FortressCraft Evolved

FortressCraft Evolved

DjArcas  [developer] Oct 28, 2016 @ 3:13am
Previous Patch notes - Patch 13 - 28 October 2016
Mini patch 13.13a:

P13.13a - 1st November 2016
  • Packet Loss is now calculated globally, not repeatedly
  • Auto kick can't happen until at LEAST 1024 packets have been sent
  • Tweaked the packet resend ack window to 220ms minimum; currently it behaves in a slightly odd way that will just go mental if the latency between client and server varies massively.
  • Fixed auto excavator preview graphics
  • Robot parts are now locked away behind robotics research
  • Fixed confusing Geothermal UI when in rush mode.

Rather like rain on your wedding day, the big-♥♥♥ halloween patch is number 13. Wait. The opposite of that.

So, this has been an interesting month, due in large part to my family-related absence last month. Work has been split between the next DLC and further free machines (Despite one horrible negative review saying that everything new requires DLC purchase THIS IS NOT TRUE!)

So, as ever, I'll apologise that this patch is a bit smaller than normal, but in my defence, I only had 3 weeks *and* my house and cats were in dire need of my attention after so many weeks away!

New stuff!
  • Moved to latest Unity version, potentially fixing Instanced Rendering problems, other performance improvements.
  • Suit Inventory Panel now available - press S to use it.
  • Added T3 Fuel Compressor; uses a LOT of a coal and just a little HEFC to produce High Octane Fuel.
  • Added SLODRS. Yes, it's pronounceable. This is the Surface-Launched Orbital Debris Retrieval System; using T3 level mats, you'll be able to purposely knock down DeOrbit containers and gain RP. I expect to scale up this system in the future to allow 'requesting' of certain rare things. This also gives an excellent way to allow new materials to be introduced without forcing new worlds.
  • Renamed SLODRS to HODOR after a long talk with the Discord.
  • Added Rocketry research for the new The High Orbital Debris Object Reclaimer (or H.O.D.O.R.) and Fuel Compressor.
  • Added Robotics and Rocketry research, all hidden away nicely if you don't have access to 'em!
  • Moved HODOR and Fuel Compressor into the Progression category (for now - I think we need a new row of these things now)
  • Fuel Compressors now treat Coal, Enriched Coal and Infused Coal as the same thing.

  • All Crystal Veins are now 33% richer. They are 100% richer on Easy resources and 200% richer on Rapid mode. (this will only affect new worlds, or new areas in existing worlds)
  • Quality of life change : Coal will no longer pointlessly spawn below the cold cavern. (this will only affect new worlds, or new areas in existing worlds)
  • Resin Ablators and Resin Liquifier now support Freezon Injections, giving these machines a 4x boost in their work rate.
  • Moved Freezon Injectors to their own research; this is available much sooner in progression than previously. Remember; Freezon-boosted Lancers are *27* times better than regular ones!
  • Fixed a number of particle effects.
  • Iron Man will now wipe your suit upgrades
  • Clumsy will now drop your suit upgrades
  • Verified that Conveyor Mission cannot play sound effect repeatedly.
  • Added HODOR sounds
  • Added Suit Upgrade panel readouts
  • Hard Rock Grinders should no longer end up not working under any known circumstance
  • Added a fix to for a codepath where Grinders would end up with NULL cube type; improved logging.
  • Moved to a new smoke rendering system. (old one is on the left)
  • Updated crashed ship smoke (remember it disappears after a while)
  • Fixed an immediate crash when the debug menu was open.
  • Tweaked HBAO to be a bit broader and less intense
  • Linked up Mutators menu
  • Optimised the front end a bit - includes a small fix to stop computers running the front end at 900 fps.
  • Fixed UI recalculate error on startup
  • Improved CPH solar panels - I didn't spot any flips or jiggling, but let me know if you do.
  • Critters no longer spawn on headless servers (they'll be back once they work and the expansion is released!)
  • Bottling plant description is now consistent
  • Toxic Damage is applied more sensibly and consistently, and the toxic tick no longer happens during the grace period, and it's reset.
  • Trencher Heads and Motors now have first-pass holobase graphics.
  • Gas Storage has appropriate holobase colour
  • CCB has holobase graphic
  • Particulate Filters now have a holographic of the right size.
  • Reduced Liquified Resin costs of Hard Rock Grinder.
  • Lancers and Melters are no longer silent.
  • Inferno turret reduces from 30 minutes to 15, to match the help files!
  • Fixed ARTHER's red Nav light accidentally being too bright.
  • Increased audio drop off of Melters and Lancers.
  • Fixed a really weird internal Unity error causing crashes.
  • Arther Nav Light now reacts appropriately to light/dark places instead of just being far too bright all the time.
  • Midday sun is now brighter and more cheerful.
  • Hopper UI should now visually update when remotely updated
  • Hopper UI Drag and Drop should now work better
  • Fixed a number of object's instancing usage, to reduce shader overhead.
  • Stripped out a number of shaders to reduce shader keyword usage. Ugh.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause the amusing "Error, can't load a null segment - the hell you doing?" error.
  • Moved CryoBomb Assembler to Defences
  • Moved Organic Recombinator to Logistics
  • Rocket Parts are now all correctly mapped
  • Fixed issue where Overminds had the wrong hitbox when dead.
  • Ablated and Hardened Resin are no longer placeable.
  • MagmaBore Doors are no longer invisible
  • Fixed MagmaBore gantry and arm textures.
  • Fixed rare exit race condition, added a catch to all dirty selects
  • CryoHoppers no longer appear under Consumables (oops)
  • Fixed clamped UV on Ore Ping.

