upgraded Ore Extractors use up half the power that they did on Easy (Est. 40 minutes on a full charge)
  • Un-upgraded Ore Extractors use up a quarter the power that they did on Normal (Est. 1 recharge per 8 minutes, up from 1 recharge per 2 minutes)
  • Contextual help in handbook
  • UI updates to smelter, crafting window (automation & searching), hopper, stack splitting, lab, chat, workshop
  • Looking at ANYTHING in the world and pressing H should give you contextual help on it (not all items have help yet)
  • Unknown Ping will no longer bring back plants and crystals, allowing you to focus on Ores instead.
  • Fix to TD spawns - winning or losing a round is now correctly recorded, and the next wave's difficulty is balanced accordingly.
  • TAB now toggles ARTHER near/far modes
  • Base Threat is now smoothed, and should react much less to peaks and troughs in production.
  • Torches on the surface no longer glow brightly during the day.
  • Fixed Crystal Spawns. If you made a world in P4 and visited the Cold layer, you may experience weird crystal. Mine it by hand.
  • Fixed turret range displays
  • Massaged the numbers behind the Ping timings once again
  • Reduced the default Client send rate, due to too many people 'overdoing it' (Right-shift F1,F2,F3 still alters the send rate)
  • Sleep timer on full queue increased from 1s to 2s.
  • Turrets now correctly show range underground on high detail settings
  • Tweaked free power during Tutorial
  • Rush Mode no longer conflicts with other difficulty settings
  • Potential fix for crashes with Fluid whilst travelling rapidly through the world
  • Holobase Depth Markers are improved
  • ARTHER kills count towards Kills Per Wave
  • Base Threat now capped at 20,000% - you can DEFINITELY tech past it.
  • Front-end fixes for 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ration monitors
  • Turrets now show a graphic effect for their final shot
  • Turrets immediately drop dead targets with no waiting
  • Fixed Induction upgrade tips.
  • Substantial rebalance of TD waves. Might be far, FAR too easy now! FEEDBACK NEEDED
  • Cache Compression disabled during play on single and dual-core machine; if you care about HDD space, allow it to complete the tidy up on exit.
  • PSB battery bars update much smarter than they used to, feeling much higher framerate and more reactive. Yay polish.
  • ARTHER turret uses up more power, so it actually needs power now. Ooops.
  • Destroyed HiveMinds now drop loot based on how many resources they stole. Not perfect, but a nice change from I DEMAND A REWARD. Farming Hive Minds is now a lucrative but dangerous proposition.
  • Music's a bunch quieter
  • Hosting a Server now shows your correct, external IP address
  • Rush Moder timer now works if you've taken more than 24 hours. YOU ARE TOO SLOW.
  • Fixed Auto-Reported crash on the AutoExcavator
  • Added framework for all 5 death modes
  • CPH no longer heals on Hard Mobs or Hardcore Death difficulty
  • CPH health is serialised
  • All items from your inventory are dropped on Clumsy mode
  • All items in your inventory are DESTROYED on Ironman mode
  • If you die in SquishCore or Hardcore modes, you do not get to respawn. Game over.
  • World Time is now stored for non-rush games, and is displayed and recorded upon your permanent death.
  • Biomass veins doubled in richness again
  • GenericAutoCrafter now supports animations
  • Basic Missile Assembler now has an animation!
  • Networked players' lights now only appear underground or at night.
  • Added T4, T5, T6 and T7 Ores. They are currently unmineable, and have no use. They have been added so that, post-EA release, people will not need to regenerate their worlds.
  • The most seriously embarassing bug ever fixed. Will only affect new worlds.
  • Tweaked a few descriptions after watching 's stream
  • Collecting many of the same item in a row will now show the total of that item (this is reset if you pick up a different item, so it's not PERFECT yet)
  • Mob Syncing about 938% better across network games.
  • Research (including Lab work) now shared across all clients in a multiplayer game
  • Delayed Saves from the last 30s are now saved.
  • BONUS KNOCK-ON-EFFECT - You will no longer lose all Minecarts that transitioned to a new machine-less Segment less than 30s before you quit.
  • TL;DR: Minecarts fixed
  • Research station now lists the requirements for Lab projects
  • Research should now be syncronised for multiplayer (this will become a Hard mode toggle!)
  • HoloBase now shows connected players
  • AutoBuilders now work over a 256 metre range (this MAY become a 'MK2')
  • AutoBuilders now work with Basic Conveyors
  • AutoBuilders now increase in power demand 1 per metre built.
  • Improved AutoBuilder readout
  • AutoBuilders now play nicer with multiple storage hoppers
  • MK3 turrets no longer require an impossible resource
  • Lots of UI fixes related to the correct windows being up at the right time
  • Servers with a full send queue will now briefly sleep to allow build commands and player movement to catch up
  • Added build effect, primarily to show network clients that YES YOUR CLICK HAS DONE SOMETHING, even if the server is suffering from overload
  • Added a rotate effect. See previous comment.
  • Increased Missile Damage from 2500 to 5000.
  • UI now shows currently loaded missile damage
  • Missile launchers minimum health to target raised to 2500
  • Missiles now correctly use up ammo.
  • Fix for Missile graphics exploding incorrectly (fingers crossed)
  • TDMobs should no longer spawn far too high
  • Fixed RootMotion bug in Bosses
  • Fixed research pod textures
  • Added lots more missing icons
Last edited by DjArcas; Dec 1, 2015 @ 1:38am
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Stormfox Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:18am 
(Almost?) Everything should be serialised between runs; this include player and ARTHER power, time of day, health, etc.

