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Quasi-Corvine Feb 2, 2016 @ 3:35pm
Known Issues Mega List - Updated every Friday
Hello everyone! Here is our most up-to-date reference for any issues that currently exist within Warmachine: Tactics. These are issues that players are experiencing and that we are actively working to solve. This list will updated weekly (Fridays) with issues that are uncovered both through active testing and through forum posts. Please note that some issues occur more often than others, and that even rare issues will be included on this list. If you run into any of these issues, please know we are aware and working hard to resolve them. If you find something that is NOT included on this list, go ahead and start up a new thread.

Please be aware any new bugs submitted through the forums need to be tested before they are added to the list. So if you reported a bug with us, don't fret if you don't see it added to the list right away.

Known Issues - Updated August 17th, 2016
Any issue with an "*" has already been fixed for the next patch.

Announcement: Known Crashes/Freezes
  • Mac users may experience a crash upon exiting the game. This should not affect your game in any way. This seems to be an issue with a Steam subsystem that is interacting strangely with the OS. We will be looking into this.

  • Sporadic (infrequent) fatal error can occur when a unit is killed. No known way to reproduce this, but it is identified by two PhysX errors at the end of the game log. Working to resolve this ASAP.

Faction/Unit Specific

  • Cygnar - Darius - Halfjack Activation + active continuous effects can sometimes cause freeze/fatal error
  • Cygnar - Darius - Primed mines seem to be causing UI issues (number keys can be used as a workaround)
  • Cygnar - Seige - Mage Sight required friendlys to be in AoE, when it should be target enemy
  • Khador - Butcher - Impending Doom does not ignore rough terrain
  • Khador - Karchev - Tow will allow models to be placed on top of terrain
  • Khador - Sorcha - Boundless Charge grants pathfinder on normal movement
  • Khador - Strakov - Iron Fist not working as described in tooltip
  • Khador - Strakov - Overrun is granting too many movements
  • Protectorate - Vassal - Enliven will trigger while unit is knocked down
  • Cryx - Terminus - Units that interfere with Tough may cause Terminus to tough/untough repeatedly. This may cause the game to stick/freeze under certain conditions. (Rare)
  • Mercs - Magnus - Forfeiting move after KD makes Hit&Run useless for that jack
  • Mercs - Vanguard - Assault listed as "Guisarme" instead of "Assault" in UI
  • Retribution - Rahn - Force Field VFX remain after it expires
  • Retribution - Vyros - Perfect Execution takes away Battle Mage's Beat Back move if the target is killed
  • Retribution - Gorgon - Heavy Warjacks can trample & charge past Force Lock
  • Retribution - Sentinel - Freestrike deaths trigger Vengeance VFX

Misc. Abilities & Interactions

  • Charge ability needs to be reworked (curving charges, distance drawing, etc.)
  • Slam ability kills target before it can do collateral damage
  • Freestrikes are initiated before moving unit leaves attacking unit's melee range
  • Thresher+Charge has non-functional boost UI elements that can cause confusion
  • Apparition + Hallowed Avenger interact strangely
  • MHI, MHSF, and Errants are ignoring Shield Wall (and potential others)
  • Flashing Blade/Thresher is not auto-hitting knocked down units
  • Flashing Blade/Thresher will roll against the casting Warcaster. Pass = no damage, Fail = "Miss" and dodge animation
  • Sacrificial Pawn / Shield Guard - some effects not being transferred
  • Countermeasure + Assault = Unit will do the charge, but wont actually attack
  • Harby's Godhead is dealing damage to same placement abilities (Apparition, Teleport, and potential others)
  • Jackhammer should be self-castable
  • Sprint (Strakov & Allison) will not work if "Clean up bodies instantly" option is enabled
  • Set Defense is not adding DEF buff against Assault charge attacks
  • Guided Hand cancelling out Errants' Quick Work


  • Achievements - Mine! Mine! Mine!, Collateral Damage, and various multiplayer achievements may not be unlocking correctly
  • Single Player - Mission 20 - Molicron isn't inflicting damage on units outside Jakes' control range
  • Multiplayer - Alt Tabbing during "End Turn" Cycle will pause it
  • Multiplayer - Out of Turn abilities will overrule auto-end turn timer, keeping turns from ending
  • Camera - can be moved while on faction selection screen
  • Camera - not allowing player to use center mouse wheel during deployment phase
  • Camera - not smoothly switching between mouse look and regular camera view
  • Camera - invert horizontal/vertical options non-functional
  • Keybinding system will not apply changes (sometimes)
  • "Clean up bodies instantly" will not work for client if host has set to "off"
  • Arc node spell paths often seem to look wonky and unhelpful
  • Movements paths draw incorrectly around some walls, obstacles, and rough terrain for units in certain situations (the circle that indicates where you will move, and movement itself is unaffected and will reflect the correct color)
  • Expanded minimap will not update the graphical image of units until shrunk and then re-expanded
  • Chimera is not used by AI at all during skirmish (sometimes)
  • Warjack model will not disappear after being destroyed while knocked down (despite creation of wreck marker)
  • Anti-Aliasing will cause slight blur over everything when enabled
  • Vsync causing performance drop / hitches
  • Some skins are causing green tint over model if moved during deployment (Fort Falk Siege, Kreoss' Sanguine Escutcheon)
  • Sometimes Menu Elements will glitch and be repeated in ways that looks funky. Icons will be replaced with other random icons, images, etc. This will be addressed as we implement new UI.
  • Previous and Next buttons on target select sometimes need to be double-clicked
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Quasi-Corvine Mar 25, 2016 @ 4:33pm 
(September 23rd, 2016 Patch)

  • Cygnar - Long Gunner - Dual shot and Suppressive Fire no longer work after standing up from knockdown
  • Khador - Butcher - Impending Doom now pulls units automatically
  • Khador - Karchev - Ground Zero will no longer cause game sticks when units are pushed with no room to move
  • Protectorate - Choir - Hymns now list range on tooltip
  • Mercs - Alexia - Raise Dead, Boost Damage, and Boost Attack abilities are no longer considered spells
  • Mercs - Renegade - Charges now cost the proper 1 focus (was formally costing 2)
  • Retribution - Rahn - Polarity Shield not properly blocks slams
  • Retribution - Hydra - Grab and Smash now only triggers off of initial melee attacks
  • Retribution - Gorgon - Force Lock will no longer allow a charge's melee attack to be diverted to another target
  • Retribution - Soulless Escort - Mage Static description changed for clarity

  • Explosivo can no longer be used with Combines Ranged Attacks
  • Set Defense now properly grants +1 DEF against charge attacks
  • Critical Freeze now properly applies the frozen visual effect
  • Critical Shred and Sustained Attack now work properly when applied
  • Critical Smite not triggers from weapons other attacks, as well as the basic attack
  • Critical Smite now correctly appears on Rahn and Seige's unit cards
  • Units with magic immunity can no longer be affected by dispersal
  • Spell Warded units are now affected by AoE spells

  • Measuring tool no longer requires multiple clicks
  • Subtitles now appear during map cut-scenes
  • Tutorial updated with more visual cues
  • Depth of Field has been fully removed to prevent excessive blur on lights
  • User settings should no longer reset themselves upon relaunching the game
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Colledge Jan 30, 2017 @ 5:27pm 
i hope the download issue for mac is also included ;-)
Colledge Jan 30, 2017 @ 5:28pm 
and i hope not in August 2017 next month will be good :-D
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