  • Fixed RCON protocol
  • Added an explicit null terminator to the returned RCON body string.
  • Added player ranking to /report on dedicated servers
  • Newly joining players have their rank displayed, and a handy hint on promotion for newbie server operators.
  • Guests can no longer spam glowsticks.
  • Guests can no longer delete things locally.
  • Guests can no longer superdig locally.
  • Removed Multiplayer DLC message, replaced with "You should do a cache verify as that's pretty much the only reason you'll be seeing this message!" message.
  • Item Injectors will no longer give items to Guests
  • Global addition to disallow interaction and building by Guests. This should disallow all actions, including opening and emptying hoppers, and adding ores and removing bars from smelters.
  • Guests can no longer affect, move, drop or collect items.
  • AutoPause servers no longer panic you by worrying about not saving (an asleep server doesn't need to save!)
  • Suit Upgrade panel now transmitted to clients on joining.
  • Private servers now pass up the number of players and capacity to a private server - this lets me understand how many people are running servers, and what capacity there is. Nothing identifiable is transmitted, no records kept, and your unique ID is just a random number.
  • Dedicated servers will receive a warning at 10% packet loss, and will now automatically kick players at 25% packet loss.
  • Clients who are removed from the server for any reason should now see an improved message
  • Fixed issue where dedicated server host didn't have the permissions to send messages.
  • Added timestamps to a bunch of server messages
  • Looked at Builder Permission code, some fixes there.
  • Unique server ID for private server registration is now a hash, not a random number.
  • RCON clients can now connect! Commands work!
  • Thanks to for help their RCON code, as well as Ikiris and Skid for helping me work through the integration issues.
  • You'll find a free RCON Client, PicoRCON, in Assets/Default/Tools. Tested as working with FC.


  • Halloween-themed changes to the front end.
  • Added the Witche's Cauldron. But she'll let you use it. This is a new aesthetic light; this is appropriate to the season, and requires the Dapper DLC, as do all 4th-wall breaking lights.
  • Added a Halloween aesthetics research
  • Ghosttrain Tour Carts, Pumpkins and Cauldrons now easily accessible via this research.
  • Added 4 ARTHER masks and an ARTHER ghost costume!
  • All halloween parts should now have icons.

Bug fixes!
  • Major Fix! Trenchers accidentally capped ore richness to 900, but high tier ores could actually have much higher ore values. This should now be about 30% richer on normal difficulties, and 285% of their previous richness value on Easy Resources.
  • Fixed Geothermal UI readout.
  • Magma Bores and Particle Filters can now be connected starting with bent pipes
  • Fixed Linux chat system