This does not seem to work. I just launched the game and had the usual 0 power in everything bug.
DjArcas  [developer] Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:21am 
Originally posted by Stormfox:
(Almost?) Everything should be serialised between runs; this include player and ARTHER power, time of day, health, etc.

This does not seem to work. I just launched the game and had the usual 0 power in everything bug.

Well it works for me... was this the first time you've run 1.20, because it'll obviously not work the first time? (if it's repeatable, send me your log!)
Stormfox Sep 16, 2015 @ 9:17am 
Originally posted by DjArcas:
Originally posted by Stormfox:

This does not seem to work. I just launched the game and had the usual 0 power in everything bug.

Well it works for me... was this the first time you've run 1.20, because it'll obviously not work the first time? (if it's repeatable, send me your log!)

Yes it was, and no, it was not obvious to me that the bug was simply not saving power levels, which would explain that.

On another note:

Is it safe to assume that any new ores are not spawning in my existing world and is it also safe to assume that because you pre-installed the T4 to T6 stuff, starting fresh now would be the best time?
DjArcas  [developer] Sep 16, 2015 @ 9:30am 
Originally posted by Stormfox:
Is it safe to assume that any new ores are not spawning in my existing world and is it also safe to assume that because you pre-installed the T4 to T6 stuff, starting fresh now would be the best time?

If you've never been below the Biomass areas, you won't have been close enough to the high-tier areas to spawn 'em. Even if you have; you can always go horizontally.
coconut_willy_97 Sep 16, 2015 @ 9:56am 
The Q to reset stats still says R for some items liket the PTG, but Q works.
MP ToD does not go from Host to client.
T1 Solar power. At 100% solar efficiency, my attached batts and laser are at 3.5K. Rather than going down, with the same draw, the batt charge continues on to 5K as efficiency falls to 75% and only begins to fall from 5K at 40% efficiency. Kit - 2T2 lasers, 8 solar panels and 2 T3 batts. Assuming the same draw, I would guess that the batt charge would start to decline when efficiency started to drop rather than continuing charging. Could just be me not seeing something....

DjArcas  [developer] Sep 16, 2015 @ 10:21am 
Originally posted by coconut_willy_97:
The Q to reset stats still says R for some items liket the PTG, but Q works.

Ah, yes, the client will see the server stats on this. Not likely to get fixed anytime soon.

MP ToD does not go from Host to client.

I swore I wrote this. I might not have.

T1 Solar power. At 100% solar efficiency, my attached batts and laser are at 3.5K. Rather than going down, with the same draw, the batt charge continues on to 5K as efficiency falls to 75% and only begins to fall from 5K at 40% efficiency. Kit - 2T2 lasers, 8 solar panels and 2 T3 batts. Assuming the same draw, I would guess that the batt charge would start to decline when efficiency started to drop rather than continuing charging. Could just be me not seeing something....

Without going into the tradesecrets too much; the server is authoritative on machine behaviour; clients may occasionally see some discrepancies , but interactable machines will (should) always be correct.
Dessi Sep 17, 2015 @ 10:45am 
FYI: current mainline is "1.20 Prepatch", not the "1.20a The Fixes" patch (there are changes from 1.20a in the patchnotes)
DjArcas  [developer] Sep 17, 2015 @ 11:10am 
Originally posted by Dessi:
FYI: current mainline is "1.20 Prepatch", not the "1.20a The Fixes" patch (there are changes from 1.20a in the patchnotes)


lPaladinl Sep 17, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
Is this update on the live branch of one of the beta branches?
[NOPE] Sigvar Sep 17, 2015 @ 2:51pm 
DjArcas and team, thank your for all the time put into this so far and for the interactivity (is that an actual word?) Outside of my AV issues early on I have had no problems with this software! Well done.
Mike Hollis Sep 18, 2015 @ 9:59pm 
* Multiplayer : Research now syncronised across the world

If you would do me a favor and leave an option to leave individualized research in the dedi server
PhoenixDIE Sep 20, 2015 @ 5:20pm 
Some great updates as of late. Couple things i noticed though, Grapplehook sound is very loud compaired to any other sounds in the game. Also when moving things around in my inventory im noticing some lag/stuttering when sorting my inventory around. Glad to see the game is still moving forward in a good direction.
marc_pfeil Sep 21, 2015 @ 6:53am 
there are some big bugs in the last patch with the smelters and the ore detection. they are not able to find nickel and copper in an atached hopper
Mithious Sep 21, 2015 @ 8:18am 
Originally posted by PhoenixDIE:
Also when moving things around in my inventory im noticing some lag/stuttering when sorting my inventory around. Glad to see the game is still moving forward in a good direction.

I've heard a couple of reports of this but I've not been able to reproduce it. Opening the inventory sets a UI rule which requests "Fast UI update mode", it then reverts to the better performing slow UI update mode when it's closed.

Do you have the issue all the time, or only under certain circumstances? Any information you can give to help reproduce this would be greatly appreciated.
Luingar MacWolf Sep 22, 2015 @ 8:31am 
Please add a "music" volume slider.
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