True PvE Server with PvP Arena's
A True PvE Rust Server

F1 Connect

or Look for Big D's PvE under modded

Active, helpful, and friendly community, very "noob" friendly =)

Server Information
  • No Damage taken from hitting walls or players
  • Sleepers cannot be looted
  • Remove tool - /remove in chat, empty hands and left click items
  • Raiding not possible - Locked doors and crates Unbreakable
  • PvP Arenas (4), and "try your luck" Raid Houses
  • 2 Heli fighting areas
  • Community Gun Range - type /target for scores
  • Community Maze for you to get lost in - relog if you do, you will be ejected
  • Live Map Enter server name and login.
  • In Game Map, Press M or type /map to open
  • No Durability damage
  • 2k Stack size Resources, minor adjustments to necessities
  • Slight Adjustment to Gather Rates
  • 1/2 Normal Decay rate
  • STARTER kit type /kit starter in chat, can only be done ONCE

Voice Chat Server

PvP Arena Info
(will be back shortly, due to wipe, GunGame should be in tonight)
  • 4 different ones availabe, Teamdeathmatch, GunGame, Deathmatch, and Slasher
  • You will be teleported in and out when it starts/finishes
  • Your inventory will be saved, and restored when you are teleported back out.
  • Slasher opens everynight at 18:00, starts at 19:00 and ends at 05:00, if 5 people join.
  • Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, and GunGame can be started by request (will be going on a revolving timer eventually)
  • Earn Tokens with each kill & Win, spend them in the Reward Shop! Type /reward

Arena Games
Rules & How to play: [DO NOT DOWNLOAD]

Admins are active and willing to help and answer any/all questions.

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