Patreon-only stuff!
Note - anything on this list is only available (currently) to Patreons[] - this stuff will eventually be available as part of the Adventures Pack DLC!
  • Worked out a way to hide research for expansion packs \o/
  • Fixed issue where robots had to be at a very weird set of coordinates to be able to use Storage Hoppers.
  • Implemented Coppator, Tindron, Bronzite and Ironide Bodies + Assemblers for them.
  • ConstructoBot Tiers are now serialised.
  • Added Arm, Leg and Chassis crafting machines for T0 ConstructoBots
  • Made a recipe to construct a constructobot construction machine.
  • Critters can no longer spawn during exit conditions (oops)
  • Added Constructor Bot Assembler, and a Head, Leg and Arm Constructor for them.
  • Tweaked a number of ConstructoBot (CB) emission maps
  • CB Assemblers now build the correct robot out of the input arm/leg/body
  • All CB machines should now be craftable. Go wild!
  • Added CB sprayer, improved serialisation.
  • Added CB Cold Sprayer, allowing them to work in the Cold Caverns.
  • Added 'Low Power' CB direction tracks
  • Robots! (Currently Patreon-only, will end up as part of the Adventures Pack - feed a tin bar into a Minecart Depot to spawn a random Robot. They can collect things from Storage Hoppers. These are likely to change a lot over the next few days!)
  • Absolutely tons and tons of work and research on the new critter and robot system

  • Some fixes to cope with broken mods.
  • Updated the modding document to support Generic Machine Panel UI changes.
  • Added Generic Machine Panel UI support for mod machines
  • Added generic rideable system for mod authors

And don't forget, I stream a huge amount of the FC development work, and usually, one of my cats joins in.

[img][/img] #cattax
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spartan441 Oct 30, 2016 @ 10:46am 
still no way to just leave a world and not the game?
steveman0 Oct 30, 2016 @ 12:14pm 
Originally posted by spartan441:
still no way to just leave a world and not the game?
Still no spare 8 weeks to write it.
vektuz Oct 30, 2016 @ 12:30pm 
Could always implement it the way older games like the orginal XCOM did it... as a hax :D
(Secretly start another instance of fortresscraft64.exe in the background while unloading, then switch to it when old one closes.). Nobody will tell the difference...

(This is a joke)
Last edited by vektuz; Oct 30, 2016 @ 12:31pm
Justin.C Oct 31, 2016 @ 12:48am 
Just curious. The basic mass storage output ports require servo motors instead of a Mk 1 power booster. All of the other ports require power boosters. Is this an oversight or intentional?
DjArcas  [developer] Oct 31, 2016 @ 4:24am 
Originally posted by vektuz:
Could always implement it the way older games like the orginal XCOM did it... as a hax :D
(Secretly start another instance of fortresscraft64.exe in the background while unloading, then switch to it when old one closes.). Nobody will tell the difference...

(This is a joke)

That's actually how we did it on MotoGP; we dumped out the save game and silently rebooted the Xbox.
epgeek Oct 31, 2016 @ 6:27am 
Aren't both rocketry and robotics only available to patreons? If so, I have both researches available, and I'm not a patreon. I do have all the DLCs, though.
Woodiey77 Oct 31, 2016 @ 2:56pm 
8 weeks to close a world??
Storm0267 Nov 1, 2016 @ 7:31am 
I notice there is another update coming in for the game. my steam says update queued for FC right now
Last edited by Storm0267; Nov 1, 2016 @ 7:37am
sbryan1 Nov 11, 2016 @ 2:11am 
I have done a quick search for this and not found anything - I'm getting a red console error bottom left of screen - "Error, We're Cleaning up and in UnLoadAll state, but we are NOT empty! -11". I have not been playing for a while, and I think I saw this just before I stoppped playing, so I don't think it is caused by very new code. Any ideas?

Also some very quick feedback for this version (since last, which was about 1 month ago)
- Seems to be very blooomy, blown out highlights everywhere. I have screenshot.
- After a quick world tour, near my CPH I got render issues and holes in the world I could walk over. I have screenshot of this too if interested.
- I opened the inventory and could not get the suit upgrades with "S" or "s". Confused about that but I might be doing something stupid. Most likely even.
- Overall seemed a bit laggy. Might be related to the error? Since killing the overminds I've dismantled about 1/3 of my base and have not started C5 yet, so it should not be struggling and it wasn't before.

(Edit : Ooops. I'm playing Bleeding Edge so this should probably be in the Patch 14 thread. Sorry)
Last edited by sbryan1; Nov 11, 2016 @ 2:19am
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